Boris Johnson at Red Bull, 2019

Caption Competition 189: Boris Johnson joins Red Bull’s pit crew

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Could there be a future in Formula 1 for Boris Johnson? The British prime minister announced today he is stepping down two-and-a-half years since he was elected.

Johnson visited Red Bull’s F1 team for a publicity stunt during his successful campaign in December 2019 and tried his hand at changing wheels on one of their cars.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

Image: Boris Johnson via Twitter

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70 comments on “Caption Competition 189: Boris Johnson joins Red Bull’s pit crew”

  1. The Red Bull spokesperson added they “will support Boris as he transitions from his role with us.”

    1. applause

  2. The stopwatch never lies…

  3. So we know why Max had a problem 😁

  4. Later the wheels fell off as Boris didn’t understand the meaning of “lockdown”

  5. “That’s a Ferrari, right? I’m a big fan! They don’t take cr*p from anyone, they always immediately threaten to leave the sport. They could save so much money and rule all racing if only they made their own Formula One. With Scotland, Nigeria and Usbekistan!”

  6. Jhoris Bonson
    7th July 2022, 12:58

    ‘Do a pitstop faster than the time it takes me to get involved in another scandal? Come on, even Red Bull can’t do that’

  7. Wow, what a spanner!

  8. “It is the wheel of the people”

    1. (Dear mods: Of course that says “bollard”. What else could it POSSIBLY say? :p)

    2. José Lopes da Silva
      7th July 2022, 22:26

      I vote for this one too

  9. “Wow! Screwing on wheels with this wheel gun IS just as quick and easy as screwing a country!”

  10. “Just keep smiling, he’ll leave eventually…. I hope”

  11. So… where’s the dipstick?

    1. “He’s the one kneeling down”

  12. Karl Johnson
    7th July 2022, 13:10

    Red Bull Racing introduces new massive tool to its pit crew.

  13. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    7th July 2022, 13:11

    “Don’t turn the nut, BE the nut”.

  14. “Fifteen minutes later as the cars front left wheel came off while exiting the pits, the blonde mechanic denied having been anywhere near it, claimed he’d never even heard of these “wheels” and started talking about how well the vaccine roll out had gone”

  15. Not a caption, but what a great picture to have in the reserves – I bet you’ve been excited for this day to come @keithcollantine

  16. Looking for loopholes? It’s easier to ignore regulations all together, just avoid to be caught!

  17. So what does he change faster, tires or his coat?

  18. Looks like Boris got a new job already

  19. The signs were there even back then…spin doctor!

  20. Just another one for fun –

    Wait till Boris Johnson leaves the red bull garage… RBexit

  21. “I’ wonder if I could apply this concept of screwing things faster in my next term!”

  22. Derek Edwards
    7th July 2022, 13:32

    The rest of the pit crew are right behind me, yes?

  23. Boris just can’t understand why, no matter how much spin he puts on it, the wheels just keep falling off.

  24. Pit crew: Wow, Mr. Johnson! You are very good at screwing the nut!
    Boris Johnson: Well, I’ve been practising the last couple of years by screwing the British public.

  25. Just what I’ll need at number 10, a “bumper” bar!

  26. So, any of you guys willing to take a cabinet position?

  27. Suprised you let me touch this, everything else I touch fails, becomes pregnant or stops working the day after.

    (so I guess this is how it all went wrong for Max…)

  28. Whilst they all laughed at the new wheel guy’s risqué jokes, Christian immediately suspended Mr Johnson pending an investigation into the offensive content.

  29. This will be a great upgrade to the Brexit bus.

  30. „My spin doctors have to be faster than yours.“

  31. I was initially surprised as I recognized the image as something old-ish (& I got this right, given the 2019 December timing).
    Understandably today, considering he’s just stepped down as PM, which I was unaware of until I got to the opening paragraph.

  32. Let’s give our power units the 350 Nm the nuts take every wheel

    1. Good word play, but not sure many will get this.

  33. What could possibly go wrong?

  34. Despite being 30 seconds off the pace Johnson insists he is the man for the job

  35. Fastest pitstop? HOLD MY BEER!

  36. “I guess Perez is screwed up now, guys! Ahahahahahaaaaaa!”

  37. Boris takes over red bull as his new job, however two races leather he is left alone to put on all 4 wheels after the rest of the pit crew quit due to his incompetence and his inability to recognise his own failings!

  38. Really.., you put this thing on your nuts!?

  39. “This thing spins faster than my cabinet!”

  40. Whoah! He actually got in there with Red Bull?

  41. So how do I stop the wheels falling off my premiership, I’ve not got any nuts?

  42. Sergey Martyn
    7th July 2022, 15:41

    More than 50 Red Bull crew members resigned fearing that their team will soon be renamed Greased Piglet.

  43. “It may or may not have been the longest wheel change ever recorded but we will have to wait for the findings of the enquiry for the facts. “

  44. “As the recession looms, Red Bull kicks off it’s new outreach program to assist the recently unemployed”

  45. Red Bull lose a potential race win thanks to an unusually Conservative strategy.

  46. Red Bull mechanics find insecure nut to blame for slow pit stop… and demise of UK economy.

  47. Boris was all smiles, but everyone else was left wondering why the nut still hadn’t been removed.

  48. Christian Horner asked his assistant to give him a BJ, and this is how she responded.

  49. Entire pit crew: “We resign!”

  50. RandomMallard
    7th July 2022, 18:55

    Today I will be launching my new campaign slogan: “Pit Exit Done”

  51. That’s how a screw job is done to perfection. Whole Britain will vouch for my credentials as the most expert screwer of them all.

  52. Practicing for a ferrari job

  53. Was that the wheel gun or did I just rip these trousers?

  54. José Lopes da Silva
    7th July 2022, 22:23

    Ferrari is about to hire Mr Johnson as Team Principal of Chief Strategist.

  55. That us what “screw you” means

  56. BJ: Finally I have a reason to leave the office forever!!!!

  57. Facing the budget cap, Red Bull decided to respond to the advertisement of “free tools”.

  58. Mark Fletcher
    8th July 2022, 21:51

    More photographic evidence has emerged of Boris Johnson screwing up something very expensive and smiling about it.

  59. (unashamedly – well, slightly ashamedly – inspired by other entries).

    Boris was in amused amazement, as he said to the guys “I see your sign, ‘watch the biggest tool in the shop attach a wheel – today only’, but I just cannot understand why you don’t use these wheel guns every day”.

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