Hamilton: Haas fight shows “Ferrari power is too much for us at the moment”

2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says the difficulty he had overtaking the Haas drivers in today’s sprint race shows Mercedes can’t overcome the straight-line speed advantage of Ferrari-powered cars.

He took many laps to find his way past Mick Schumacher’s Haas. Having done that, Hamilton finished the race behind the other Haas of Kevin Magnussen.

“The Ferrari power is just too much for us at the moment,” Hamilton said in response to a question from RaceFans after finishing eighth. “I don’t know if it’s drag or if it’s power, it’s difficult to quantify which one it is.”

Hamilton, whose car was repaired after he crashed in qualifying yesterday, said it “wasn’t particularly the most fun [of] races” for him after he collected more damage in a first-corner collision with Pierre Gasly.

“I didn’t feel that quick,” he said. “I think there was something not right with the car after that.

“But a big, big thank you to my team for putting the car together. They worked crazy hard overnight and this morning to keep us in the race. So I hope tomorrow is a bit of a better day.”

He believes there was “something wrong with the steering” following the contact. “Probably the corner weights could be off, could have big toe-in on the front-right or something like that.”

Having started from ninth place, Hamilton found himself squeezed between Gasly and the Williams of Alexander Albon on the run to turn one.

“I just got a bit of wheelspin and was under attack from the cars around me and then Pierre just moved over on me so I had nowhere to go,” he said.

He admitted he was “lucky” to take a point from the race after that. “I’m just grateful to have finished.”

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2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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20 comments on “Hamilton: Haas fight shows “Ferrari power is too much for us at the moment””

  1. the Haas where clearly working as a team, to gift the car behind the DRS which kept him ahead of Hamilton. Its a shame the Ferrari couldnt see to employ a similar tactic to sling shot themselves to catch the Redbull. They could as a team have used the DRS to have one car over take the other, they could have changed when and how they recharge their power units. They could between them have preserved their tires to have a good dash at the Redbull. All this could have been prepared or in simulations. Instead they waisted the opportunity squabling. ‘ my Ferrari is redder than yours.’

    1. That would have just slowed them both down otherwise all teams would be doing it.

      1. I disagree, Mags had already lost touch with the pack in front of him. Slowing down a little within 1″ would not have impacted Mags finish results but instead could have helped his team score 1 more badly needed point and prevent Ham starting next to him tomorrow. We all know too well how thats been going. Anyone wanna take bets that Mag’s make contact?

        Most teams have not been in that position, in same scenario to take advantage of it. And you forget Alpine has done this successfully to their advantage.

    2. That works somewhat on ovals, and even there it’s not used often. Any speed advantage the DRS brings is cancelled out by the next corner, which in F1 happens about ever 15 seconds at most. A team using DRS back and forth still requires the following driver to make an overtake – or the leading car to slow down, both of which cost time. Following closely and driving off the ideal line both negatively impact tyre wear as well.

      Haas used it about as well as a team can.

      1. Which surely means the stronger teams could exploit it. McLaren must be mentioned as they had little to lose. Ferrari… Well, Ferrari will Ferrari. But this time I’m glad. If they are set for second in the season, might as well race and give us great excitement.

  2. Ferrari power in combination MAG’s DRS was too much for Lewis’s MB. As soon as MSC lost the tow he was passed. Lewis needs to overtake MAG very quickly tomorrow to have a podium opportunity.

    1. No podium for Russell or Hamilton unless there are retirements from Ferrari and Red Bull.

      The lack of straigthline speed of Mercedes is also a big problem for opening laps or aggressive strategy options.

      The only question mark, or lets say hope, are the hard tyres which generally work very well for Mercedes.

  3. Nah Lewis was just not brave enough to make the move. Looked timid.

  4. He passed him at the first lap he didn’t have DRS. So he probably has more power than Haas’ Ferrari.

  5. Ssven years of power unit advantage … now is when HAM must show he is GOAT as the British media says

    1. Had the crash in Q3 not happened, he was on course for P2 or P3. Then you wouldn’t be making such comment.

      1. That’s speculation plus the crash is his mistake. So his start position was P10 or P9 because its all he earned. He’s a great driver but this is the moment to show that he’s as great as some people say.

        1. Ankita another obsessed anti Lewis fanatic baiting for replies. I am convinced that liberty media troll message boards to increase engagement.

          Again Lewis is absolutely right. Look at F2 sprint today with the SAME cars, engines etc and it was a snoozefest with almost zero overtaking because the track is basically 3 straights with a micky mouse last sector so the drivers skill is less of a factor and more down to the car/setup. So yes obviously having good power, low speed exit and top end aero which the Ferrari PU and copy paste haas chassis has got is a huge advantage.

          But due to Lewis derangement syndrome Hamilton must be crap and only won over 100 races because of the car(!)

          1. No meed to get personal. Just speaking my mind like everyone else. It’s be stupid to argue that HAM is not top class but there’re plenty of reasons to think that this is the right moment to show his worth in F1. Except in his first year (he was absolutely impressive) I don’t remember any other year in which we can say he came across as the best driver even though others have better machinery. Even when it comes to teammates, again other than in his first year, the only top class has been Button and I think we cant say that HAM outperformed him. And this year … well we know how he’s doing against RUS.

            No anti HAM. Just my view …

    2. His mind turns immediately to injustice, when it suits him of course. Granted he did not watch the race but the Haas cars have been pretty slow on the speedtraps except for this weekend, and other cars had an easier time overtaking under drs. Perez was far more effective on drs.
      Merc have not been as dominat power wise as usual.

  6. It surprises me that no journalist seems to have fingered Gasly as the cause of two consecutive Lap One accidents. He (and indeed Albon) both seem unsettled in recent interviews and I think he’s overdriving the car in an effort to look as good as he thinks he is.

  7. Hamilton did seem somewhat hesitant to launch an attack to me. It was clear that the DRS “tow” from Magnussen was helping Mick be the rear defender, not sure I buy Magnussen not having noticed that far earlier (I think he IS trying to show he is the faster guy, proving a point).

    But Hamilton never seemed to want to take much risk, maybe for him the difference between starting 9th and 8th just is not that big of a thing for Hamilton really.

  8. “The Ferrari power is just too much for us at the moment,” Hamilton said in response to a question from RaceFans after finishing eighth. “I don’t know if it’s drag or if it’s power, it’s difficult to quantify which one it is.”

    No Sir Hamilton, its not that the Ferrari power is too much for you, its just when things are equal and you dont drive a rocket, things dont go easy with passing’s and you need to do something extra or accept it.

    Even though he tried his best and finally got the point, its not his fault that the other two drivers in front of him did good teamwork (at least Mick).

  9. I know drivers would rather eat their own fireproof underwear than praise each other.

    Mick displayed some excellent defensive skills.

  10. Errr….no. Both Lewis and Russel crashed the car and destroyed their lower drag rear wings. Both had to be fitted with higher drag versions which affected their straight line speeds. As conformed by their team principle.

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