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Russell warned by stewards for crossing track after crash

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In the round-up: George Russell was warned by the Austrian Grand Prix stewards for walking across the race track after crashing in qualifying.

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Russell warned by stewards after walking across track without permission

Mercedes driver George Russell was warned by the Austrian Grand Prix stewards after walking across the race track back to the pits following huis Q3 crash at the final corner.

Russell was deemed to have walked across the track and onto a part of the pit lane unlimited by a speed limit “without permission from any marshals”. He began walking across the track when a group of cars including Kevin Magnussen, Mick Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz Jnr were all entering the pit lane following the red flag.

Russell is the second driver to have been found to have entered the rack track without permission this season. In the Australian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel was found to have breached the same FIA regulation after using a scooter to ride back to the pit lane using the race track after breaking down in practice. Vettel was fined €5,000 for the incident.

Aston Martin lack mechanical grip, Stroll admits

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll says the team lack mechanical grip in low speed corners after both he and team mate Sebastian Vetter were eliminated in Q1 in Friday qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix.

“Our baseline pace isn’t really there,” Stroll explained. “We don’t have the load we need in the high-speed corners and we’re just not mechanically very good in the low-speed corners and the balance isn’t great. So when you’re dealing with all that stuff it’s always challenging.”

Hamilton pleased to see Silverstone crowd “becoming even more diverse”

Lewis Hamilton said that seeing fans at Silverstone was a highlight of the weekend for him, especially as F1’s audience gets less homogenous.

“I mean, generally was a really great weekend. I think all round, having seen the sea of fans at Silverstone was incredible,” said Hamilton, ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

“Just when you think it can can’t get better or can be a better weekend each year, it seems to improve. And also you’re seeing a crowd that’s becoming even more diverse than it was in the past, which is great.

“I think it was really positive for us as a team to start to see a little bit of consistency, particularly on my side, and to see us making progress.”

Vips ‘completely accepts’ Formula 2 disapproval over retaining Hitech drive

Following his termination as Red Bull test and reserve driver after being heard using a racial slur during a Twitch stream, Formula 2 driver Juri Vips was given the opportunity to continue racing for the Hitech team over the rest of the season.

At the time, F2 said in a statement that it would not have made the same decision as Hitech to continue to field the 21-year-old. After qualifying second at the Red Bull Ring, Vips responded to F2’s statement, saying he “completely accepted” the series’ position.

“I did a huge mistake,” Vips said. “I offended a lot of people and yeah, they’re completely right to say these things.

“I’m just very humbled and thankful to Hitech to give me a second chance. But now my main objective is obviously to continue with the season and give them good results, but mainly to just become a better person and show everyone that I learned from this.”

Asked by RaceFans about his position in the Red Bull Junior Team, Vips, who was wearing an unbranded race suit, said: “I would prefer not to comment.”

Quotes: Hazel Southwell

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    1. Young George keeps wandering around aimlessly on circuits.

      Maybe time for a welfare check?

      1. I was expecting Zhou to run over to him this time ;)

    2. That caption just tells so many different stories with not so many words.

      1. Great caption

    3. Before Russell got out of his car the race had been red flagged, so doesn’t that mean speed limits apply everywhere?

      RED Bull F1 boss Christian Horner has been caught driving his £650,000 Aston Martin while talking on the phone.

      The headline should have read RED Bull F1 boss Christian Horner has been caught driving while talking on the phone. But of course, a Murdoch rag has to add a pile of irrelevant nonsense.

      1. Isn’t it the other way around? Caught using a mobile phone whilst driving.

        Of course you can add te make, model, and price of the phone ;)

    4. In an ideal world, circuits would be designed with natural track limits appropriate to the series it hosts and the sporting regulations would not even need to necessitate a painted line as the track limit. Until we live in that world, I agree with Grosjean about using gravel, where it exists, as the track limit instead of rigidly following the white line everywhere. I think what the sport gains in seeing drivers on the edge, up on the kerbs and flirting with the gravel, outweighs the lack of consistency. That flexibility was one of the few things I appreciated about Masi’s approach as race director.

    5. Although the stewards’ argument is valid, he was never at risk of getting hit by those he hadn’t reached pit entry.

      Grosjean is right. A natural deterrent should be enough.

      Some people don’t have anything better to do since they decided to start filming Horner’s driving despite no one or nothing forcing them to do so.
      BTW, slightly surprising he still drives an Aston this long after the relationship ended in late 2020.

      I think we can & should stop pondering Ricciardo’s situation after Zak’s recent affirmative words on him seeing out his contract.

    6. Expecting Alex Albon to be sent out to a roundabout with a phone to reenact and prove no laws broken.

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