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2022 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 38 points from Charles Leclerc halfway through the Formula 1 season.

2022 F1 drivers championship standings

PositionDriverPointsGap to leader
1Max Verstappen208
2Charles Leclerc17038
3Sergio Perez15157
4Carlos Sainz Jnr13375
5George Russell12880
6Lewis Hamilton10999
7Lando Norris64144
8Esteban Ocon52156
9Valtteri Bottas46162
10Fernando Alonso29179
11Kevin Magnussen22186
12Daniel Ricciardo17191
13Pierre Gasly16192
14Sebastian Vettel15193
15Mick Schumacher12196
16Yuki Tsunoda11197
17Zhou Guanyu5203
18Alexander Albon3205
19Lance Stroll3205
20Nicholas Latifi0208
21Nico Hulkenberg0208

2022 F1 constructors championship standings

1Red Bull359
6Alfa Romeo51
9Aston Martin18

Standings with 11 out of 22 races complete.

2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2022 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Nice and close between the teams, good to see the gaps closing up a bit again with this race result. Would be good to now see Leclerc have a bit of a run to gain even more to keep the championship tight. But I am afraid Ferrari will make another few strategy blunders, and reliability might get back into a decisive role (Red Bull seems to got on top of their issues, but those engines at Ferrari seem to still be a worry)

    1. On top? Perez retired very soon and as recently as canada had a technical isssue, I think it’s a bit early to say that.

  2. This championship is all over the place.
    I reckon reliability will play a bigger role than pure pace.

    1. @johnplato My feeling too.

  3. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    10th July 2022, 15:43

    Another strong result for Leclerc and Ferrari and the fight closes right up again. Unfortunately the Ferrari is fast but fragile!

  4. Russell five points behind Sainz. That’s crazy at this late stage of the season, with the pace of that Ferrari. So many blunders in the car and on the wall and in the engine shop.

    1. @dmw Crazy indeed, but the factors you mentioned + Russell’s consistency are the reason he’s this close in points a halfway point.

      1. Nothing to do with constancy and more luck(perez car needed to retire due to contact whilst Rus only needed a new nose) plus Merc build a more reliable car that does not grenade itself.

    2. It is, but Mercedes has been very solid and Red Bull and Ferrari have both had an unusually high amount of DNFs for top teams. Mercedes has scored 7 podiums out of 11 races. Considering they’re usually well off the pace, that’s pretty impressive.

  5. Why did Alonso pit twice under the VSC? Did Alpine mess it up?

    1. Apparently, they didn’t attach the wheels properly. They might even get a penalty for that, and no points for Alonso.

  6. While Ferrari were faster today, the 38 point gap is looking rather healthy for Verstappen. If his/Red Bull’s bad day means a P2 or P3 while a bad day for Ferrari means a DNF, it will take quite a lot for the Scuderia to catch that lead.

    1. Indeed, reliability might not be a given for any team, but ferrari still makes strategic blunders often.

    2. 1 DNF and a win for Charles puts him back in the game.
      It looks like both Ferrari and RBR are unreliable so who knows what’s gonna happen.

      I’m betting on Max winning the championship because Ferrari is just making too many rookie errors

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