Austrian GP top three summoned to stewards over potential rules breach

2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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The top three finishers in the Austrian Grand prix have been summoned to the stewards over a potential breach of the rules.

Race winner Charles Leclerc, second-placed finisher Max Verstappen and third-placed Lewis Hamilton have all been called to meet the stewards at 6:30pm at the track.

The trio are being investigated for potential violations of article 12.2.1 (i) of the International Sporting Code, regarding the parc ferme rules. It states drivers may be penalised for “failure to follow the instructions of the relevant officials for the safe and orderly conduct of the event.”

The summons is believed to relate to the drivers’ interactions with their physiotherapists after returning to the pits.

The post-race procedure notes issued by the FIA to teams stated: “Other than the team mechanics (with cooling fans if necessary), officials and FIA pre-approved television crews and FIA approved photographers, no one else will be allowed in the designated area at this time,” after the top three finishers arrive in the pit lane after the race.

The notes add, in bold text that “no team PR personnel” are permitted in the area, and that “driver physios must wait outside the cool-down room behind the podium until the podium ceremony has concluded.”

Update: Leclerc, Verstappen and Hamilton given suspended €10,000 fines but keep results

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2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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25 comments on “Austrian GP top three summoned to stewards over potential rules breach”

  1. This definitely seems like something worth making a big thing of.

    1. Absolutely, the outcome of the race depends on……oh wait

    2. #physiogate

  2. Yeah, nothing is going to come from that.

    Not sure why the drivers are even involved in a case of the organizers letting people into restricted areas that they are not supposed to be in.

  3. José Lopes da Silva
    10th July 2022, 17:55

    Congrats to George Russell for his first win and Mick Schumacher for his first podium!

    1. Ahah, indeed!

    2. In that case both russel’s first podium and win would NOT be on track!

  4. Ahm, is the FIA/race director still trying to stamp their authority on the events then? Sure, just throw them all out, give Russel, Ocon and Mick Schumacher the podium and see all the fans walk away.

    Probably a new thing where the FIA suddenly felt they have failed to uphold a process or rule that was there forever and now that drivers seem to be unhappy with how races are directed/stewarding works (see Vettel walking out of the drivers meeting with race direction on Saturday) they want to show whose the boss.

    Sigh. Why can’t they just clarify what they want to happen clearly up front? If all three did the same “infringement” then it should dawn on the regulators that maybe they haven’t made clear what the instructions are.

    1. Calm down, nothing has actually happened yet.

      1. I hope no penalty points because Max already has 7 I believe

      2. And nothing will happen either @sjaakfoo. It just seems so unnecissary to throw these tantrums for newly found rules that have seemingly been ignored for years and are now plucked out of a hat to surprise us all to show who is king here.

        Keith just tweeted that all of them got 10k suspended fines for this.

        There is literally zero reason why the FIA couldn’t have informed the teams BEFORE the race ended that they would suddenly start pushing for a strict line on this rule.

  5. Imagine if Alonso was the steward. ‘Maximum penalties’, podium for Esteban, DSQ for Lewis.

  6. An egregious breach of the rules if there ever was one. A drive-through penalty for each is surely appropriate, which converts to a 20s addition to their overall race time. :)

  7. Sergey Martyn
    10th July 2022, 18:04

    When Vlad Tsepesh was asked wasn’t the impaling is too severe punishment for stealing couple of turnips, he answered – if you have more severe punishments I’ll consider them.

  8. Jonathan Parkin
    10th July 2022, 18:22

    Jesus Christ

    No words

  9. Yes, this must be investigated. No, Red Bulls pushing other cars off the track at Silverstone must not be investigated.

    1. And turn a blind eye to CS overtaking GR off the track while they’re at it.

      1. He was pushed off by russell, wasn’t he?

  10. Well, isn’t that just great. I also think I saw someone wearing the wrong shoes.

  11. drive through for the physios

  12. Electroball76
    10th July 2022, 18:34

    The way things are going, it should be the driver’s lawyer that is first to speak to them post race

    1. Ahah, indeed!

  13. What a farce.

  14. So teams possibly manipulating a loop hole and cheating can get deferred – but the race organizers at ALL venues allowing other personnel into the Parc Ferme area has suddenly driven the stewards / race director to do this?? Nothing to do with racing… and was just as annoying as the track limits violations during the race too! So many were doing it and unless it had an effect on the fastest lap, shouldn’t have resulted in those penalties! Seems like we’ve gone from the Masi ignore most things, to a the new penalise everything!

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