Felipe Drugovich on track during the Formula 2 sprint race at Paul Ricard

Drugovich promoted to podium as Pourchaire and others take penalties

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Formula 2 championship leader Felipe Drugovich has been promoted to the podium in today’s sprint race after the stewards handed down a series of penalties.

Théo Pourchaire, who originally finished second and moved up to second place in the points behind Drugovich, was among those who collected five-second time penalties for incidents during the race. He fell to seventh place, promoting Drugovich.

Pourchaire was found to have forced Marcus Armstrong wide at turn 11 while making the pass which put him on the rostrum. His relegation in the final classification means Logan Sargeant is restored to second place in the championship standings. Pourchaire also received one penalty point on his licence.

Jüri Vips, who originally finished sixth, was also penalised for contact with Armstrong. The Hitech team mates clashed at turn 15, and Armstrong forced wide, shortly after the Pourchaire incident. The stewards gave Vips the same penalties as Pourchaire, which dropped him to 11th place, out of the points.

Armstrong was also penalised for his contact with Jehan Daruvala at turn eight earlier the race. Again the same five-second time penalty and single licence point were issued. Armstrong had already finished out of the points in ninth and falls five places to 14th.

The amended classification sees Drugovich moved up to third behind the unchanged winner Liam Lawson and second-placed finisher Daruvala. Jack Doohan moves up to fourth and Frederick Vesti moves up two places to fifth. Ayumu Iwasa, Pourchaire and Sargeant complete the points-scoring top eight.

Enzo Fittipaldi was given a five-place grid drop for making contact with Roberto Merhi through turn eight, along with two penalty points on his license. As Fittipaldi retired following the contact, he was given a five-place grid place penalty for tomorrow’s feature race.

Campos was summonsed over failing to lay the left rear tyre of Oliver Caldwell’s tyre flat during a pit stop. Pit stops are seldom seen during sprint races as they are not obligatory. The team was fined €1,000 (£850) for the infraction.

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4 comments on “Drugovich promoted to podium as Pourchaire and others take penalties”

  1. This thing (watching a race only to find out the actual results hours later) is getting on my nerves already. They should deal with that during the race, or immediately after before the podium ceremony, except if there are some extraordinary circumstances.

  2. Quite an entertaining race for a sprint ! A shame for Pourchaire but he quite rammed into Armstrong who then lost another place. I’m surprised they did not issue it immediately and let Pourchaire do all the podium stuff. And well done to Drugovitch who is always there or thereabouts and has now a 54 points lead.

  3. Théo Pourchaire, who originally finished second

    Lawson crossed the finish line with a comfortable lead, Daruvala and Pourchaire following.

    Daruwala was 2nd not 3rd unless he was penalised post race before podium ceremony for no reason at all.

  4. I was disappointed Sargeant only finished 10th, lost two positions from grid start and only got them back after the drivers above were penalized. He’ll need a brilliant race tomorrow. Looking forward to watching it.

    The above article has typos, as it was pointed out in the post above. Official results after penalties applied: 1. Lawson, 2. Daruvala, 3. Drugovich.

    Pourchaire & Sargeant are now tied for 2nd overall in standings. Drug must be smiling with his huge point lead of 44 points.

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