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Rate the race: 2022 French Grand Prix

2022 French Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the French Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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58 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 French Grand Prix”

  1. Not the worst race ever, but this season’s worst so far.

    1. This race really loses a lot due to leclerc’s mistake, would’ve been a very interesting battle with verstappen.

    2. Why? It was one of the best. Shame about the fight for victory but the rest was fine, just an ugly venue.

    3. I think you are right, it probably is one of the worse this season, but was still a good race.
      All the hype about Merc being back in the mix didn’t really come true, they were still far behind the pace but pulling a double podium out of the bag was an amazing result for them.

  2. Incredibly boring. Only Sainz and Perez/Russell scrap made it not a 1, I gave it a 2

  3. Tiaki Porangi
    24th July 2022, 15:39

    Very enjoyable race.
    Rate it a 9/10.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Ferrari actually made the right call with Sainz? If he’d have stayed out, he probably would’ve ended up P5 after the time penalty due to his tires going off the cliff. But – he wouldn’t have had fastest lap.

    By pitting him, they knew he’d probably get back up to P5 with the fresh tires but also be in a position to get the extra point for fastest lap.

    1. Yep, was thinking the same thing.
      They could have pitted a couple of laps earlier, though.

      1. They should have pitted when he first asked with something like 20 laps to go. Entire Ferrari team lost their mind after Leclerc binned it except for Sainz.

        1. I think Sainz was (by necessity) pushing too hard to put too many laps on the tyres. That’s why they waited as long as they did.

        2. @jimfromus – totally agree. Around 13 to go and they were still deliberating. That’s too much crap for a supposed challenging team.

    2. Yes, same thought. With the flat spot and 5 second penalty, he was effectively P5.

      Now he is P5 with 1 extra point and if there had been a Safety car, he could have been even higher.

    3. No. Don’t think he would have managed to get 5sec ahead of RUS/PER. He was barely catching them, also in the final 10 laps he didn’t reduce the gap as expected either. There’s also the possibility that Ferrari might have decided to sacrifice 3rd or 4th in order not to let VER take the FL. Thing is, given the current gap between VER and LEC, 1 point plus/minus doesn’t matter anymore.

    4. It felt like he was gaining, imo he was gonna be p3 even accounting for the 5 sec penalty.

    5. They switched a possible podium to a certain fastest lap and certain P5. Was that 1 point really worth not risking gaining another 4? (or another 7+ compared to rivals)

    6. Agreed….I don’t think the tyres.would have lasted to the end of the race and doubt he would have pulled the 5s to perez/Russell by the end. Nevermind the risk of a blow out. I think Ferrari did the right thing. Lost nothing, risk free and gained the FL point.

    7. In the end it probably did not make much difference. Probably best Sains would have finished was 4th, allowing for his penalty. Then in the end he was 5th with fastest lap. So 12 points v 11.

  5. Average for me, outside of the Russell/Perez scrap, there was nothing happening

  6. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    24th July 2022, 15:41

    Bit of a shame Leclerc’s crash happened, the fight between him and Verstappen would have been pretty tight. Not sure where Perez was but he wasn’t here today.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed that one and i usually despise this track! Such a shame we lost Charlie out front but the racing through the rest of the field was great! Bewildering decision by Ferrari to pit Carlos. Perhaps his mediums were about to hit the cliff? Great to see Mercedes have some genuine pace. Hard to know just how fast Max could have been, but still, they were quicker than Sergio on the same tyres. Promising stuff! Gave it an 8

    1. They let him overtake his opponent and open a gap before pitting, makes no sense at all tbh.

  8. That was fun.

  9. petebaldwin (@)
    24th July 2022, 15:41

    Enjoyed it – shame Leclerc screwed up as it could have been a really interesting battle between him and Max. Similarly, if Ferrari hadn’t Ferraried Sainz, he could have caught up with the pack after his pitstop and given us some excitement at the end of the race.

    1. Ferrari hadn’t Ferraried Sainz

      What are you talking about? Did you forget he started last, on Hards, kinda barely making up positions?! I think it’s the 1st time since I’ve started watching F1 that a top car starting last is not gaining even 1 position on merit in the 1st lap. Let’s be honest, P5 is pretty much maximum SAI could hope for today.

  10. Good racing without DRS making motorway overtakes, if you voted 5 or less then are you sure F1 is for you? Perhaps try NASCAR…

    1. If 5 is your minimum no matter how bad a GP is, what’s the point of rating the race?

      1. I thought it was a great race that showed driver skill and not gimmicks, reminded me of racing before DRS and gave it a 9…

      2. I guess it depends what you consider average. For me, it’s hard to rate below 5 because I find all Grands Prix entertaining enough that I don’t want to be doing anything else during those 2 hours. Even the most “dull” races are at least a 5 because F1 cars are simply incredible to watch. I guess this is the problem with subjective surveys!

        1. I really can’t see the point of adding a baseline “It’s F1, so it’s at least a 5” to every score.
          It’s rating an F1 race against other F1 races – not rating a life experience in general.

          If I was doing that, I’d probably give this a 1 or a 2. I’ve done many substantially more interesting and fun things in life than what I was just doing for the last 2 hours.

          1. Like I said, a subjective survey. I’m sure some vote based on results too.

    2. I gave it less than 5 and I’ve watched for over 30 years. 1 – poor 10 – outstanding. Giving less than 5 is perfectly normal as this was a below average race, 5 is average

    3. Or maybe others just have a different opinion from you?

      Although maybe there’s less gatekeeping in NASCAR.

  11. One of the worst. But still deserve a 5.

    1. Lewis got 2nd … I give it a “12”.

  12. 4.
    Could have had a great finish if they’d used a real SC. VSC ruined it again.

    1. I doubt the race would have restarted if they’d called a safety car. There’s no championship to be decided yet you see!

      1. Paul ricard lap is long, they could’ve had a 2-3 laps.

      2. There was time. The VSC lasted for ~2 laps and there were 3 laps remaining afterwards.
        Even if it was for only a 1 lap sprint, that would have been a cracking finish.

    2. And allowed Carlos to overtake everyone between himself and Max?

      1. If he had, it would have been worth seeing, wouldn’t it….

  13. 7/10 from me. Good job Mercedes drivers.

  14. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    24th July 2022, 15:44

    Start and first half was a bit meh, was a shame to lose Leclerc as well.
    But overall was very watchable, maybe a 6? We have been spoilt a bit with some of the races this season.

    1. Mmmm, I thought the start was good with the battle for the lead.

  15. Very average. Sergio looked so weak. And For a moment, I thought Daniel would lose P9 to Lance. Only a matter of time before Aston pip Alpha T in the WCC

  16. Horrible race. First 30 minutes we watched Max riding behind Charles.

    1. Yep. There was quite a lot of activity in the midfield during the opening laps, but sadly we didn’t get to see any of it.
      Too busy watching the top 3 spread out….

      So tired of the fixation on the front-runners when there are so many more interesting things going on elsewhere.
      They are in the same race…

  17. 7, Had its moments but would have better if we got to see the battle between Max and Charles if not for his costly mistake.

  18. Two or three good takes and the usual crap of old. Good solid 2.

  19. 6/10
    Ferrari at this stage does not look like a capable championship contender. The car has pace. But there are so many other elements that are not working. The biggest among that is the inertia in terms of decision making during the race. Then there is reliability of power units. And then driver mistakes which were many so far this year. Mercedes in the hunt for the second place in constructors with both cars consistently finishing points. It was good home race for Alpine, who seems to have the edge on Mclaren as of now.

  20. Very decent race, nice overtakes, some battles sustained the tension over many laps. 7 from me, considering it’s the hated Paul Ricard.

  21. Not the worst race I’ve ever seen there but hardly a case for it to remain on the calendar.

  22. It was an okay race because there were lot of action int the top 10 and it shows Paul Ricard is perfect for close racing but i gave 3 for multiple reason.

    1. A 2021 like race: “oh no he pushed me off the track” “oh no he went off from the track”. This isn’t racing it’s farcical. It’s just upsets me.
    2. Another penalty inconsisntency: Perez actually gained a lot of gap from that incident but there wasn’t a 5 sec?
    3. Another Ferrari mistakes: Sainz’s last 10 lap were unneccessary and they lost a podium.
    4. SC: It took away the interesting 1 stop or 2 stop strategies and almost everybody went to 1 stop.
    5. TV-Directors: At the whole weekend they did a terrible job even in F2.

  23. I still feel that the Paul Ricard circuit is no better than a car park.

    Aside from Sainz being able to overtake (with a new PU in likely the fastest car on the grid) there was little racing action. Then a light slap on the wrist for the unsafe release for Sainz.

    Max and Leclerc kept it close for the first dozen laps, but, ultimately not a good race.

    1. Overtakes still easier than Imola, Monaco or Magny Cours where you can’t pass even with drs. It was boring because Leclerc crashed away.

  24. A breath of fresh air for Paul Ricard.
    These cars can race each other around this track. So much better.
    No orange smoke!
    Too bad for Charles.

    Hope to see F1 racing here again.

  25. 6/10 for me. Not bad for Paul Ricard. A big shame Charles crashed out. His battle with Max would have been interesting. So this limited the score.

    DRS did not seem to have such a big effect here as some places. So there were one or two decent battles/overtakes.

    A good battle at end between Sergio and George. Ferrari’s unsafe release of Sainz was really bad. Lucky there wasn’t an accident.

  26. Yeah, sure Leclerc dropping out was a real shame since it ended the fight for the win, but we got pretty good fighting all over the rest of the field making it a really enjoyable watch for me.

  27. Gave it 8 eventually, lacked the fight for the lead due to leclerc’s mistake, potential was there ofc, but there were other interesting battles further back, and I agree with some people saying passes were more interesting here as drs didn’t seem to have a big effect, quality over quantity.

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