Showers on Saturday could shake up qualifying in Hungary

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Stormy weather could shape this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix as qualifying at the Hungaroring looks likely to be affected by rain.

After the raw heat experienced by teams and drivers last weekend at the French Grand Prix, temperatures should be slightly cooler around the Hungaroring across the three coming days. However, there is a significant risk of rain influencing track conditions on Saturday.

The Hungaroring has seen plenty of rain in recent years, with both the 2020 and 2021 races affected by inclement weather. Last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix famously began in wet conditions leading to a pile-up at the first corner, which ultimately caused a chain of events that allowed Esteban Ocon to take his maiden grand prix victory.

This year, Friday’s opening day of practice is likely to be the warmest of the weekend. Dry and hot conditions are expected across the first day of running, with temperatures rising throughout the day and reaching above 30C by the time the Formula 1 drivers get out onto the circuit for opening practice session. Skies should cloud over for the evening session, with a very small chance of rain for second practice.

On Saturday, however, the situation on Saturday is likely to be very different. The entire day is expected to be wet, with thundery conditions likely overhead. The risk of rain will gently rise over the course of the day, with rain at its most likely in the hour leading into qualifying. The rain also is likely to mean that the Formula 3, Formula 2 and W Series races on Saturday could all be run in wet conditions.

Once qualifying day is completed, teams and drivers should be rewarded with dry conditions for the grand prix. However, the rain from the day before could well continue into the morning hours of Sunday, leading to a track that dries over the course of the day. But while the junior formulae may again have to stick to wet tyres, the track is likely to be drying out by the time the lights go out at 3pm local time to start the race.

With temperatures expected around 24C for the start of the race, it will be a much cooler affair than last weekend’s French Grand Prix. However, a moderate breeze could be something that drivers will have to contend with through the long snaking corners around the Hungaroring, particularly in the middle sector.

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  1. Showers during qualifying. Lewis’s rain dancing must have worked. First two rows possible.

  2. Maybe accidentally turn off Lance and Valtteri’s alarms on Saturday, then?

  3. Hamilton restarting alone off the grid last year must be one of the most memorably bizarre sights I’ve seen in Formula 1! Like the ‘ultimate reverse grid’ with one person on track, the rest queued in the pitlane.

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