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2022 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 80 points from Charles Leclerc after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

2022 F1 drivers championship standings

Position Driver Points Gap to leader
1 Max Verstappen 258
2 Charles Leclerc 178 80
3 Sergio Perez 173 85
4 George Russell 158 100
5 Carlos Sainz Jnr 156 102
6 Lewis Hamilton 146 112
7 Lando Norris 76 182
8 Esteban Ocon 58 200
9 Valtteri Bottas 46 212
10 Fernando Alonso 41 217
11 Kevin Magnussen 22 236
12 Daniel Ricciardo 19 239
13 Pierre Gasly 16 242
14 Sebastian Vettel 16 242
15 Mick Schumacher 12 246
16 Yuki Tsunoda 11 247
17 Zhou Guanyu 5 253
18 Lance Stroll 4 254
19 Alexander Albon 3 255
20 Nicholas Latifi 0 258
21 Nico Hulkenberg 0 258

2022 F1 constructors championship standings

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 431
2 Ferrari 334
3 Mercedes 304
4 Alpine 99
5 McLaren 95
6 Alfa Romeo 51
7 Haas 34
8 AlphaTauri 27
9 Aston Martin 20
10 Williams 3

Standings with 13 out of 22 races complete.

2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2022 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Thirty points between Ferrari and Mercerdes. Incredible how little Binotto and his team are doing with the potential that car has.

  2. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    31st July 2022, 15:56

    Russel ahead of Sainz in the table, Mercedes easily beating the Ferrari’s today. What are Ferrari doing to themselves!

  3. Russell jumping Sainz & Mercedes only 30 points behind Ferrari this late in the season speak volumes about Ferrari’s season so far.

    1. Even if LEC won all remaining races+Brazil Sprint with the FLAP bonus point, he’d lose by 7 points should VER finish 2nd each time, so winning the championship literally isn’t in his control anymore now that even taking the maximum points available wouldn’t guarantee him overhauling the entire gap in all scenarios.

  4. All that’s left is to wonder if Max can break Vettel’s 9 win from now.

    Over or under 300 points in the championship on Ferrari for Red Bull to win it?

  5. petebaldwin (@)
    31st July 2022, 15:59

    The gap between Max and Charles doesn’t even matter. Charles could be 20 points ahead of Max with a faster car and I still wouldn’t want to bet any money on him winning the title.

  6. Hamilton outscored Leclerc 83-55in the last five races.

    Mercedes will take 2nd in the WCC.

  7. At this rate I expect Russell and Hamilton to come second and third in the drivers championship. Do Mercedes want to be ahead of Ferrari in the WCC?! Less wind tunnel time…

    1. Because of their current 3rd position, Mercedes are already assured more wind tunnel time ahead of Ferrai and Redbull until this time next year.

      1. Ah OK, thanks.

      2. @Ajaxn Only if they ‘finish’ the season 3rd, so not yet.
        This season’s final WCC standings will determine wind tunnel time allocation for next year’s first six months, not the present situation.

        1. @jerejj So back to what I’d presumed…

  8. I’m curious whether Ferrari can put Leclerc from 2nd down to 6th like in this race…maybe that’s the Masterplan all along.

  9. After this race only the top 12 drivers are in with a chance of winning the championship…

  10. Don’t count Gasly and Vettel out yet, but it will be a big relieve for Verstappen anyway ;)

    1. Supposed to be reply to the previous post.

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