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Haas upgrade “doing what we expected” insists Magnussen

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen says Haas’ major upgrade package for this weekend is working as expected after his first qualifying session in the updated car

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Haas upgrade “doing what we expected” insists Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen says Haas’ major upgrade package for this weekend is working as expected after his first qualifying session in the updated car.

Haas have introduced major revisions to their bodywork and sidepods for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix on Magnussen’s car alone, with team mate Mick Schumacher racing with an older specification. Despite only qualifying in 13th place for today’s race – two places ahead of Schumacher – Magnussen insists the new package is working as intended.

“We need to give it a bit of time so we can extract more performance out of it, lap time wise,” he said. “But I think we at least have put an upgrade on that is doing what we expected it to do and we know there is potential there, so that’s a good step at least.

“It doesn’t look like we’ve taken a step back with it. It actually looks like already a bit of a step. Although we seem a bit off as a team this week, it seems like my car is a bit better and it’s supposed to.”

Williams fined for tyre set mix-up

The Williams team were fined €1,000 by the Hungarian Grand Prix stewards for inadvertently sending out Alexander Albon in Q1 on a tyre set they had previously logged as having returned to Pirelli.

Albon was released by his team on a set of tyres that had been electronically logged as returned to Pirelli, prompting an investigation by the stewards. Williams explained to the stewards how an “administrative error” by the team had seen them return a set of unused tyres to the tyre supplier, rather than the set they had intended to surrender.

The stewards accepted that it had been a genuine error, but handed Williams a €1,000 fine for having breached the regulations. Albon qualified 17th on the grid for today’s race, with team mate Nicholas Latifi in 20th.

De Vries loses third after weaving penalty

Nyck de Vries lost his podium finish at the first London EPrix after he was handed a post-race time penalty by the stewards for weaving while defending from Nick Cassidy late in the race.

Cassidy was pressuring the Mercedes driver for third as they began the penultimate lap, with De Vries deemed to have moved more than once along the start finish straight to defend his position heading to turn one. De Vries would eventually finish in third and participate in the podium ceremony, before the stewards penalised him with a five second post-race time penalty and one penalty point for his defending.

The penalty sees Cassidy promoted onto the podium in third, with De Vries dropping down to sixth in the final classification behind Oliver Askew and Mitch Evans.

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After Max Verstappen rued a mistake on his first flying lap in Q3 that left him exposed when he suffered power loss problems on his final effort, @krichelle thinks there is an emerging pattern to the crucial final phase of qualifying…

At this point, I am still surprised drivers rely on their second lap in Q3. They know very well that a yellow flag or red flag instantly ruins that. If anything the first laps of qualifying I’d say could be the most important laps of the weekend. They are at similar importance to race outlaps and inlaps.
Kribana (@krichelle)

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Happy birthday to Egc and Osvaldas31!

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3 comments on “Haas upgrade “doing what we expected” insists Magnussen”

  1. From the Jimmie Johnson article

    Coming into this weekend on the IMS road course where he’s tested, practiced and raced more than any in IndyCar, Johnson said he was eyeing a qualifying performance in the “high teens” and a finish on race-day in the mid-to-low teens. Friday’s qualifying performance didn’t pan out that way. He’ll start 23rd Saturday afternoon, right around his average in 2022. But if Mid-Ohio was any proof, where he only spent Sunday’s warmup practice in-tune with the car, started 27th and produced his best IndyCar road course finish (16th), he may still have a chance in Saturday’s Gallagher Grand Prix to turn some heads.

    Race result: 22nd out of 23 classified finishers.

    If Jimmie and his team found a secret, they seemed to have misplaced it.

  2. Williams’ tyre set mix-up is an extremely rare occurrence.

    Someone should tell Aston that artificially covering brake ducts/the things to which tyres get fitted or any car exterior parts for that matter is useless in a public event where everyone can freely view them anyway whenever tyres aren’t on & have seen them for a long time + nothing extraordinary in their physical appearance anyway.

    What voting?

    COTD is spot-on.

  3. It doesn’t look like we’ve taken a step back with it.

    Kevin wouldn’t know if they did.

    Remember, he kept Haas from binning their crap upgrade in 2019 when Romain told the team it was worse early on.

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