Lando Norris, McLaren, Hungaroring, 2022

2022 Hungarian Grand Prix driver ratings

2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

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The final race before the summer break was a frantic one, with the top six cars closer than they had been at any point during the first leg of the season.

Some drivers headed into the break with momentum after strong performances during the Hungarian Grand Prix, while others will be looking forward to a chance to refresh and come back stronger for the second part of the championship.

Here are RaceFans’ driver ratings for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton – 7

Qualified: 7th (-6 places behind team mate)
+0.765s slower than team mate in Q3
Finished: 2nd (+1 place ahead of team mate)

  • Set first Q3 lap on used tyres, but suffered DRS failure on his only new tyre run, which he aborted, potentially losing the chance to improve
  • Jumped Alpines on run to turn one and challenged Norris for fourth
  • Passed Norris on lap 12 and pitted for mediums on lap 19, rejoining behind Verstappen
  • Extended his middle stint as long as possible before pitting for softs on lap 51, emerging fifth
  • Gained fourth when Leclerc pitted, then used his quicker tyres to pass Sainz for third
  • Caught and overtook team mate in the closing laps to finish second, 7.8 seconds behind winner
George Russell, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2022
Russell secured a first pole position

George Russell – 7

Qualified: Pole (+6 places ahead of team mate)
-0.765s quicker than team mate in Q3
Finished: 3rd (-1 place behind team mate)

  • Ahead of team mate in every practice session
  • Claimed maiden pole position with excellent final lap
  • Held the lead at the start on soft tyres before pitting on lap 16 for mediums
  • Regained the lead after rivals pitted but came under pressure from Leclerc, eventually losing the lead
  • Pitted a second time for mediums on lap 16, rejoining behind Verstappen but still ahead of Sainz
  • Gained second place after team mate pitted but was overtaken by Hamilton on fresher tyres
  • Claimed final podium place behind team mate
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2022
Verstappen won despite starting from tenth

Max Verstappen – 7

Qualified: 10th (+1 place ahead of team mate)
-0.813s quicker than team mate in Q2
Finished: Winner (+4 places ahead of team mate)

  • Made a mistake on his first Q3 lap which left him vulnerable, then a power unit problem on his final run left him 10th on grid
  • Started on soft tyres, gained two places on the opening lap, then passed both Alpines and Norris
  • Followed Russell into pits for mediums, undercutting Hamilton to run in fourth
  • Pitted first of the leaders on lap 38, undercutting Russell before passing Leclerc for third
  • Spun exiting turn 13, surrendering third to Leclerc which he quickly regained
  • Gained the lead when Sainz and Hamilton pitted ahead, never looking back to win by 7.8 seconds

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Sergio Perez – 4

Qualified: 11th (-1 place behind team mate)
+0.813s slower than team mate in Q2
Finished: 5th (-4 places behind team mate)

  • Behind team mate in every timed session
  • Compromised in Q2 when legal lap time was erroneously deleted, having to use a second set of tyres
  • Eliminated in 11th after complaints on Magnussen getting in his way at turn two
  • Started on softs and gained two places at the start
  • Passed both Alpines to move into seventh before passing Norris for sixth
  • Ran sixth after pitting for mediums, then again after pitting for a second set of mediums on lap 42
  • Gained fifth when Leclerc pitted for a third time, finishing 15 seconds behind team mate at chequered flag

Carlos Sainz Jnr – 6

Qualified: 2nd (+1 place ahead of team mate)
-0.146s quicker than team mate in Q3
Finished: 4th (+2 places ahead of team mate)

  • Beaten to pole in final minute after improving on his final Q3 lap
  • Started on mediums and challenged Russell for lead into turn one before slotting into second
  • Appeared to have plastic bag debris caught in his bodywork
  • Got within DRS range of leader on lap 14 and responded to Mercedes’ pit stop by pitting on next lap
  • Rejoined still behind Russell, then lost second place after team mate emerged from pits ahead
  • Extended his middle stint and briefly held lead before pitting on lap 47 for softs, rejoining fifth
  • Moved up to third when Hamilton and Leclerc pitted, but lost final podium place to Hamilton in closing laps
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Hungaroring, 2022
Leclerc’s switch to hards ruined his race

Charles Leclerc – 6

Qualified: 3rd (-1 place behind team mate)
+0.146s slower than team mate in Q3
Finished: 6th (-2 places behind team mate)

  • Qualified a tenth-and-a-half behind team mate in third after struggling to bring tyres into window
  • Held third at the start and ran behind team mate, staying out four laps longer to jump Sainz after pitting
  • Caught up to Russell and pressured him for multiple laps before taking lead on lap 31
  • Pitted for hard tyres from the lead on lap 39, emerging ahead of Verstappen in third
  • Struggled for performance on hard tyres, passed by Verstappen twice following Red Bull’s spin
  • Moved back up to second after Sainz and Hamilton pitted, before imploring team to pit him for softs
  • Pitted for softs on lap 54, rejoining 31 seconds behind Verstappen in sixth
  • Could not catch Perez ahead in final phase of race, finishing sixth, 16 seconds behind winner

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Lando Norris, McLaren, Hungaroring, 2022
Norris was comfortably quicker than his team mate

Lando Norris – 8

Qualified: 4th (+5 places ahead of team mate)
-0.610s quicker than team mate in Q3
Finished: 7th (+8 places ahead of team mate)

  • Ahead of team mate in every timed session
  • Secured ‘best of the rest’ grid position of fourth in Q3
  • Started on softs and held fourth at the start after fending off challenge from Hamilton at turn one
  • Ran fourth in early laps until passed by Hamilton and Verstappen on lap 12
  • Pitted on lap 14 for mediums and ran long middle stint, passing Zhou and Bottas before moving up to seventh
  • Stopped for hard tyres on lap 42 and ran lonely final stint to take ‘best of the rest’ in seventh

Daniel Ricciardo – 3

Qualified: 9th (-5 places behind team mate)
+0.610s slower than team mate in Q3
Finished: 15th (-8 places behind team mate

  • Behind team mate in every timed session
  • Progressed through to Q3 but six tenths slower than team mate to line up ninth
  • Passed by both Red Bulls at the start, then lost a third place to Magnussen
  • Ran tenth before pitting on lap 15 for mediums
  • Passed Albon with new tyres and later passed both Alpines into turn two to move tenth
  • Came under pressure from Stroll before pitting for hards on same lap as Aston Martin driver
  • Locked up on cold tyres as Stroll moved to the outside of turn two, hitting him and earning a five second time penalty
  • Struggled for pace on hards, overtaken by Stroll, Vettel and Gasly to fall to 14th
  • Gained 13th when Bottas stopped, but dropped to 15th after penalty applied
Fernando Alonso, Alpine, Hungaroring, 2022
Alonso committed to a one-stop strategy

Fernando Alonso – 6

Qualified: 6th (-1 place behind team mate)
+0.060s slower than team mate in Q3
Finished: 8th (+1 place ahead of team mate)

  • Secured sixth on the grid, half a tenth behind team mate
  • Was boxed in by Ocon off the line, costing him one place to Hamilton, then pushed off track at turn six
  • Lost two places to Red Bulls and committed to one stop by pitting for hards on lap 21
  • Overtaken by both Aston Martins while on hards, but caught up to team mate before being allowed through
  • Gained back eighth when rivals pitted to finish three seconds ahead of Ocon

Esteban Ocon – 6

Qualified: 5th (+1 place ahead of team mate)
-0.060s quicker than team mate in Q3
Finished: 9th (-1 place behind team mate)

  • Equalled best qualifying of the season with fifth on the grid ahead of team mate
  • Defended aggressively from Alonso at the start, losing one place to Hamilton into turn one
  • Passed by both Red Bulls in early laps and ran long first stint on mediums
  • Committed to one stop strategy by pitting for hards, overtaken by both Aston Martins
  • Yielded 12th to Alonso under team orders, moving into ninth as Stroll and Ricciardo pitted
  • Came under intense pressure from Vettel on final lap, but beat him to the line by a tenth-and-a-half

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Pierre Gasly – 6

Qualified: 19th (-3 places behind team mate)
+0.287s slower than team mate in Q1
Finished: 12th (+7 places ahead of team mate)

  • Should have reached Q2 but had best lap deleted after contentious track limits call
  • Opted to take new power unit under parc ferme without permission, meaning he started from pit lane.
  • Took nine laps to pass Latifi before pitting for mediums, rejoining last
  • Overtook Magnussen, Schumacher and was allowed by Tsunoda to run in 13th before second stop
  • Rejoined 15th on softs before passing Ricciardo for 13th
  • Gained a place when Bottas broke down to finish in 12th
Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, Hungaroring, 2022
A spin cost Tsunoda 15 seconds

Yuki Tsunoda – 4

Qualified: 16th (+3 places ahead of team mate)
-0.287s quicker than team mate in Q1
Finished: 19th (-7 places behind team mate)

  • Lost his best lap in Q1 due to track limits, then missed the cut by 0.035s to line up 16th
  • Held 16th place at the start, but came under pressure from Vettel, eventually being passed on lap 10
  • Pitted for mediums on lap 13 and fell to back, but immediately passed Magnussen
  • Passed Schumacher to move into 15th place, then asked to let team mate by on lap 26
  • Pitted for softs on lap 33 and dropped to last, then spun at the chicane on lap 35, costing him 15 seconds
  • Ran at the back until Albon pitted, but was then overtaken by the Williams
  • Finished last on track in 19th place, two laps down

Sebastian Vettel – 6

Qualified: 18th (-4 places behind team mate)
+0.068s slower than team mate in Q1
Finished: 10th (+1 place ahead of team mate)

  • Ahead of team mate in all three practice sessions
  • Spun off into the barriers at end of wet final practice session
  • Eliminated 18th in Q1 after tyres were too hot for final push lap
  • Held 18th on opening lap despite contact with Latifi at turn two
  • Used softs to pass Zhou and Tsunoda to run behind team mate before first stop
  • Switched to mediums and passed Albon, then slipped by struggling Alpines on hards
  • Pitted for a second set on mediums, passing Zhou and Ricciardo before following Stroll past Bottas
  • Allowed through team mate in order to attack Ocon, but hampered by VSC
  • Caught Ocon on final lap but finished 0.142s behind to take final point in tenth
Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Hungaroring, 2022
Stroll allowed Vettel by the attack Ocon

Lance Stroll – 7

Qualified: 14th (+4 places ahead of team mate)
-0.068s quicker than team mate in Q1
Finished: 11th (-1 place behind team mate)

  • Behind team mate in all three practice sessions
  • Reached Q2, unlike team mate, but was knocked out in 14th place
  • Held position on softs at the start even after being clattered by Albon into turn two
  • Ran behind Bottas in 13th before pitting for mediums on lap 14
  • Passed Albon, then the two hard-shod Alpines in quick succession to take ninth
  • Pitted for softs for final stint, overtaking Zhou and Ricciardo before being spun by McLaren at turn two
  • Overtook Bottas for tenth, then asked by team to allow Vettel through to attack Ocon
  • Finished 11th after Vettel was unable to pass Ocon but was too close to give position back before the flag

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Nicholas Latifi – 4

Qualified: 20th (-3 places behind team mate)
+0.314s slower than team mate in Q1
Finished: 18th (-1 place behind team mate)

  • Fastest in wet final practice, topping an official session for the first time
  • Set purple first sector on final Q1 lap but final corner mistake left him last on grid
  • Clipped front wing against Vettel at turn two, causing minor damage
  • Passed by Gasly on lap nine before pitting for mediums on lap 18
  • Overtook Magnussen but lost the place after being undercut by the Haas
  • Pitted for a second set of soft tyres with 15 laps remaining, running ahead of only Tsunoda to finish 18th
Alex Albon, Williams, Hungaroring, 2022
Albon broke his front wing on the opening lap

Alexander Albon – 5

Qualified: 17th (+3 places ahead of team mate)
-0.314s quicker than team mate in Q1
Finished: 17th (+1 place ahead of team mate)

  • Lost telemetry during high fuel run in FP2, ending his session early
  • Eliminated 17th in Q1 but was happy with his final effort
  • Gained two places at the start but locked up into turn two and hit Stroll, breaking his front wing
  • Summoned to the pits for repairs by a black-and-white flag, dropping him to the rear
  • Switched to soft tyres for long final stint, passing Tsunoda and undercutting team mate
  • Gained 16th when Magnussen pitted late but lost the position on the final lap around the outside of turn 13

Valtteri Bottas – 6

Qualified: 8th (+4 places ahead of team mate)
-0.128s quicker than team mate in Q2
Classified: 20th (-7 places behind team mate)

  • Sat out first practice to hand car over to Robert Kubica
  • Reached Q3 for the first time since Spain to line up eighth on the grid
  • Stuck to inside line into turn one, losing places to cars on outside, then ran off track at turn two to fall to 13th
  • Ran behind Schumacher in early laps, then committed to one stop by pitting for hards on lap 26
  • Kept in touch with Gasly, running 14th, gaining tenth when rivals ahead pitted
  • Lost two places in two corners to Aston Martins on lap 62 to drop out of points
  • Pulled off track with fuel system problem with five laps left, still classified as a finisher
Guanyu Zhou, Alfa Romeo, Hungaroring, 2022
Zhou passed Schumacher at the final corner of the race

Zhou Guanyu – 5

Qualified: 12th (-4 places behind team mate)
+0.128s slower than team mate in Q2
Finished: 13th (+7 places ahead of team mate)

  • Comfortably qualified through to Q2, but final lap was not good enough to reach Q3
  • Beaten off the line by Magnussen but lost four more places being very cautious through opening turns
  • Lost a place to Vettel then ran longest first stint of anyone before pitting for hards on lap 27
  • Rejoined in 17th on hards, passing Schumacher for 15th into turn on lap 38
  • Abandoned one stop strategy by pitting for softs on lap 51, rejoining 19th
  • Passed Albon and Magnussen before snatching 13th place from Schumacher on the last corner of the last lap

Mick Schumacher – 6

Qualified: 15th (-2 places behind team mate)
+0.377s slower than team mate in Q2
Finished: 14th (+2 places ahead of team mate)

  • Ran with older specification car for whole weekend, unlike team mate
  • Behind team mate in every timed session
  • Reached Q2 in 14th but ran slower in second phase to be eliminated in 15th
  • Jumped three positions on the first lap to run 12th, had Bottas close behind for first stint
  • Pitted for hards on lap 21 and struggled, passed by both AlphaTauris and Zhou to fall to 16th
  • Moved back onto mediums for third and final stint, gaining some places when rivals pitted
  • Lost 13th place to Zhou on the final corner of the race

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Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Hungaroring, 2022
Magnussen’s race was compromised by early damage

Kevin Magnussen – 5

Qualified: 13th (+2 places ahead of team mate)
-0.377s quicker than team mate in Q2
Finished: 16th (-2 places behind team mate)

  • Benefited from major upgrade package on his car for this weekend
  • Ahead of team mate in every timed session
  • Eliminated 13th in Q2
  • Gained three places on opening lap but clipped Ricciardo exiting turn one, damaging front wing
  • Shown black-and-orange flag by race control to team’s annoyance, dropping him to back of the field
  • Used hard compound for second stint and ran towards back of the field, struggling to heat tyres
  • Undercut Latifi after switching to mediums, later pitted for softs under late VSC
  • Quickly caught Albon on the final lap, passing around the outside of turn 13 to finish 16th

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50 comments on “2022 Hungarian Grand Prix driver ratings”

  1. YTD average based on @WillWood‘s ratings:
    Max Verstappen: 7.2
    Charles Leclerc: 6.8 ↓
    Lando Norris: 6.6
    Fernando Alonso: 6.5
    George Russell: 6.4
    Lewis Hamilton: 6.2 ↑
    Valtteri Bottas: 5.8
    Sergio Perez: 5.8 ↓
    Kevin Magnussen: 5.7 ↑
    Carlos Sainz Jnr: 5.7 ↑
    Pierre Gasly: 5.5 ↓
    Esteban Ocon: 5.5
    Alexander Albon: 5.4
    Sebastian Vettel: 5.4
    Nico Hulkenberg: 5.0
    Zhou Guanyu: 4.8
    Lance Stroll: 4.8 ↑
    Yuki Tsunoda: 4.8
    Mick Schumacher: 4.5 ↑
    Daniel Ricciardo: 4.5
    Nicholas Latifi: 4.0
    (arrow denotes trend of most recent three races compared to season)

    1. When you look at the ratings like this, and even with taking into account the criteria, you’d be pretty hard pressed to argue with anyone but the top 6 deserves to have a F1 drive (i.e. everyone scoring below a 6 average over 13 drives).

      1. why anyone*

      2. The ratings are harsh, but the resulting ranking seems pretty solid.

        Why should guys like Latifi, Schumacher, Ricciardo or Stroll be in F1? And aside from Norris, there aren’t really any great prospects in the midfield either.

      3. You need to keep in mind these ratings have 8 as max in majority of cases, therefore here 5 is what is the usual 6 (4.8 to be precise), if you take that into account only 3 drivers are unqualified.

  2. I knew Max didn’t get a 8 even before this article… It was almost perfect even with the clutch problems he had. I think he should get a 9 not a 7 for that minor error otherwise it was a 10

    But Norris get a 8 for what? going back

    Perez got a 4 that is a rather harsh he didn’t crash kept before Charles could be beter a 6 same as Charles.

    1. Lance has the same rating as Lewis, George and Max?
      It’s indeed pretty harsh, why does Lando get an 8? I have nothing against him, but it seems unfair to give the top 3 a lower rating.
      Lewis and Max an 8, George a 7,5, Lando too for instance

      1. Because the ratings are tailor-made to induce engagement and rage-posts. The more time we spend in the article, the more the site profits. And here we are.

        1. That’s the only conclusion I can arrive at also.

    2. These ratings have a max 8, not always but so far and in majority of cases 8 = perfect weekend, verstappen did NOT have a perfect weekend, I said it before the article came out!

      1. I think anyone whose read these articles this year knew that Hamilton and Verstappen would be a 7 this week due to the small issues they had so yeah it was a call you could make. Russell being the same score might upset some but he didn’t make any mistakes over the weekend and still performed quite well in the race, especially when taking into account the context of what happened to the Ferrari’s .

        1. Yes, indeed, russell was imo one of the 3 standout drivers and a 7 makes sense.

    3. And if you suggest ratings such as 9 or 10 the only explanation is you haven’t noticed the scores before this year, nevermind 10, 9 is non existant.

  3. Max a 7 with Technical issues and winning the race from p10… What he has to do to get a 8+? crazy

    1. Get a UK passport

      1. That only gets you a 7………

        1. Not if you are Lando. You get an 8.

      2. Hahahaha, good one

    2. Did you miss his mistake in the first run in q3 or the spin in the race? Seems enough to me to lose a mark.

  4. Schumacher – Hungary 1998
    Could only manage 3rd in qualifying.
    Made no progress at the start.
    Spun on the final corner mid-race.
    Score – 7

    1. Good point.

    2. Actually, that race is a good example of a proper 9 or 10 rating. Verstappen didn’t really have to do anything super special to win. While it was a good effort, it wasn’t a performance that will be talked about in a quarter century – as Schumacher’s evidently race is. He’s had better races (without spins!) and with more challenging passes for the lead, even this year.

      1. But the thing is we don’t know, we never saw a 9 with this ranking, we don’t know how high that race would’ve been rated, we haven’t been shown examples.

  5. I’m sorry, but these ratings never make sense to me, and I watch every race and every practise/qualy session. It’s too subjective, and somehow too “seven”. When we ask a random person to pick a number between 1 and 10, it’s almost always 7, because it’s not extreme choice, but still higher than average. That’s how these ratings look to me too, kinda random, and they don’t make any differentiation between above average and average performance from most drivers. Verstappen 7 again? Based on what? Norris 8, better score? Maybe, but why? Stroll better than Leclerc… Maybe if Vettel was struggling and he did something spectacular, but he obviously didn’t “outperform” the car, and we didn’t see anything spectacular from him. Perez finished in front of Leclerc, but still only 4? What’s the criteria then? Position? Pace? Duels? No matter which criteria we pick, these ratings make no sense to me when compared. Stroll, Russel, Hamilton, Verstappen, they all showed equal racecraft and/or pace? Norris did better with his 7th place than all of them, why? Of course, these are all personal subjective ratings, but they really seem random, and of course a bit biased. If Verstappen was Russel, Norris or Hamilton, I somehow doubt he’d receive 7 for a win from 10th place, because what, of a spin where he reacted well and protected his tires?

  6. Usually I ignore these ratings as they use a system that is pretty unfathomable, but if you’re ranking Lando over Verstappen or Hamilton, I think you may want to review your system.

    1. Yes, that was a bit surprising, I was pretty sure after hamilton was given 7 (had no doubts about verst) there wouldn’t have been an 8, but norris had a great quali and then probably maximised the performance of the mclaren in the race, however I don’t see how hamilton hasn’t done that, seems like he’s being blamed for aborting the drs-issue lap in quali?

  7. I always come to Racefans for reliable information, well written articles and news. But the driver ratings are always a joke. Seriously Verstappen and Hamilton and even Russel only a 7?
    Better to not even do ratings at all.

  8. Most impressing: VER, HAM, & RUS
    Most disappointing: PER, OCO, RIC, & TSU

    1. Agree with the stars.

  9. I am impressed by these ratings Will! They keep throwing me off and wondering about them since the start of the year! I guess they are doing their job then.

    1. I find they’re especially good to make you reconsider some of those that get less coverage in the race. I was going to moan about the Stroll rating but then recalled he lost a lot of time due to being punted off by Ricciardo and hence probably contributed to him finishing behind his teammate. Otherwise though he did okay for the weekend. I still think a 6 would have been better for him but it did make me consider why he got that rating and I had to think about the race he had again that I saw.

  10. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    2nd August 2022, 15:21

    So one of the best ever drivers (probably) produces one of his best ever drives (according to Horner) and still only gets a 7. His car must have been a lot stronger than all those other 7’s and 8’s then if it breezed him from 10th to 1st on such an average drive.

    Also looking at the average ratings the standard of drivers in F1 now must be shocking.

    I’m not sure if the scoring scale logic of these ratings have led it down a path you can’t break from now or if it’s to wind people up.

    1. They should probably be scaled to 10 if you have a perfect race, as opposed to 8 now, cause drivers are actually better than they’ve ever been as a whole.

  11. Lando gets an 8 for, as you say yourself, finishing a “lonely best of the rest”… which was probably only due to Alpine going for a wonky strategy.

    But Lewis, George and Max only get 7’s?

  12. Tim (@tsgoodchild)
    2nd August 2022, 17:01

    These ratings are comical. I am no Max fan at all, but I cannot critique his drive this weekend, p10 to p1 at Hungary is a fine effort regardless of any biases or allegiances. Lewis too, in the 3rd best car to finish 2nd and closing on Max…but Lando scores higher than both. Was this the draft version of the article that got published again?

  13. Really? This is becoming farcical.

    Max 9, Hamilton 8 certainly.

    1. No one ever got a 9 this year, can you say this was the best performance of any driver, with a q3 mistake ruining a lap and a spin in the race??

  14. Besides all the comments regarding Max and Lewis, I’m puzzled by Checo getting only 4. When you look at the reasons for the score he barely did anything wrong. I feel 4 is really off.

    1. Yes, he was slow but deserved a 5.

      1. If you watched the race & understood what happened Perez was not slow, his race pace was on a par with Verstappen. The time loss was on pitstop strategy/traffic, other publications/reviewers rated him 7-8.5. The 4 is an insult as someone else wrote & is clearly biased & not objective.

  15. The only certainty a journalist has when doing driver rankings is that they’ll be wrong.

    I do find the system a little odd, and rarely agree (I wouldn’t be an F1 fan if I agreed with driver rating articles), but I think what throws me out the most is the different way Will uses the scale of 1-10. Baseline is about 2 points below what other sites use (average here seems to be 5, elsewhere it’s a 7) and the Racefans ratings are compressed into the middle of the scale, while other sites are more inclined towards the extremes.

  16. Both Max and Lewis drove stunning races and should at least got an 8. Checo given a 4 is an equal insult (as he climbed 6 place from 11 to 5, yet you gave Lance Stoll 7 and Lando Norris 8) and should have been given at least a 6 or 7!

    What is the points criteria or is it just some more made up BS?

    What is a driver expected to do to get a 9 or a 10? Start from the pit lane and do a back flip during the race?

    Leclerc may have been screwed over by the team, but, he did not need to pit on request, but, again gave him a 6.

    I can’t help to feel that your wearing some very tinted glasses!

  17. Lando gets an 8?
    Verstappen despite being the best gets 7?
    If this isn’t a British bias then I dunno what it is.

    1. Verstappen had the clear best car, when you spin and re-overtake the driver you just overtook on the supposed 2nd best car, you know there’s margin, and his weekend wasn’t flawless. Can you find some flaw with norris? If not, that’s why he got 8, I was surprised too by that rating.

      1. Yes, lets completely ignore the fact the car he overtook was running concrete tyres at the moment.

        1. I’m aware of that, I’m not saying ferrari couldn’t have done better with a proper strategy, but example, when they put the softs in the end (leclerc) they weren’t fast enough to catch perez even! It’s hard for me to argue that red bull was the clear fastest car in this race.

        2. catch perez quickly enough to overtake him*, and perez is not verstappen pace-wise.

  18. Where have all the people gone stating Checo would be a WDC candidate?

  19. Maybe it is time for a mid year appraisal of the contestants. In 2023 would like to see the following drivers return: George, Lewis, Max, Charles, Carlos, Lando, Fernando, Mick (although less and less convinced), Zhou. Drivers I would like to see replaced in 2023: Perez, Ocon, Bottas, Magnussen, Ricciardo, Vettel, Tsunoda, Gasly, Stroll, Albon, Latifi. F1 would do good in parting with drivers more frequently/regularly to ensure good flow through from other racing categories. Should make things much more exciting and would give more talent a chance. F2 champions should per default move to F1 the next year.

  20. I would only agree about F2 champions progressing if it comes with the caveat that said driver became champion in his first or second year. Third year (or higher) champions have without exception been bang average to downright poor. The junior series are about showing your talent pretty much from the go, only being top through experience is a sign you are not good enough for F1.

    Aside from that, most F1 worthy talent gets a seat. Sometimes they have to wait a year and that’s a shame, but there’s no need to part with 5-6 drivers a year, there are not that many F1 level drivers ready each and every year.

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