Oscar Piastri, Alpine Reserve Driver, Albert Park, 2022

Alpine confirm Piastri to make F1 race debut in 2023

2023 F1 season

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Oscar Piastri will make his debut as a Formula 1 driver in 2023, Alpine have confirmed.

The reigning Formula 2 driver will join the team in place of Fernando Alonso, who announced yesterday he will move to Aston Martin at the end of the year.

Piastri had a stunningly rapid rise through the junior categories. The native of Melbourne, Australia won the Formula Renault, FIA Formula 3 and Formula 2 championships in consecutive seasons between 2019 and 2021.

Though he was unable to return to F2 after his title win last year, no places were available for him on the F1 grid this season. Alpine therefore appointed him as their reserve driver and handed him a series of testing opportunities in last year’s car.

Alpine was looking to place him at a rival F1 team for the 2023 season. However Alonso’s unexpected departure created a vacancy alongside Esteban Ocon which Piastri will now fill.

“Oscar is a bright and rare talent,” said team principal Otmar Szafnauer. “We are proud to have nurtured and supported him through the difficult pathways of the junior formulae.

“Through our collaboration over the past four years, we have seen him develop and mature into a driver who is more than capable of taking the step up to Formula 1. As our reserve driver he has been exposed to the team at the track, factory and testing where he has shown the maturity, promise and speed to ensure his promotion to our second seat alongside Esteban.

“Together, we believe the duo will give us the continuity we need to achieve our long-term goal of challenging for wins and championships.”

Update: Piastri makes shock announcement he will not debut in F1 with Alpine next year

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33 comments on “Alpine confirm Piastri to make F1 race debut in 2023”

  1. Another young driver. Nice…. Ricciardo has some company now at least…

  2. Is this actually happening or another indycar scenario?

    What happened to the mclaren link?

    I guess until I hear it from the driver it’s all a bit up in the air.

    1. @Kris Lord, I guess nothing concrete in the end.

      1. Or maybe it was.

    2. Time will tell, but it feels right now like Alpine have pulled a Ganassi, albeit one better by not including a fabricated quote from the driver…

  3. As expected & ultimately a wise decision – I’m happy.
    Anything else would’ve been shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. Getting paranoid thanks to the Palougate, but this could be a “one sided” statement from a team trying to check all the boxes written in a contract to secure Oscar next year…

      As Otmar said “we did everything we had to do contractually”… Not sure indeed it’s not the beginning of a new saga ;-)

      This does not scream “all parties happy”, honestly

      1. Yup, saga has arrived on schedule.

    2. Alpine s messed up on this one.
      Why not give Alonso the two-year extension he wanted? Piastra could have found a seat to prove his worth as RUS did.
      Now they have two aggressive youngsters, one of them French, who has proven to be less than congenial in competition.
      He will test Piastri if he challenges him – there will be “incidents”.
      Although he and Alonso had some run-ins, Alonso admitted he was at fault some of the time so these two we’re doing OK.
      Otmar thought he had Alonso over a barrel since there were no other teams in their league for him to go to – but then Seb quit.
      I think it’s fitting Otmar learned the news from the media and not Fernando. He was afforded the same disrespect that he dished out.
      Alpine is going nowhere. Alonso knew they weren’t close enough to the top three teams despite the new regulations.
      It was a good decision. I think next year they will be beating teams and Alpine will be one of them.
      I think Ocon is not happy.

      1. They don’t even have two youngsters anymore!

  4. Good good. Now all we need is for Latifi to bow out, and Ricciardo to be shown the door at McLaren, then two more exciting young drivers would make for an excellent grid.

    1. It’d be excellent if they prove to be excellent. We don’t know yet. Although I didn’t expect Ricciardo to spiral downwards like this either, in Renault he was so-so at least, and improving slowly but steadily, in McLaren he’s a bit of a Mazepin pace-wise.

  5. I was mostly relieved when Seb Vettel annouched his retirement. He’d gone through the motions for too long. The exit of one driver was always going to create an opportunity for another one. I’m glad one of the young guys gets a chance. Especially someone who belongs in F1 on merit.

    Now I just hope Williams sign Nyck de Vries. That’ll make a great 2023 grid.

  6. Why no quote from Piastri in this?

    Ultimately, best news for Piastri. In Williams, he would have got a car with which one can’t do much. In McLaren, he would be up against one of the best of the younger generations, not a good choice for a rookie. In Renault, he can do a fine job in the middle field with a good chance of beating a highly rated teammate.

    1. He’s tweeted to say he’s not driving for Alpine next year.

      1. Sorry I have no idea how this comment ended up here. My phone hates this website

    2. Exactly what I was thinking, plus; what is the point in a junior program if you give them away when you have an opportunity to use them!

  7. Piastri is saying on Twitter that this isn’t happening.

    1. Quick update. Piastri is going to McLaren, Ricciardo back to Alpine/ Renault, if what I’m hearing legit.

    2. Seems your right: Piastri denieing this!

      1. Apparently Alonso, Webber and Ricciardo have collaborated on this. Webber and Ricciardo knew he was out the door at McLaren so it basically leaves Alpine as his only likely destination to save his career.

        Alpine have breached Piastri’s contract but not clear how. They either take Ricciardo as the best option on offer. Fight for Piastri in court or pay big to snare Alonso back from Stroll.

        1. I saw comments online that reckoned Piastri’s F1 contract with Alpine lapsed at midnight Sunday July 31st, Alonso – knowing this fact – announced his shock move to Aston Martin first thing Monday morning, which meant Piastri had the option to leave Alpine and seek a drive from another team, effectively shafting the French team twice.

          Quite how AnonymousInternetPerson372837 knew the intricacies of Piastri’s contract with Alpine is not clear, but it’s a lovely story nevertheless and would be deliciously vindictive of Alonso if true.

    1. This is hilarious

      1. Curious how McLaren / Zak Brown got into not 1 of these situations but 2 at the same time, right @paeschli, @scribe!

  8. Aah, just when it seemed silly season would be quiet.

    So McLaren now most likely have 2 drivers wanting to join them, both of whom are at odds with their current employer.

    And the seat they want these drivers for, is not even free.

    And they have 2 other drivers doing elaborate F1 testing programs.

    And on the other hand, there is Alpine with no drivers willing to join them.

    F1 can’t do simple things right, can it.

  9. @keithcollantine – This is not correct Oscar dening this and seems togo to McLaren……

  10. Norris / Piastri would be a hell of a line-up for McLaren.

    1. Great for Norris. Piastri risks becoming a Vandoorne.

      1. You might be right. Hopefully we’ll find out.

  11. petebaldwin (@)
    2nd August 2022, 19:21

    I might put in an application – at the rate people are turning Alpine down, my few years karting and experience of sim racing should put me quite near the top of the list!

  12. Wth is going on with drivers signing/not-signing/double signing getting announced and recanting? Silly season is definitely silly as F this year….

  13. A sound move. He was superb in F2 last year, it’s a travesty that he isn’t in F1 this year but that’s how it goes… No one in F2 this year looks as complete a driver and while unproven in F1, he’s a more exciting prospect than anyone else they could pick up elsewhere on the grid.

    Unlike most/all new additions to the grid since Russell/Norris/Verstappen, Piastri looks like he could become a world champ in the future. Given how Oscar has adapted to junior categories quickly so, I’m expecting some stand out performances next year. If the grid closes up a little more in ’23 as teams get on to of the new regulations, driver ability will matter more. My prediction is he will soundly beat Ocon in points though it will probably take half the year for him to adapt and pull everything together.

    I can see Gasly replace Ocon in ’24 though if Piastri is exceptional next year, they have their superstar and don’t need Gasly.

    Anyway, congrats Piastri! Look forward to seeing you on track!

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