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Ferrari reserve Schumacher eager to show what he can do in “similar” car

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In the round-up: Mick Schumacher says he’s ready to step into a seat at Ferrari should be needed to replace either of their regular drivers at short notice

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Schumacher would be ‘happy to show Ferrari what I got’ if needed

Schumacher says he feels he would be ready to step into a seat at Ferrari should be needed to replace Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz Jnr.

The Haas race driver currently shares Ferrari reserve driver duties with Antonio Giovinazzi, as part of his role under the Ferrari driver academy. Asked by RaceFans if he felt he would be ready to step into a potential race winning Ferrari if Leclerc or Sainz were suddenly sidelined, Schumacher replied: “Yeah, I do so.”

“Our cars are not the same but are similar,” he continued. “I’ve grown up with Ferrari basically since 2019. I feel like I understand the whole procedure, so I’d be more than happy to step in and show them what I got.”

VeeKay signs multi-year extension with Ed Carpenter Racing

IndyCar driver Rinus VeeKay will remain with Ed Carpenter Racing for the 2023 IndyCar season and beyond after signing a multi-year extension with the team.

The 21-year-old Dutch driver has spent his entire IndyCar career for Ed Carpenter since joining the series in 2020. He has claimed a single race victory at least year’s Indianapolis Grand Prix and taken four podium places during a span of 42 races in IndyCar.

“Ed Carpenter gave me the opportunity to drive for the team when I came out of Indy Lights and has let me showcase my talents in an Indy car ever since,” said VeeKay. “The continuity at Ed Carpenter Racing is great, there have barely been any changes in my time here and it’s very nice to have the same group of people around me all the time.”

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Comment of the day

With Mick Schumacher speaking to select media including RaceFans about how his second season in Formula 1 has gone so far, reader Constantijn Blondel is impressed by the young driver’s temperament…

Whenever I get a little bit of an impression of Mick when he’s not inside his helmet driving an F1 car, I feel impressed by how on the one hand he is in all sorts of things very clearly ‘a Schumacher’ (obviously…), he also seems so much his own person, without necessarily trying to show to the world that he’s not his father – I find that very mature, and I hope he’ll do really well in F1, as his career develops.
Constantijn Blondel

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Katy, Paul Gawne and Pamela McLaren!

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14 comments on “Ferrari reserve Schumacher eager to show what he can do in “similar” car”

  1. What sort of an organization are they running at McLaren these days?

    When you’re just outright lying about contracting drivers, what else are you lying about?

    1. @proesterchen If they weren’t a British team and a darling of the media they would have been criticized a lot worse for everything that’s going on.

    2. It’s in McLaren’s blood. Under Ron Dennis they did lots of shady stuff.

  2. Ferrari should hire Magnussen as their reserve driver as Schumacher hasn’t lived up to the hype.

    1. KP, Magnussen has certainly been an eye-opener this year. I’m uncomfortable about all these inter-team links though. For example, if Schumacher is angling for that reserve driver role at Ferrari, he’ll know he’s not going to be popular if he defends hard against LeClerc for 10 laps in the next race while allowing the cars ahead of them to get away.

  3. Mick should try to beat his current teammate regularly to start with. Until then his chances of racing in a Ferrari F1 car are 0.0000

    1. I am sure he brought it up to the media and is actively campaigning for the drive as opposed to having a media member asking him the direct question. I am sure the young Schumacher knows what he has to do professionally without you telling him.

    2. It is interesting to see how he is treated everywhere vs other new young drivers. He gets a lot of leeway imho relatively to the others. Same goes for Charles. Others are / were more subject to close scrutiny and harsh conclusions.

    3. I agree, @ryanoceros. I naturally support him for all the reasons surrounding his father as a dad and racer, but he needs to show regular magic compared to his teammate first. He’s not there yet but I hope he makes it.

  4. All this hype over PIA/RIC @ McLaren for ’23.
    I trust Andreas will have done his homework. I mean if PIA gets the gig, but can NOT drive it any quicker than RIC – nightmare revisited!!!.
    With manager Mark W. ties in RBR & Porsche [who WILL want a #1 driver if VER goes] = logic.

    1. Mark W isn’t contracted by RedBull or Porsche. And Porsche won’t be in F1 until 2026, that is a long time away, if they do actually end up coming

  5. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    5th August 2022, 12:22

    What on earth are McLaren doing? They announced Rosenqvist was staying in some fashion and now he has nothing?

  6. Veekay going sideways :/

  7. After the disastrous launch of f1 22, the site is still endorsing such a broken game? Bad ads.

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