Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Hungaroring, 2022

Two black-and-orange flags in five races “a bit strange” for Magnussen

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen was bemused to be shown the black-and-orange flag for the second time in five races at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In brief

Magnussen frustrated by another enforced pit stop

Magnussen has “no idea” why the stewards felt the need to show him the black-and-orange flag during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The flag is waved to summon drivers into the pits if their car is deemed to be in a dangerous condition, often due to loose bodywork. The Haas driver was shown it for the second time this year in Hungary, having also been summoned to pit during the Canadian Grand Prix due to front wing damage. Magnussen incurred similar damage in Hungary during contact with Daniel Ricciardo on the opening lap.

“At this point I hadn’t seen it,” Magnussen said. “I didn’t feel anything. I felt I hit one of the McLarens, but not that hard and I’m surprised again. So I hope there was a hell of a lot of damage [to justify the flag].”

Magnussen added that he had not seen the flag before in his Formula 1 career, which stretches back to 2014. “For me, it’s a little bit strange, but what can I do?” he added.

Formula 1’s revised 2022 technical regulations has reduced the number of aerodynamic parts, making the front wing endplate an extension of the main plane. This was done partly in order to alleviate the problem of drivers collecting damage which could compromise their races.

Krack expects “105%” from Vettel until season end

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack does not think Sebastian Vettel’s decision to retire at the end of the 2022 season will diminish his on-track focus until then.

Krack agreed Vettel appeared in a more relaxed mood after after announcing his retirement in Hungary. “But it does not mean that he’s less ambitious,” he said. “Not to the slightest extent.

“For us and this weekend, we had this [announcement] on Thursday, but from Friday it was really business as usual.”

“I really think that he will be 100% or maybe even 105% until the last lap,” he added.

McLaren chooses plumber for Aston Martin F1 base

McLaren Construction, a building company with no connection to the similarly-named F1 team, has awarded E7 Building Services the contract to fit the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in Aston Martin’s new F1 headquarters at Silverstone.

E7 will also install the systems that enable site-wide control of mechanical and electrical systems once the base is operational and energy management infrastructure.

Construction on the Silverstone site began last September, with several facilities being built around the team’s current factory. E7 anticipates its work will be complete by May 2023, although the main building initially had a competition date target of late 2022, and Aston Martin are aiming to have their first wind tunnel, that is also under construction, be operational by next summer.

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Comment of the day

The FIA has put out an invitation to tender for Formula 2’s engine supply from 2024 to 2026, and the new engine must be able to run on sustainable fuels. It reminded Jff of a comment Fernando Alonso infamously made about Honda’s F1 power unit being a “GP2 engine” at its home Japanese Grand Prix now the brand has left F1 to pursue more sustainable engineering projects.

Sustainable and GP2/F2 seems to be the perfect fit for Honda.

I wouldn’t mind Porsche picking this up as part of their research (and production) of synthetic fuels.Jff

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Glue and Leah Kernahan!

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16 comments on “Two black-and-orange flags in five races “a bit strange” for Magnussen”

  1. “I drove into just as many people in the other three races and no one said a thing.”

    1. @redearedrabbit A lot of those flags would be eliminated if he can try harder to avoid contact; if he can race cleaner he could probably earn more WDC & WCC points.

      1. He could have gone more clean against Hamilton, thats for sure, but its hard to predict that someone just ahead of you gets an understeer and has to go off the gas all the while you have another driver to your right trying to overtake.

      2. @redpill Remember this is a guy who once said he was ‘ready to die on the racetrack’. I don’t think we should be surprised with his incidents.

  2. McLaren chooses plumber for Aston Martin F1 base

    I look forward to finding out who will be doing the interior decor, the landscaping, and the catering.

    1. Well I wouldn’t choose Alpine for the interior. They’ll come to paint all the walls blue, only to come back the next week to paint everything pink – and so on. Really annoying.

      Landscaping? Stroll and Tsunoda have shown great potential when it comes to mowing the grass.

      But I get your post. Don’t know why this is in the round-up either. (but I’m trying my best to find good use for it).

      1. Whilst I was (hopefully) obviously injecting a little sarcasm into my post – as I realise it was more a general update on the facilities as a whole, and so a little less specific than the title implied – I do agree that it’s a bit of a weak inclusion.

      2. The ‘In Brief’ part doesn’t really work in the daily round-up IMO: it’s either left over interviews from last week’s GP or this plumbing snippet.

  3. Kimi will race in NASCAR for a one off on August 21. Can’t wait!

  4. He’s just unlucky he happened to pick up black-&-orange flag-worthy damage in both Canada & Hungary.

    100% is the maximum possible, but yes, he’ll most likely remain fully committed until the end.

    So Pouchaire won’t continue in F2 anyway, winning the championship or not like Piastri, even if he would’ve failed at winning the series last year.
    However, he’ll probably face a year without racing (unless he’d do another series), given the high likelihood of Zhou continuing.

    The FZERO track hypercar will be sub-700 kg, so lighter than F1 cars have been since 2015.
    Somewhat embarrassing for F1 & FIA how out-of-control weight management has been for a while.

    Good COTD.

  5. From a boy who wanted to follow Michael’s footsteps and become a champion at Ferrari. It didn’t work out but the more important thing is that he passed those fatherlike ladders for another boy called Mick

  6. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    11th August 2022, 23:19

    What I find interesting is that hamilton didn’t get called in to pit when didn’t want to pas verstappen last year, resulting in verstappen beginning to break and contact happened. Hamilton had very similar damage to magnussen and it didn’t even get investigated.

    Yes some will say it wasn’t hamilton’s fault, and they are right (although he could have avoided it by passing as he was given the opportunity), but still, if magnussen had to box because of safety concerns, then Hamilton should also have had to.

    I really think that the stewards sometimes don’t want to call in drivers that are fighting for the championship at times as they won’t want to be partially responsible for the result (not like somebody hasn’t influenced the championship before though!)

    I feel that if Hamilton or Verstappen had that amount of wing damage while both still driving fine and fighting at the front, they won’t have bothered with the black and orange flag.

    I think that magnussen should have pitted, but there is some inconsistency here.

    1. I agree. His damage was way too minor to warrant a black and orange. It is partly due to not being a star and driving for a small team and partly due to the pathetically Disney level of safety risks the race director and FIA have now established.

    2. Agree but there is so much favourable bias towards Lewis.

    3. I totally agree.
      Going back there are tons of examples where wdc’s are treated differently to others.
      With the huge fint wing end plates this year, this is bound to happen to others also.
      I can’t wait to see what the ruling will be when it harpenden to a front runner. And what if it is 2 front runners fighting for wdc???

      I don’t agree with the earlier argument in a comment with “of course it happens, he has said he wants to kill himself. That is taken totally out of context.

      It’s Hamiltons signature move, to keep wide, like on Verstappen at Silverstone.

      And Magnussen have had other bad luck also, including strategy and failing components ending in DNF’s. In reality, Mick hasn’t beaten him on merrit in races . And he should have had quite many more points

  7. 105% from Vettel means a spin in a corner

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