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Esports and simracing have grown so much over the last 15 years that they now form a major element of modern day Formula 1.

But what were Alfa Romeo drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu playing with Sauber esports drivers Tomasz Poradzisz and Nicholas Longuet?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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29 comments on “Caption Competition 193: Valtter esports”

  1. Stop kicking my seat, Zhou. I know you do it on porpoise.

  2. Vale puts in some laps in the FOX at FE Gold.

    (those that know, know)

    1. he has way more laps at FE Green though…

  3. Was this really the best simulator Alfa Romeo could make? Due to the new budget restrictions, the answer was unbelievably “yes”!

    1. The driver’s keep asking for lighter cars, and it looks like F1 has finally responded!

    2. Sorry Tommy C, meant to make an original post, replied to you instead😝

  4. Finnish leader vows to prove sobriety with a simple test

  5. After hours of post-race debriefs and millions in R&D costs, Valtteri was pleased to see his request for dedicated red, green and blue shell buttons had finally been implemented.

  6. Live For Speed, back where it began for him I guess?

  7. The awkward moment when, even in in-game, Valtteri is only offered a one year contract.

  8. -“Woww, amazing! You can almost believe it’s real! What do you call this?”

    -“We call him Valtteri”

    1. Very good.

  9. This wheel reminds me, what did happen to that F1 Fanatic website?

  10. Ahhh, Rainbow Road, the Nordschleife of Mario Kart.

  11. Finally, no porpoising! Feels like the good old days guys,

  12. Where’s the invoke bowling ball mode button?

  13. Standing guy with praying hands:
    “What is he doing? He does Not need to Listen to James anymore!”

  14. If you want to succeed in F1 young man then you must pay attention to what the old timer is showing you.
    Not to what is behind you.

  15. “To whom it may concern – F…anatec you!”

  16. These coders got it very right. Even in the VR world, the Alfa understeers badly.

  17. On ‘easy’ mode I am way faster then Lewis.

  18. This Water Cannon simulator is awesome!

  19. “So this is how you guys beat lewis.”

  20. Longest straight on the calendar? Finland’s rally and with biggest jump too. Nicholas is feeling the pain at landing.

  21. So Valtteri… on this new green sim a recharge lap means you use the pedals to pedal – your pedaling powers the harvesting. Pedal harder!

  22. The boys didn’t take the sim session very seriously, however they paid much closer attention when the Neighbours finale appeared on the TV.

  23. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    21st August 2022, 11:16

    “Valtteri, it’s Jeff…”

  24. Tomasz: Wait for it!!1 Wait for it!!
    Zhou: Got General Tso’s chicken.
    Tomasz: I hope he ordered crab rangoon.
    Nicholas: I will pass.
    Zhou: It has no brocolli.
    Nicholas: I will have a plate.

  25. Zhou: ‘seriously, don’t pray for him…being upside down in real life is far worse than that…’

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