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Haas to run Giovinazzi in two practice sessions after Ferrari request

2022 F1 season

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Haas has accepted a request by its engine supplier Ferrari to run Antonio Giovinazzi in two practice sessions this year.

The former Alfa Romeo Formula 1 driver, who has just completed his first season in Formula E, will appear for Haas in first practice at his home event in Monza next month and again when the series visits the Circuit of the Americas in October.

In a new rule introduced this year, all teams must run a driver who has not participated in more than two grands prix during their career on at least two occasions in a practice session. As Giovinazzi does not fulfil this criteria, Haas’s regular race drivers will have to sit out two more practice sessions over the remaining nine rounds.

Giovinazzi previously drove for Haas in seven practice sessions during the 2017 season. Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said in a statement Ferrari was eager to ensure its reserve driver was prepared to take up the chance to drive for the team if needed.

“We’re happy to welcome Antonio Giovinazzi back to the team for the two FP1 outings,” he said. “Ferrari were keen to give Antonio some seat time in a current-spec Formula 1 car on a race weekend and we were naturally happy to assist.

“We enjoyed a similar situation back in 2017 with Antonio and Ferrari – the clear difference between then and now is the experience he’ll have gained competing for the previous three seasons in Formula 1 and the feedback he’ll be able to give us in Italy and America.”

Giovinazzi has driven Ferrari’s car in the team’s simulator but said he is keen to experience a real 2022 F1 car for the first time.

“Besides simulator driving it is important to test a true car and I can’t wait to put my suit and helmet back on. It’ll be an opportunity to get confident with the new generation cars – it’s the best way to be ready if I were called as reserve driver.”

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11 comments on “Haas to run Giovinazzi in two practice sessions after Ferrari request”

  1. End if the road for Mick?

    1. @Cronies Probably zero correlation & I’m still wholly confident he’ll continue.
      Should he leave Haas, he wouldn’t necessarily get replaced/succeeded by Gio (or Shwartzman), though, as Ferrari doesn’t have a say on their driver choices like they used to have with Alfa.
      I could even see Ricciardo at Haas in some scenarios or Drugovich.

      1. Drugovich bringing some good money makes more sense than Giovanazzi. I don’t think Riccardo would like to go to Haas.

        1. @Miane Agreed

  2. Probably a good move for both parties, for Haas – Someone who can correlate how the Ferrari is versus the Ferrari inspired Haas. Am I correct in thinking that Antonio is decent at constructive feedback? A new set of eyes and etc. maybe also a financial kickback for Haas?
    For Ferrari Keeps Antonio more track ready if he does need to step in (Covid, illness, injury etc) without taking track time away from Leclerc and Sainz. May bring some feedback and ideas back into Ferrari.

    1. @captainpie That would make a lot of sense. If Haas are remaining technically aligned with Ferrari, this is an interesting way of Haas being able to assess how their upgrades are working, assuming that’s what it is.
      Agreed on his reserve role as well – I think Giovinazzi would be a safer pair of hands than Schumacher if something were to happen to either Ferrari driver. Though Robert Shwartzman must be disappointed that he’s not really getting much of an opportunity to prove himself at all!

    2. Am I correct in thinking that Antonio is decent at constructive feedback?

      You’re spot on ! Gio has been known for his quality feedback and his ability to finetune Ferrari’s setup with his simulator work and help the team improve between practise sessions. That was obvious in the 2017 and 2018 seasons when he was Ferrari reserve driver.

      In the 2017 Hungarian GP, Ferrari were inconsistent in Friday and Gio stayed late till 2am in the simulator optimizing Ferrari set up which helped the team to secure the front row and a 1-2. I think this story broke because Vettel gave Gio credit for his work at the time if I’m not wrong.

  3. Maybe he has a better handle than Kevin on if Haas update is working.

    1. Perhaps, but more likely to be part of the price of the Ferrari engines.

      MAG is known in the paddock as being willing and capable of driving “unusual” setups and provide useful feedback. That was allegedly one of the primary reasons to take him back, according to a friend of mine with contacts at the team (he claims the team is indeed very pleased with him and his feedback)…

  4. Get some spare parts ready.

  5. This is great.
    Some spice, games / brinkmanship and with a bit of mystery, intrigue and of course, no end of discussion from those of us that know sooo little about the inner workings.
    Just what the end of summer break needed.

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