Updated F1 22 driver ratings moves Verstappen to top and Russell past Leclerc

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In the round-up: George Russell is rated higher than Charles Leclerc in the latest patch for the official F1 racing game.

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Russell moves ahead of Leclerc in latest F1 22 driver ratings

Two months since the original driver ratings for F1 22 were revealed, the game makers have updated the values for the 20 drivers. Among the notable changes in version 1.09 George Russell is now rated higher than Charles Leclerc while Max Verstappen has become the highest-rated driver in the field outright.

Developers Codemasters have lowered Leclerc’s rating from 92 overall to 91, with a one point reduction in awareness following his crash in the French Grand Prix and a three-point drop in his pace rating.

Russell has gained two in his rating to move to 92 overall, putting him as the third highest driver in the field behind Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, who is now rated as a 95 overall.

The latest F1 22 patch includes fixes to an automatic gearbox glitch that was introduced in an earlier patch and a fix to tyre temperatures being excessive cold for players who skip the formation lap. F1 22 will also officially launch crossplay functionality – permitting players to race against each others on different platforms – later this week.

Title F1 22 v1.09 F1 22 launch Change
Max Verstappen 95 94 +1
Lewis Hamilton 94 94
George Russell 92 90 +2
Charles Leclerc 91 92 -1
Lando Norris 90 90
Fernando Alonso 89 89
Sergio Perez 88 88
Carlos Sainz Jnr 88 87 +1
Valtteri Bottas 86 88 -2
Sebastian Vettel 85 85
Daniel Ricciardo 84 83 +1
Esteban Ocon 82 83 -1
Pierre Gasly 82 84 -2
Alexander Albon 82 82
Kevin Magnussen 81 81
Lance Stroll 80 80
Mick Schumacher 79 77 +2
Yuki Tsunoda 76 78 -2
Zhou Guanyu 75 70 +5
Nicholas Latifi 69 70 -1

Ecclestone pleads not guilty in UK fraud case

Former FOM chief Bernie Ecclestone pleased not guilty at a magistrates court in Westminster to charges of fraud following an investigation by the British government tax office, the Guardian reports.

Ecclestone is charged with failing to declare a trust in Singapore worth £549m between 2013 and 2016, during which time he was still head of Formula 1 Management. He was granted unconditional bail and will appear at Southwark crown court on 19th September.

Zendeli steps in for banned Caldwell

Campos Racing have confirmed Lirim Zendeli will step into Oliver Caldwell’s seat for the Formula 2 round at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend.

Caldwell has been banned from participating in this weekend’s event after accruing 12 penalty points on his licence over the first ten rounds of the championship. He will be replaced by 22-year-old German driver Zendeli, who raced in last year’s F2 championship, before Caldwell returns the following weekend in Zandvoort.

“I’m very excited and happy to be racing a Formula 2 car again,” said Zendeli. “It’s been a year now since my last time in F2 and I’m looking forward to this experience.”

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Comment of the day

With Andretti announcing plans to build a multi-million dollar new racing headquarters in Indiana, @bernasaurus thinks it’s ludicrous that their potential entry into Formula 1 should even be in question at all…

Oh, just let them in already. I don’t believe in the ‘dilution fee’ at all. I think Minardi, Simtek, Forti et al, all brought something to the sport with ideas, jobs and opportunities. Many at the top now got there because of opportunities in very small teams. *Looking at you Newey and Brawn.

They might be successful. The facility looks like it might be better than a few current teams, perhaps that is the biggest threat? I think the idea that the current teams have a hegemony on entry might serve them in the short term, but in long run, I think the sport will suffer.

Andretti are clearly serious.

If I could run the 100m in 9.8 seconds, but couldn’t because I had to pay 10,000 to the other competitors because I might harm their earnings, I would ask whether you could call it a ‘sport’.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Innim and Tomas!

On this day in motorsport

  • 35 years ago today Didier Pironi died in a powerboat crash along with crew members Bernard Giroux and Jean-Claude Guenard. Pironi’s F1 career ended five years earlier after he suffered serious leg injuries in a crash at the Hockenheimring.

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12 comments on “Updated F1 22 driver ratings moves Verstappen to top and Russell past Leclerc”

  1. I have the same view on adding more teams now as i always have.

    That been that as long as a team can pay the entry free, Has the facilities to design/Build a car that meets the regulations & crash tests, Can find an engine supply as well Sponsors, staff and drivers then they should be allowed an entry. I’d also allow single car teams.

    Cap the grid at 26 cars but if more than 13 teams turn up then those outside of the top 26 after combining the fastest laps from FP1/FP2 have failed to qualify.

    As COTD points out. More teams gives more opportunities for people to get there feet in the door and gain experience and i can only see that as a positive.

    1. 26 is already the upper limit & has been for a while, but I’m perfectly okay with ten teams/20 drivers on the grid.
      A perfectly high amount for proper racing anyway. @stefmeister

    2. I don’t have a problem with the anti dilution entry franchise fee.
      And $200M is nothing if you compare to what investors are willing to pay for a rugby team (American Football).

      But if you charge this fee then there should be a limit (13 teams) and all guaranteed entry to race (if they hit the 107%).

  2. Updated F1 22 ratings…
    Ricciardo gains a rating point while Ocon loses one ? Tosh !!

    1. I think that is on a reaction from the drivers not actual standings otherwise Mick wouldn’t get +5 points.

    2. Despite from the changes the overall ranking looks rather well reflecting the field. I would just swap Leclerc for Hamilton.

      1. LoL, I would swap Max for Lewis as we all know after years of being told its the car not the driver ;-)

  3. Just a game, so I couldn’t care less about trivialities like driver ratings.

    I wonder if that waiter recognized Tsunoda.

    Perez would first need to start outscoring his teammate regularly to stand any chance, which is highly doubtful based on the trend thus far.
    Yes, anything’s generally possible in F1, & while a gap of 85 points (like 80) is mathematically overhaulable in nine races & one Sprint, realistically & effectively impossible on merit, so extraordinary circumstances would be necessary.

  4. Or how about being able to modify the driver rating through a text file like you could in plenty of old games (Gtr2, Icr2, I think Gp2 and Gp4, whilst Nr2003 was through an in game menu I think).

  5. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    23rd August 2022, 13:18

    I think this ranking is actually excellent. Verstappen tops the list given his performance over Perez and Leclerc and the fact that he’s leading the championship. I could give a point or two here and there especially for the drivers outside the top ten but it wouldn’t change things.

  6. Top story, headline story of the day is an add for a videogame. Great!

    1. Happens, when you run out of press conference snippets from Hungary :P

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