Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Spa-Francorchamps demonstration run, 2022

Verstappen first to test F1 car at renovated Spa circuit

2022 Belgian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen had the opportunity to explore the refreshed Spa-Francorchamps at the wheel of a Formula 1 car ahead of this weekend’s race at the Belgian track.

Extensive renovations have taken place at the circuit since last year’s grand prix. While the track layout remains unchanged, substantial sections of the track have been resurfaced, altering its grip level.

The run-off areas have been extended at several points on the high-speed circuit to contain crashes more safely, and gravel traps have replaced asphalt run-offs at La Source, Bruxelles and other corners.

The world champion and points leader lapped the circuit for a promotional video released by Red Bull today. He drove a Red Bull-Renault RB7, which Sebastian Vettel used to win the world championship in 2011, repainted in the team’s current livery.

“It’s my favourite track because there are a lot of fast corners and the elevation changes as well throughout the whole layout,” said Verstappen. “It’s just really amazing to drive.”

While the testing of current and recent cars is tightly restricted, F1 teams are permitted to run cars built to pre-2019 technical regulations with minimal limitations.

Pictures: Verstappen drives revised Spa track

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2022 Belgian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Verstappen first to test F1 car at renovated Spa circuit”

  1. Sure, give him another advantage! Where is the outrage :-)

    But more seriously, I just like to see this track. And I hope we get to see far more laps on it than we got last year. Oh, and we badly need the FIA and Liberty to understand that this track really IS special and belongs on the calendar for the next decade or so.

    1. Its not MB…. ;-)

    2. I like the video when he went the otherway around i think that would be epic.

    3. @bascb – “…we badly need the FIA and Liberty to understand that this track really IS special and belongs on the calendar for the next decade or so.”

      This is so true.

    4. The advantage is limited to the part of the track that was made available for the promo-shoot. All other remarks: 100% my thoughts too! The accountants seem to have the upper hand in all and every business decision nowadays. Short term gains are king and milk the customer for what it’s worth

  2. Some footage was uploaded yesterday as part of this video:

    1. Ah, that also makes clear why it wasn’t a problem (at all) they could only use part of the track as others mentioned (due to filming when it was still being constructed) @sjaakfoo, though the track is iconic enough that I could make out several bits :)

  3. Filming took place earlier this year as building work was still in progress during the running.

  4. I wish Red Bull would have a white livery for these older cars. The Red Bull cars are always quite beautiful in form; a true work of art. It is a shame the livery doesn’t let one see this beauty in pictures.

  5. Red Bull use a different livery every year??

    1. Different sponsors

  6. I wish they wouldn’t put current liveries on old cars, so irritating.

    1. If he’s driving Vettel’s car, I want it to look like Vettel’s car, not some weird low res 2022 car with a livery that doesn’t fit properly.

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