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French GP promoter aims for F1 return after 2023 on “rotation” deal

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The promoters of the French Grand Prix have acknowledged the race will not feature on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar but hope it can return in subsequent seasons.

The event at the Paul Ricard circuit returned to the F1 calendar in 2018 after a 28-year absence. However its place on next year’s schedule has been in doubt as additional races in Las Vegas and Qatar will take place, and a further new event in South Africa is also under consideration.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali spoke at length to media including RaceFans yesterday about potential changes to the 2023 schedule, indicating the French race will not take place next year.

“We are talking with the French Federation and with the government because, as you know, more and more the future of Formula 1 also is related to promoters that see that as investment for the country, for the community,” he said. “So the discussions are very, very open for a great future.

“As you know, a possibility – not next year but in the future – could be also to find a sort of rotational proposition that could enable everyone to be part of the calendar, because I think is a matter of respect.”

The French Grand Prix promoter issued a statement acknowledging Domenicali’s remarks. “The Formula 1 French Grand Prix takes note of recent statements made by Stefano Domenicali, president of Formula 1, regarding its absence from the calendar for the 2023 season,” it said.

The promoter indicated it is open to sharing its slot on the calendar with another race. This could involve the Monaco or Belgian grands prix, both of which are also due to renew their contracts.

“After the great success of its 2022 edition, the French Grand Prix, Formula 1 and all the stakeholders of the grand prix continue to work together on the presence of this event in the calendar in the years to come, and in particular on a rotation system,” continued the statement.

“The Formula 1 French Grand Prix would like to thank its clients, all the administrators of its GP, the Circuit Paul Ricard and all its partners, for their unfailing support.”

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10 comments on “French GP promoter aims for F1 return after 2023 on “rotation” deal”

  1. How could a rotational format necessary be viable for Monaco, though, given the track is temporary?

    1. They could easily rotate Monaco with F1 one year, FE the next. They previously alternated FE with the Monaco Classic. Work it right and Monaco temp setup still has 2 events per year.

      1. @eurobrun I meant economical viability, which is more critical for temporary circuits.

        1. I still think having FE both years and F1 alternating with the classic is still economically viable for a rich principality thar currently pays no hosting fees.

        2. Monaco is one of those tracks who doesn’t pay any fees for hosting a Grandprix.

  2. It is not yet confirmed but I’m not ready for F1 without Monaco.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      25th August 2022, 15:40

      Same but I’d be quite happy with Monaco every other year…. It’s exciting to see them qualify there but it’s very much a “special attraction” instead of a proper race. Every other year would allow it to feel more special when they go back there. Rotate it with the French GP and then you’ve effectively got a GP in (or extremely near to) France every year.

      I’d certainly prefer to lose Monaco than Spa!

      1. I’d also prefer to lose monaco than spa but wouldn’t like to lose either tbh.

  3. The way things are going, I could easily see a lot of rotational races with circuits only getting a GP every other year. However the main issue Liberty will have is finding 46 circuits so they aren’t seen as favouring some circuits over others.

  4. Rotate it with Spain so we’re forced to have only one dull race per year (or can them both)

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