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No repeat of Belgian GP wash-out expected but Friday could see rain

2022 Belgian Grand Prix weather

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After last year’s Belgian Grand Prix was washed out due persistent heavy rain, fans attending the Spa-Francorchamps circuit this weekend should get to enjoy an actual race this year.

However, there is a strong risk that the opening practice sessions on Friday will be held in wet conditions. Local meteorology reports predict rain will fall over the seven-kilometre circuit during tomorrow’s opening day of track running.

Friday’s first practice session is scheduled for 2pm local time, which will put in the centre of expected rain showers that should begin just after midday. There is just under an 80% risk of rain to be falling when the green light illuminates at the end of the pit lane for first practice, with rain gradually decreasing in volume until second practice begins at 5pm local time.

The rainy conditions may not be appreciated by Liam Lawson, who is due to make his debut in an F1 practice session for AlphaTauri, driving Pierre Gasly’s car.

On Saturday, conditions should be dry and largely sunny for third practice and qualifying, with minimal risk of rain expected. Temperatures will only be mild for August, however, with the mercury hovering under 20C through qualifying day.

The weekend weather is predicted to be at its best for race day. That will come as a relief not just to teams and drivers but likely the fans and race organisers too, as last year’s race was abandoned after a persistent downpour meant just three laps were completed, all behind the Safety Car.

Forecasts expect that conditions will be near perfect for the start of the 44-lap grand prix, with ambient temperature reaching 20C when the cars line up the grid for the start. There is no rain expected for Sunday, meaning that the earlier FIA Formula 3 and F2 races should also be completely dry throughout.

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For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on RaceFans Live and the RaceFans Twitter account.

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5 comments on “No repeat of Belgian GP wash-out expected but Friday could see rain”

  1. @WillWood
    What are the rules regarding the 2x FP1 Junior driver runs in terms of FP1 getting rained off?
    Would AlphaTauri have ticked off 1 of the obligatory 2 junior runs if the driver is declared, sat in the car, but unable to participate?
    Or would they need to reschedule?
    Could see it as a back door for teams who don’t want to give up an FP1 to get off lightly.

    1. @eurobrun My understanding of the regulations is that as they need to declare that a driver will step in for an FP1 at least seven days beforehand, they will be considered to have satisfied the requirement even if the session doesn’t happen or the driver cannot run.

      It also means you can’t just snipe a younger driver into a monsoon affected FP1 just to claim you’ve satisfied the requirement.

      32.4 C)
      On one (1) occasion during the Championship, for each car entered for the Championship, each Competitor must use a driver who has not participated in more than two (2) Championship races in their career. Each Competitor must advise the FIA in writing seven (7) days prior to the start of the relevant Competition with the details of the driver that they will use.

      1. Cheer @WillWood
        Glad to see they’ve already considered my loophole 😄
        Fingers crossed for Lawson he gets a decent crack at a session!

  2. Good news.

  3. Awesome, possibly the last race at a classic wet track and no rain (sarcasm ofc).

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