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Spa in line for one-year contract extension to bring F1 back in 2023

2022 Belgian Grand Prix

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The at-risk Belgian Grand Prix looks likely to gain a late reprieve and claim a place on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar.

The race at Spa-Francorchamps has been in danger of disappearing off the schedule after this year’s running due to the addition of new events and return of former venues in 2023. Events in Las Vegas, China, Qatar and South Africa are among those expected or confirmed to be added next year.

The Belgian Grand Prix promoters are close to agreeing a deal for F1 to return in 2023, RaceFans understands from a source with knowledge of the situation. However while this year’s race was the first after the summer shutdown, a 2023 event is expected to take place before the break.

Speaking ahead of the race weekend, Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali indicated Spa could stay on the calendar next year. “Discussions are still on,” he told media including RaceFans. “We are in Spa this weekend so you will see them a lot of time in my office.”

A race at Spa is likely to be one among a record-breaking 24-race schedule in 2023 as new additions to the schedule push the calendar to the maximum limit agreed between F1 and the teams.

A space for it is expected to arise as South Africa’s return to the calendar is unlikely to go ahead next year. F1 has not yet agreed terms with the promoter, and with time running out to renovate the Kyalami circuit to bring it up to the necessary FIA grade one standards, its return is now expected to go ahead in 2024.

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2022 Belgian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “Spa in line for one-year contract extension to bring F1 back in 2023”

  1. This makes me happy. I just wish it wasn’t a one year only reprieve – I could watch any car lap Spa, I think it’s a thing of beauty and worth holding on to. I don’t see another on the calendar quite like it, and certainly none of the ones on the horizon look like worthy successor.

    I’ve never heard a driver say they don’t like Spa.

  2. So offering just a one year extension for one of the older tracks on the calendar, thinking its unable to compete with the new generation despite results, and with a new young prospect in the wings to take it’s place…

    I swear I’ve heard a similar story somewhere…
    Stroll to buy Spa?

  3. I love this track. A reprieve like this makes so much sense.

  4. This is the ONE F1 track I want to go to and given the dicey-ness that Liberty is creating for the historic tracks, I may have to go next year or otherwise I will be stick going during a GT race (not the worse thing for sure). Would prefer F1 so hopefully they negotiate and extend it for the decades to come!

  5. Brundle said that the talk in the paddock is a 1 year extension with it having to alternate with another race after that.

    He also said that he doesn’t think the alternating arrangement makes any sense from a financial standpoint given how much revenue the circuit owners will lose every other year and how reliant it is on that revenue.

    He said when he was part of the BRDC board and Silverstone were facing a similar situation they found it was simply not financially viable to do so and that it will be the same with Spa which is why they are reluctant to do so.

  6. Just as I’ve assumed, but holding the Belgian pre-summer break would be slightly weird.
    Presumably, this would mean the penultimate event pre-break, i.e., seven days before the Hungarian GP like French GP this season.

  7. Just one of the greatest racing circuits. The drivers love it, the fans loved so this is good news!

  8. Absolutely necessary. While Silverstone may offer better racing, seeing the cars drive around Spa-Francorchamps is matched only by Suzuka. These are exactly the tracks these high-powered and high-downforce cars were made or.

  9. Spa isn’t the challenge it used to be – the cars have outgrown this place too.
    I’m really not that fussed about where they go – as long as they put on interesting, competitive and entertaining races.
    If Spa becomes an every-other-year event, then so be it. I won’t be upset.

    Can’t say I ever thought that the German GP suffered when it alternated venues either (from a viewer standpoint) as the variety from year to year was actually really refreshing. A new challenge each season, and IMO, the more challenging the series is for the competitors, the better.

  10. Expand the schedule to a ridiculous 24 races but still don’t have enough room for classic tracks like Spa? What a joke

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