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“Nice to know how he feels about me” says Hamilton as Alonso calls him “idiot” over crash

2022 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said he took responsibility for his collision with Fernando Alonso because “that’s what adults do” after his rival branded him an “idiot” for their collision.

The Mercedes driver retired after the pair tangled on the first lap of the race. “What an idiot,” Alonso exclaimed on his radio. “Closed the door from the outside. I mean, we had a mega start but this guy only knows how to drive starting first.”

Told of Alonso’s furious exclamation, Hamilton told media including RaceFans: “I don’t really have a response to it. I know that’s how things feel in the heat the moment.

“But it’s nice to know how he feels about me in a way, better that it’s out in the open, how he feels. Like I said, it wasn’t intentional and I take responsibility for it. That’s what adults do.”

Hamilton said he had no intention to discuss the incident with his rival. “I mean, I would have until I heard what he said.”

The Mercedes driver made it clear the collision was “definitely my fault.”

“So it’s unfortunate,” he continued. “I mean, it’s motor racing, I gave it everything. I tried to overtake on the outside into turn five. Just didn’t leave quite enough space and I paid the price for it. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened.”

Speaking immediately after his retirement, Hamilton told Sky that Alonso was “in my blind spot and I didn’t leave him enough space” when they made contact.

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2022 Belgian Grand Prix

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123 comments on ““Nice to know how he feels about me” says Hamilton as Alonso calls him “idiot” over crash”

  1. Well, that all sounds very good and appropriate.

    1. The media will make a huge deal out of this, and the usual suspects will eat it up.

      The reality is that these things are said in the heat of the moment. Worst things have been said. But because it was Alonso talking about Lewis, it has to be a huge deal.

      1. Agreed, the Media are alway lookiing to make capital out of these incidents, it sells.

        Alonso in the heat of the moment was relatively mild in his comments, perhaps voicing those comment to make the point he was not to blaim. That’s no reason to hold Alonso to those comments, or to try and make more out of that momentary reaction.

        ‘It was a racing incident’, that’s Alonso after the race, He’s already moved on.

      2. Maybe so but I loved it!

    2. It was a disgusting ridicules comment from bitter alonso aside(Lewis was ahead but Alonso only goes full attack mode when its Lewis. ) who cant let being beaten by Lewis in 2007 and living rent free 15 years later.

      1. Alonso’s comment is probably more referred to the massive difference in quality of the cars they had after, I mean, he’s no worse than hamilton but has 2 vs 7 titles because of that.

        1. Two-thirds of Alonso’s bad cars are a result of his own machinations which have lumped him in bad cars at the worst times.

          1. Notwithstanding what esploratore said, which I agree to in terms of driving skills, on the political arena he did have his share in ending up in these cars.

      2. You should apply to be a Race Steward. You obviously think you know better than them.

      3. I has nothing to do with this particular incident, but in 2007 they finished with an equal points tally, so inconclusive at best

  2. Well, Alonso is right

    1. Maybe Alonso needs reminding about not changing line under braking, among several things about his driving this year that have been questionable. I’m sure someone could put it to him more politely than he speaks about others, too.

    2. He was right about Lewis being at fault for the collision. Everything else he said is just regrettable bad sportsmanship and lack of respect.

  3. What Alonso should say??
    After 7.titles,100+wins and with a rookie move like that??
    What should he say mr.sir Hamilton?

  4. Tell me your bitter without telling me your bitter Alonso. Hamilton was totally at fault and I think he was lucky to avoid a grid drop but Alonso continues to show why I dislike him. Great driver with a terrible personality.

    1. Jelle van der Meer (@)
      28th August 2022, 15:53

      1000% agree with your take on the incident, Lewis once again escaping penaties and Alonso description.

      1. Hamilton didn’t avoid a penalty– he was booted out of the race, and didn’t do any meaningful damage to Alonso’s car.

        “No further action” used to be separate from “a racing incident”– a racing incident meant that things happened, because it’s racing. No further action meant the driver at fault was sufficiently penalized by his own actions.

        I’m OK with that.

        1. Yes, same, it would be excessive to give hamilton a further penalty when he lost at least a 4th place, if not 3rd, considering he had been faster than russell up until that point and how close russell got to sainz towards the end.

    2. Agree. Hamilton’s fault but the comments show what kind of person Alonso is.

    3. So LH never used harsh words in heat of the moment towards other driver? Give me a brake.

      1. Jelle van der Meer (@)
        28th August 2022, 16:00

        Well Hamilton is same as Alonso great driver but not the greatest personality, better than Alonso but still crappy certainly when things are not going his way.
        All that time with Toto has not improved Lewis personality.

        1. In fact lewis is worst… I remember him calling max a d..head for an incident that I think wasn’t even related to him, while being in the cool down room

          1. Well, in fact, dikhead is a compliment for max.

      2. You really want me to go through every driver and the heat of the moments comments. I get heat of the moment comments but this was beyond that, so give me a break with your judgmental comment.

        1. Itsmeagain (@)
          28th August 2022, 16:05

          Yes, great to see you didn’t judge Alonso…..

        2. Hamilton and Verstappen called each other idiot on different occasions. Verstappen on track and Hamilton post race /pre award ceremony. Not really an ‘in the heat of the moment’ moment anymore. So if you think Alonso comments were unheard for….

          Just take Alonso’s comments as with a big pinch of salt and not so serious. Alonso’s comments are always meant for hyping himself not to disrespect others.

      3. Rarely. VERY rarely. Even when he does complain about a driver, it’s usually not full of personal insults.

        Alonso is obviously still annoyed that Hamilton derailed his championship in 2007.

        1. I don’t get it, the reference to “only being able to drive starting first” is clearly about the dominant era, he’s complaining about the car hamilton had over the years, not certainly 2007.

      4. You can take a clutch as well.

    4. Itsmeagain (@)
      28th August 2022, 16:03

      Yes,… the personality Lewis is much better. Never give hint about the driving styles of other drivers or insinuating the legality of their cars ;)

      1. Another ridiculous comment I see

        1. Itsmeagain (@)
          28th August 2022, 16:43

          Yes, ridiculous,… or didn’t it suit your opinion. Lewis may not shout in such a way on the boardradio but the whole world can read his hilarious mindgames. It is no coincidence that he and Toto are often called ‘hypocrite’. I’m just saying….

          1. its always just the likes of you, calling them hypocrite and other things. usual biased anti fan

          2. Got nothing to do with my opinion and more the fact your comment history shows you dislike Hamilton/Toto/MB which is fine as I don’t particularly like them either. Turning each comment to suit your own opinion in them is what irritates me and will ignore future comments from yourself.

    5. @rob8k this is why I despise Alonso, he is a bitter old washed up driver (caused the Oscar Piastri fiasco by not vacating the seat at the end of last season) with an axe to grind with Lewis .

      For sure He would never defend into the corner as hard if it was any other driver but when it comes to lewis he would block at all cost or drive him of the track (Hungary 2021)

      Basically alonso is “dog whistling” saying Lewis is untalented affirmative action hire and only can ‘race’ when he starts on pole with a rocketship car, bias British woke media plus british based team to conspire his wins.. remember this drama all started all the way back in 2007 during his disaster first stint at McLaren racing with Lewis which prompted a massive media hatred campaign in spain and the racist abuse Lewis got from Spanish fans weaponizing the Spanish fans against him

      Lewis now gets a watered down version of abuse from max’s orange army as as seen this weekend when you heard he fans boo him when he drove past and cheered when he DNF..

      The biggest problem I have with Lewis is that he never asserts himself when wronged like MS, Senna, Hunt etc as he does not justify ANY abuse from fans and disgusting disrespect from other competitors but if he does nothing about it apart from pointless political gestures and toothless insta posts.

      1. I don’t think he is washed up, maybe not as fast but he still has the talent to be on the grid. He may not be a driver I like but I still like to have him on the grid cause he has shown he can race amongst the best.

      2. True that senna and schumacher took it out more on their opponents when wronged, it was an interesting side of them.

  5. At this point, Hamilton knows Alonso just wants to hold up everyone except Verstappen behind him. Hamilton must have feared his straightline speed this race, but Russell showed that it was not a big problem.

    1. Except the “except Verstappen” that’s the point of going racing, isn’t it? :p

  6. Jelle van der Meer (@)
    28th August 2022, 15:52

    Lewis was an idiot crashing into Alonso like he did.
    Credits to Lewis for admitting it was his fault, making it very obvious that the stewards failed once again punishing a driver for causing a collision.

  7. Racing incident, but more Hamilton’s fault.

    1. Clearly and admittedly Hamilton’s fault, but the stewards were lenient probably because it was during the first lap, otherwise a time penalty would have been applied, or a grid drop for the next race.

  8. Surprised Hamilton wasn’t investigated for parking his car in the run off of one of the fastest corners on the calendar. Perhaps Mercedes privately convinced the stewards there was a very good reason not to just park alongside the track at a marshal post.

    As for the incident at Les Combes; obviously Hamilton has to say what he said. He tried to make Alonso back out by blocking the inside, and Alonso isn’t having any of it. Not sure what Hamilton was thinking. It’s Alonso. Of course he’s not going to back out. Avoidable incident that was indeed 100% his fault.

    1. Nobody, not even Hamilton, is arguing who’s fail it was.

    2. I thought that was weird too. Perhaps he was trying to get back to the pits and that’s just where it conked out.

  9. The 7-time world champion once again fails to overtake on the outside.

    Now he will use this situation to hit back at Alonso by referring to comments made immediately after the incident by the Spaniard

  10. Alonso should have let him go. Lewis was way ahead and clearly had the corner. If they were racing 10 laps in this wouldn’t have happened.

    1. Lots of defenses (as per Alonso’s) are successful at that corner sequence, as the overtaker is compromised at the following left-hander.
      If it were on another lap, I’d still expect Alonso to fight for it. Because that’s what racing drivers do.

    2. Stop watching motor racing, @paulipedia , it’s a waste of your time

    3. Itsmeagain (@)
      28th August 2022, 16:06

      I hope you are cynical

      1. learn to respecr other opinions than your biased one

        1. Itsmeagain (@)
          30th August 2022, 20:04

          Oh dear @romtrain. When did you ever comment in a respectfull way about RB/max or supporters of the sport who sees the craftsmanship of Lewis but dislikes the hilarious fans of him? Luckily we can all read you unbased comments. Like this comment up: a person who creates his/her truth (lewis wasn’t never in front of Alonso). Just like you: creating your own truth (perez was one race in the last 20 races quicker, and mister romtram is commenting Max’s teammate is way quicker. I do respect every opinion as long as facts are not turned into alternative facts.

    4. You mean like when Verstappen came barreling up behind Alonso, and he just got out of the way?

      1. You mean when Verstappen had DRS ? didn’t you watch Qatar last year when he defended Verstappen on lap 1?

    5. Or Hamilton should have matched the pace of Alonso, having got so that his fronts tires were just in front, he could have driven the corner in sync with Alonso, he didn’t have to accelerate just then. Now that would have been the move of a GOAT. Next time perhaps.

    6. No it wouldn’t. He probably would have breezed past with DRS… but I wholeheartedly disagree. No way Fernando is giving up a corner side by side.

    7. He lets Hamilton go by lifting up and he gets passed by a few other cars right there. Hamilton did the same thing to max last year and then doubled down this year by saying how nice it was to race Lecrec as he gave him room when every video did max actually gave him more room the year prior. Hamilton is like Lebron James. Great at what he does, good person overall, but gets in his own way.

  11. Really poor form from the Sky person trying to get a reaction from Hamilton. That’s really cheap tabloid stuff. What’s worse is she was very likely told to ask a provocative question for a clickbait headline.

  12. I know that’s how things feel in the heat the moment.

    Ah, so you understand that adrenaline talks…

    I mean, I would have (discussed it with Alonso) until I heard what he said

    Hmm… You forgot already…

    1. Hamilton is not an idiot, if that’s what you expect him to be. It’s clear that Alonso vented his true thoughts in the heat of the moment. Outside he wouldn’t have said what he truly thinks.

      1. Hamilton did do something idiotic, so Alonso isn’t completely incorrect, André.
        And let’s face it, there isn’t a single person other than Alonso himself who knows how Alonso truly feels about Hamilton.
        Words blurted in frustration in the heat of the moment under the pressure of adrenaline is hardly ever the perfect ‘truth.’

        You are right, outside and afterwards Alonso didn’t say that. He said it was just an outburst of frustration in the heat of the moment. Nothing more to say about it.

        But it’s okay, you and lots of other people here know better, don’t you. We can all be personal psychologists from afar if we want to be.

  13. With reactions such as Fernando’s, I often wonder whether drivers have a reaction cooked up for some drivers just in case they so happen to come together. Like, surely you’re not coming up with this on the fly: it’s deep down there somewhere waiting for the perfect moment to be released.

    Gasly had one on Ocon a few years ago, K-Mag and Grosjean was also good when it came to pre-thought out rants.

    1. @duuxdeluxe I agree, there’s a mixture of adrenaline and pre-calculation in Alonso’s remarks.

  14. The similarity between this incident and Magnussen’s previous (practically identical) moves is uncanny.

    1. True, I remember that, hamilton was on alonso’s side in that case.

  15. I am sure that in their twilight years these two will sit together and share a glass of wine whilst reminiscing about the old days … perhaps.

    1. Don’t think so. They’ve spent only one year together. Epic but short. From then they never really faced each other on track (in terms of championship fight). I think in the future Alonso has much more to discuss with Vettel – maybe his biggest nightmare he still can’t forget. Same for Hamilton and Rosberg.

  16. Truth hurts for the British fans. Alonso has a legitimate point 😂 Hamilton’s time is over.

    1. Itsmeagain (@)
      28th August 2022, 16:09

      The time will start that ‘their’ media and fans will tell us F1 is getting boring with such a fast car….

    2. How are you enjoying this ‘British’ website, which posts its articles in English?

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        29th August 2022, 1:14

        @sonnycrockett good one:

  17. Fernando should look at his driving, like why he was driving so hard on lap 1 he changes his line under braking to try and Squeeze Lewis on the outside, then whines when Lewis gives him a similar amount of space on the inside.

    Contact was down to Lewis much more than Fernando, but more intelligent driving from Fernando would have avoided any potential for contact in the first place.

    1. Ah – the old ‘racing against Verstappen’ approach, where the only thing a competitor should do is give up and get out of the way….
      Alonso did absolutely nothing wrong here.

      He was driving so hard on lap 1 because the race had just started…

    2. Oh, and I suggest you look at a replay. Alonso moved to defend a long way before the braking zone.

      1. Aah I must have missed the rule allowing more than 1 change of line going into a corner when battling another car. My understanding was that you’re allowed 1 change, then you hold that line which he very much didn’t do.

        1. Yes it seems that you have missed the rule that allows one direction change for defending and another change to return to racing line before the corner

    3. Mark in Florida
      29th August 2022, 0:20

      (@mysticarl) I think you need to rewatch the race highlights again . Alonso was already in the corner when Lewis came up. Alonso moved all the way to the inside completely up on the curve. That was the first thing that was noted by the tv commentators. Even they wondered why Lewis tried to squeeze him like that when he was giving as much room as he could. Lewis could have driven to the outside but chose a rookie cut off move that had no chance of success. I believe that’s why Alonso was so hot, not because it was Lewis but because of the quality of the move that had zero chance of success. This move reminded me of how Lewis used to drive against Nico. I guess old habits die hard, but sometimes end in tears.

  18. Ok, Nandito was dead right to be fuming, but his bitterness got the better of him big time. Even so, bothering Hamilton with this in the heat of the incident was low. Props to him for not taking the seduce.

    1. good on lewis for not taking the bait

  19. Alonso said very similar things about Vettel in the past. As if blaming them for winning too much.
    Funny personality, great driver, but classless as it gets.

    As if he would not trade all his supposedly superior racecraft for the achievements this two inferior drivers achieve tha far surpass his.

    1. He has a point with both, they had dominant cars, he didn’t, hamilton more so than vettel.

      1. He didn’t because he’s toxic. He could, and should, have been the one to dominate right after Michael.

        But burned bridges with Mclaren (only came back because both had no better option and because Honda wanted him), Ferrari, and i bet he’s never competing with Honda power again in his life. He can’t complain about bad luck or bad timing. He made his bad luck.

  20. Lewis had the slip-stream pace to try the pass, but he was aggressive in closing Alonso off and, really, should not be expecting Alonso of all drivers to be letting him breeze past for free. Misjudged by Hamilton in both senses – the space available and the driver reaction, which isn’t like him. That suggests a personal edge for Hamilton too. Alonso’s response was understandable to a point but his assessment similarly skewed. Hamilton knows how to drive down the grid more than most. If he was over-aggressive against Alonso, it says more about what he thinks of racing Alonso. The bitter edge in FA’s remarks really are no surprise. As ever, he just remined everyone that (a) Hamilton beat him when they were team matres and (b) if Alonso hasn’t been at the front enough, that’s down to his own poor choices. Still a good driver.

    1. Alonso is so obviously bitter against these guys is not even funny. After being 2X WDC at age 25, he was to be the next best thing. The older folks remember it well.
      But came Hamilton and Vettel, younger and much wiser with their career management (Alonso managed to be at odds with his own team even in ’06 when he won lol) and any hopes he ever had at true greatness vanished.

      He’s so bitter that Vettel even said he didn’t think Alonso liked him at all and Alonso had to come to public and apologize.

      Both he and Hamilton know what it is about. And they don’t seem to care. Different from Alonso, they did dominate, they have no “if”.

      1. I always found it strange that he was gonna leave a team he was successful with, but then in the end going to mclaren was the right choice given the performance of the cars in 2007, one of the rare right choices for alonso when it comes to teams.

  21. Spatial awareness is not Lewis’ biggest strenght.

    1. Their biggest strength is causing a shunt, totalling the other car and racing on unscathed. Did not work this time, though.

      1. @tony667 neither is a spellcheck for you and what you said was totally false because Lewis has the lowest crash per race ratio amongst any driver on the grid also I highly doubt he would be racing over 20 yeas without Spatial awareness..

        wow the most popular copypasta anti lewis spam on the internet:

        -whining about Lewis-Max contact at silverstone 2021

        congratulations showing your bigotry hyoko, Lewis is the only driver to make contact with another car in the history of F1(!)

        1. While I’m not criticising hamilton about this stuff, when you’re talking spatial awareness you shouldn’t forget that when you have a dominant car you’re often ahead and no one to battle with, so lack of racecraft isn’t as noticed, which is a bit what saved vettel in the red bull years and exposed him at ferrari in 2018.

        2. Neither is reading for you, never said he had no spatial awareness. Lewis is one of the best ever in F1, I just think he has other strengths (pace, leading the team, driving in the rain etc)
          As English is not my native language; What is or are yeas?

    2. Hamilton has made literally hundreds of passes in F1 without any problem, yet the only notable ones that anyone ever talks about, are with people who didn’t like him, envy’d him or held something against him (Massa, Rosberg and Alonso)

      1. Yep. Truer than true. Best one last year in Silverstone against Verstappen. A joy to watch. No wonder Toto Wolf and co had a happy celebration full of glamour.

        Give me a break!!

      2. Itsmeagain (@)
        30th August 2022, 21:00

        Yep, he doesn’t make very often accidents. But still there are more than you probably think. Ask for Albon

  22. It was a dumb move by Lewis; I know Alonso was in his blind spot but he didn’t need to sweep across so quickly; Alonso was always going to be there or thereabouts and it was always going to come off worse for the driver on the outside.

    1. At least he very quickly admitted it was his own fault. Alonso’s comments were unnecessary but every driver vents angrily in the heat of the moment.

      1. Yea, I agree with ALO but such things are better left unsaid

  23. Hamilton calling backmarkers “monkeys at the back” for no reason = Hamilton good
    Alonso calling Hamilton “an idiot” after collision which was 100% Hamilton’s fault = Alonso BAD

  24. Reading the above comments I can’t fail to notice a lot of people think Alonso was at fault while the stewards regarded it was a 1st lap incident (and explained Alonso did nothing wrong) and Hamilton took responsibility for the incident…

    Did you guys watch an alternative facts gp?

    1. ‘1st lap incident’ is as insulting as his ‘predominantly at fault’ decision last year at Copse. It gives his troll fans fuel to blindly argue that the other driver turned in on him or left no space, which in both cases he got plenty of space yet still crashed into them.
      At least he was man enough to hold his hand up this time, so respect to him for that.

  25. Lots of people here forgetting that Alonso’s comments were made in the heat of the moment and Hamilton’s much later when he had time to reflect…Not saying either of them is right, but two world champions should know better with regard to driving and showing emotion.

    1. To call Hamilton an idiot was in the heat of the moment, but the little jab at his skills wasn’t.

      That’s him just being slimy and letting loose some feelings everyone who saw his career fading little by little knows that are there.

      Just as him saying he’s racing against Adrian Newey, completely disregarding Vettel’s skills.

      1. Nikos (@exeviolthor)
        30th August 2022, 7:15

        The little jab at his skills was also in the heat of the moment.

  26. My biggest take away is that Lewis has a blind spot where there shouldn’t be one. I wonder if the FIA will start to consider just how useful the mirrors are and finally make a move to cameras.

    1. Even more important, the FIA should consider Lewis admitting has doesn’t have the spacial awareness to race in an F1 field where he’s not out front alone … in effect proving that Alonso was 100% correct in his assessment.
      Having no awareness of the other cars around you should throw into question suitability for a “super license”, especially when you have just pulled up level with the other car and are fully aware it is there. It’s not like Alonso came from behind and was in Lewis’ ‘blind spot’.

      1. My God how i wish i could take back the time i spent reading this BS.

  27. @velocity best comment.very objective and exactly what the fia needs to look into. The technology is there.

  28. Hamilton is not a ‘Thinker‘ that’s for sure.
    Even a rookie in his/her first race knows you don’t pull that move from the outside.

  29. Lewis was at fault and was a little lucky not to get a penalty BUT Alonso’s comments were pathetic and say more about him than they do Hamilton.

    I used to rank Fernando as one of my favourite drivers. He still has huge talent but I’ve grown weary of his ‘personality’. Plus, anyone that spends most of their career associated with Flávio Briatore clearly has serious judgement flaws!

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th August 2022, 1:18

      @sonnycrockett true same here. I can understand his frustration but he should retract this statement, it belittles him.

  30. Not taking sides but “only being able to drive starting first” …

    Brazil 2021

  31. “that’s what adults do” … says the guy who sulked for 3 months when he lost.


    1. How did he sulk? He went quiet on social media and didn’t say anything? Damned if he does; damned if he doesn’t. Ridiculous!

    2. Lost?

      That’s the one thing he did not do…

      As you well know – it was taken by an incompetent Race Director across the final three races.

      And when that did not work, it was stolen by inventing new rules.

      Lost my backside

  32. some racing fan
    28th August 2022, 22:21

    I don’t think people should be so harsh towards
    or overthink the first part of Alonso’s comments (“what an idiot”) considering it was in the heat of the moment at the best overtaking point on the circuit. Some drivers are just like that in situations like that- Alonso has a history of that.
    But the second part of his comment- the “he only ever starts from 1st” is a pretty lousy thing to say and was clearly malicious.

  33. Disrespect against Hamilton is just sad and unfair. World Champion, world-class athlete, extremely talented driver, hugely experienced professional and takes such a low dig on one of the sport’s greatest?(based on facts, not opinion). Those things come back at you one day Fernando…

    1. Perfect description of the move. Thanks Fernando.

    2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th August 2022, 1:20

      @petrucci he should apologize… hopefully, he will

      1. He’s nothing to apologse for. Hamilton does indeed struggle with hes not starting from pole with a clearly dominant car.

        He’s tangled with many drivers over the years due to poorly timed overtake attempts. Silverstone being his most serious mistake to date, these incidents have been consistent every year he’s been in F1, not saying he’s at Grosjean levels but it’s not far off.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          29th August 2022, 13:28

          Lol, that’s a good one. So, pray tell, what was Mark Knopfler’s response when you offered him a guitar lesson?

          1. Itsmeagain (@)
            30th August 2022, 21:19

            ‘I can’t afford your lessons’ he said. So Mark went to Jan Akkerman.

  34. Harsh but accurate

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