Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Circuit Zandvoort, 2022

2022 Dutch Grand Prix grid

2022 Dutch Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has taken pole position for the Dutch Grand Prix for Red Bull ahead of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr.

Row 11. (1) Max Verstappen 1’10.342
Red Bull RB18
2. (16) Charles Leclerc 1’10.363
Ferrari F1-75
Row 23. (55) Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’10.434
Ferrari F1-75
4. (44) Lewis Hamilton 1’10.648
Mercedes W13
Row 35. (11) Sergio Perez 1’11.077
Red Bull RB18
6. (63) George Russell 1’11.147
Mercedes W13
Row 47. (4) Lando Norris 1’11.174
McLaren-Mercedes MCL36
8. (47) Mick Schumacher 1’11.442
Haas-Ferrari VF-22
Row 59. (22) Yuki Tsunoda 1’12.556
AlphaTauri-Red Bull AT03
10. (18) Lance Stroll No time
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22
Row 611. (10) Pierre Gasly 1’11.512
AlphaTauri-Red Bull AT03
12. (31) Esteban Ocon 1’11.605
Alpine-Renault A522
Row 713. (14) Fernando Alonso 1’11.613
Alpine-Renault A522
14. (24) Zhou Guanyu 1’11.704
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C42
Row 815. (23) Alexander Albon 1’11.802
Williams-Mercedes FW44
16. (77) Valtteri Bottas 1’11.961
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C42
Row 917. (3) Daniel Ricciardo 1’12.081
McLaren-Mercedes MCL36
18. (20) Kevin Magnussen 1’12.319
Haas-Ferrari VF-22
Row 1019. (5) Sebastian Vettel 1’12.391
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22
20. (6) Nicholas Latifi 1’13.353
Williams-Mercedes FW44

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41 comments on “2022 Dutch Grand Prix grid”

  1. Max win incoming.

    1. With his main competition being the Ferraris, it’s safe to say 1 minute gap win incoming for Max.

      1. If Ferrari is their main opposition, eight teams are doing even worse.

      2. With weakling like Leclerc its going to be a snoozefest tomorrow.

    2. It will depend on tyre deg, 0.02 seconds between the top two is nothing.
      The RedBull and Ferrari have (apart from Spa) been no more than a couple of tenths away from each other all year on pace. It’s a real shame Ferrari have denied us so many battles like Bahrain and Jeddah with their incompetence.

  2. Hopefully they ban fans from this event in the future. If Verstappen fans can’t behave themselves they don’t belong at a race track. Pathetic flare throwing to try and influence the results.

    1. Should F1 also ban fans in England, Germany and China for repeated track invasions during the Grand Prix weekend?

      1. The people on the track at Silverstone weren’t fans, they were protestors and I doubt have any interest in F1 at all.

        1. That’s what I think about the flare-throwers too…

      2. Two completely different issues there Michael. The fact you’ve tried to compare the two makes no sense.

    2. I would expect one or two race interruptions tomorrow caused by flares.
      Some might say “it is just smoke.” The main issue is the canister/cartridge.
      Marko lost his eyes due to a peeble. Massa almost lost his with a small part falling from another car.
      Not wishing ill to VER, but a flares ruining his race – with a red/yellow flag or a puncture – seems to be the only way they stop throwing the thing on the track.

      1. For this year; by next year they’ll have forgotten.

  3. Not a great lap from Verstappen, but it’s all very on edge here which is good to watch. Leclerc also missed a corner in that middle sector that probably cost him pole. Pérez again disappointing, the gap to Verstappen is so big.

    Good to see the Mercedes so competitive here. If top teams are going to keep putting #2-drivers in their second of only two cars, the fans only benefit when there are more than two teams in the mix.

  4. Seems a select few Dutch fans can’t read or follow simple instructions. Kick anyone out with flares and make sure they aren’t allowed back in with no refunds.

    Must say it would have been very funny if the second one at the end of q3 resulted in another red flag preventing Max from getting Pole.

    FOM need to stop showing footage of them in the stands too.

    1. I get the feeling that they cut quite quickly from the shot with somebody holding a flare to grandstands where people were acting like normal human beings. Probably the director realising it wasn’t the best image to be showing.

  5. Dutch fans are the absolute worst. Zero dignity or respect.

  6. Don’t be surprised to see someone throw a flare tomorrow if Max needs it.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised either. At the same time I would be surprised if the people who throw those things are smart enough to get the timing right.

    2. Sad to say but you might just be right….
      A well-timed VSC could potentially be very useful.

  7. So annoying this situation with the flares. This is not a soccer match, accidents can happen and people can get hurt because of it.

    I like the track, it’s very unique on a calendar filled with parking lot circuits, but the organization needs to be tighter and avoid these situations in the near future.

  8. Edge was tough but overall a quick one.

  9. Great job Checo, well worth your salary, even if it was just the usual incompetence. Just how dumb are Dutch fans? Why are flares still allowed anywhere near a Formula 1 track? Expecting this calibre of fan to smarten up before an accident occurs is risible.

    1. Sorry, they are not allowed. Everyone knows that in zandvoort. People are immediately forced to leave the circuit.

    2. @david-br officially, those flares are meant to be banned from Zandvoort, as is the case at most tracks.

      In practice, however, it seems to be a similar situation to what happened in Austria – whilst saying that flares are banned, the circuit security has been rather lax and they seem to be largely relying on just asking people to hand the flares in at the entrance (which, as you have seen, is largely being ignored).

      What needs to be done is to enforce the bans that are already in place, because a complaint that’s been coming up quite a few times at other circuits is the lack of security staff to deal with the number of people coming in, which means security checks that should be taking place are largely being ignored.

  10. Had no previous opinion on Dutch fans. Now they may be my favorite fans in all of sports due to the sheer amount of hand wringing and sanctimonious judgment they illicit on this site. None of this is a big deal. Relax.

    1. That says a lot about you @spencer

      1. Here’s what it says. 99% of the commenters here have never been to a race, an overwhelming majority never will. With all of this in mind they continue to cast judgement on how countries outside of the UK choose to celebrate the sport. Remember as far as race disruptions go, on multiple occasions the British GP has been interrupted by people literally invading the track.

        1. That is the confusing part: you seem to comprehend that interrupting an event is bad, but when people complaining dutch fans interrupt the event, the dutch fans suddenly are the good guys.
          Igniting flares on the stand is obnoxious but kind of ok. Throwing them on the track is a hazard.
          But how knows, maybe the best fans in the worlt are those that create a hazard to the players/drivers.

        2. @spencer well for once, that puts me in the 1%. I’m from the UK, and I’ve been to the Belgian Grand Prix. I’m also a huge Verstappen fan, so you might think I’d be in favour of the behaviour of the Dutch “fans”. But you’d be wrong.

          Throw them all out, and ban them for life from all future FIA/FOM events

          1. So my first F1 race which I visited was in 1979 at Zandvoort. Now with a 100.000 plus fans at Zandfoort, two are doing stupid things. I also should be banned for life? I think your reaction is that of an emotional wreck.

        3. 99%, Quite a sweeping statement based on…nothing. My interactions however concludes me to believe quite a few commenting here travel to many events, at least a few here are directly associated with/ working in racing teams , and I myself have been quite open about my past as a volunteer in WRC events ( and should we ever get a international race on any track with proper management, I’ll happily unretire myself) but most importantly we are, Racefans. What debris on track does is stops the race. Doesn’t matter what the debris is.

    2. We’ve found one of the flare throwers….

      1. @s haha I think you’re right.

        The argument that flares are somehow so deeply embedded in Dutch history that we should allow idiotic behaviour is just tragic.

        If some Dutch fans are that simple they can’t watch a race and celebrate without flares then that’s a worry in itself.

        There’s no argument for it and celebrating childish and dangerous actions is pathetic.

    3. @spencer And you’ve obviously never driven competitively if you think throwing a flare on track mid-qualifying is ‘nothing much’. Or are you just enjoying getting all sanctimonious about people believing driver safety is kind of important?

  11. As an aside, if Latifi wasn’t a friendly English-speaking Canadian there’d be a lot more negative commentary about yet another very poor performance. He’s so far behind everyone that at some point Williams has to conclude that taking even more of his family’s millions can’t make up for the lack of sporting results and the financial consequences.

    1. Especially now they seem to have built a decent car, with which an average driver can get points.

  12. Flares are already officially banned. Now it’s time for the organisation to actually start policing their own rules. From what I understood the person who threw the first flare was quickly found and thrown out of the event.
    A missed opportunity for Max to address this stupid behaviour in the interview, though I’m sure his focus was elsewhere (and besides that I feel he’s still young to address a big crowd like that). Luckily the majority of the fans seems to behave well.

    Incredible recovery and lap from Verstappen. Nice to see a closer qualification session.

  13. If I was skeptical person I would say Red Bull have been sand bagging a little over the practice sessions…. Who am I trying to fool, I am a Verstappen fan and feel they have been sand bagging to a degree over the practice sessions.

    I’ve said the same over Lewis and Mercedes and it would be very bias to say anything different…

    All the same Verstappen did drive a superb Quali lap, however, there is no doubt that Checo’s spin may well have protected him. It could be a good race with Lewis potentially being out of position. I have zero doubt that Ferrari will mess their strategy again.

  14. With the sector 3 yellow flag, it is unsure how high up the Mercedes duo would be and Russell was on new soft tyres. Mick Schumacher and Yuki Tsunoda finally showing something encouraging. Not quite sure whether there is a genuine improvement in the Aston Martin car or these are just one off performances.

    1. This track seems to favor car control and handling, and not horsepower.

      I think next week will be back to normal.

      Seems like this track is more suited to go carts, just my opinion.

  15. Great P9 on the grid for underrated Yuki Tsunoda considering that the astroturfed haters say he’s washed up yet the same people that declare zhou the greatest rookie ever when he quali’s 14th..

    congratulations to carlos slim jr-jr aka sergio perez causing a spin destroying other drivers quali lap, I guess his job after spending a decade in F1 being mediocre is to only be a hindrance to the rest of the grid and guarantee wunderkind max wins, I wish RB did not need his mega millions paydriver money from telcel/caros slim and kick him out of the team and put Mick in the seat.

    Also shame on the farcical Dutch fans probably listening to too much gabber and smoking exotic plants causing a red flag by throwing flares on track and people like ‘crofty’ at sky sports enabling flare use in stands before feigning shock when people cross the line.. I am always anti flare because it someone can bring a flare to the circuit what would stop them bringing anything more dangerous to the track?

    FOM/Liberty media need to stop promoting and enabling this rave drama alert behaviour to increase engagement and clicks because all it does is bring more toxicity and sectarianism into the sport.

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