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Rate the race: 2022 Dutch Grand Prix

2022 Dutch Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Dutch Grand Prix.

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71 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 Dutch Grand Prix”

  1. The Zandvoort track is not fit for Formula 1.

    1. + 1. First comment and I agree.

    2. 10 races in Zandvoort are better than 1 race in Monaco

  2. Max is at his best now.

  3. Decent enough. Poor decision on safety car delay. That was damn dangerous

  4. Race denied by VSC

    1. Yeah although vsc and SC added another twist I was very keen to see how it would have played out otherwise

  5. Agreed with @proesterchen, despite the recent updates on the circuit, it’s not a great fit for current cars. The circuit at it’s current shape would be great for the early-mid 00’s cars, but it’s definitely not great for the current generation cars

    1. 4/10 for a second race in a row

    2. In the early 00’s you would have seen 0 overtakes. No doubts

      1. Racing was different in the 00’s and overtaking wasn’t the main factor in there. So yeah, overtaking would be minimal,but the cars would be suited better. Having tried the Zandvoort circuit in Assetto Corsa with the F2004, that’s the feel i got

    3. @proesterchen @miltosgreekfan Completely disagree.

      I think this is an awesome track that provides an awesome spectacle. I would honestly much rather watch F1 cars racing around circuits like this than any of the more modern dull car park circuits.

      Every lap this weekend was a spectacular thrill to watch & it just highlights how awesome these cars are and you can see how much drivers enjoy racing tracks like this.

      Meanwhile there is no fun watching cars drive around the flat car parks or tilke-drones, They just all have no character & no soul & they are so wide with so much runoff that there’s no spectacle & that is the biggest problem with modern F1 it all feels so boring at times because so many of the more modern circuits are boring to watch.

      Long live Zandvoort on the F1 calender & bring back more circuits like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Totally agree. Once upon a time Paul Ricard was a track with character,but then they destroyed it and ruined the environment around it too. Zaandvort is preferable to any tarmac carpark no matter how brightly it is painted.

      2. @roger-ayles The track is fine overall,it could have been wider at some parts but the current cars are definitely too wide/lengthy for the layout.It’s indeed a circuit with character,but some places(like the pitlane) are too tight for these cars

        1. @miltosgreekfan The modern cars are longer but are actually a similar width to what they were when F1 raced at Zandvoort in the 70s/80s.

          The minimum width was 2m up until the end of 1997 and have gone back to been 2m wide since 2017.

          I think Zandvoort was also a bit narrower in places back then compared to what it is now.

          1. @roger-ayles That is true,and the late 80’s cars were even wider than the current 2m cars if not mistaken. At least the older cars were much shorter, which created a solid balance. I recently saw a lap of the old Zandvoort and yeah the track was really narrow back then as well.

      3. I agree about the car parks and flat, boring modern circuits but this is just as bad. You literally cannot pass except in one place. Even then unless you have a huge speed advantage without the use of DRS.

        It’s just too narrow and twisty for these modern cars. The pit lane is very cramped as well. Probably the worst on the calendar along with Monaco.

        Zandvoort is on the calendar for one reason only. The answer is MV.

  6. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    4th September 2022, 15:44

    Crofty has been absolutely unbearable this weekend.

    Aside from the, fishy Tsunoda situation, crazy for Merc to only stop one car, Ferrari clown show as usual.

    1. Nothing fishy about Tsunoda.
      It’s all plainly obvious what was happening.

    2. He started jabbering about 5 minutes before the start and then hardly took a breath…..so irritating. I liked him at first because he was a calm, analytical and informed voice……now he just talks in a high pitch wy attempting to inject false excitement. He thinks that what Murray Walker did – he didn’t. He was only excited when the racing was exciting.

  7. 4
    And 3 of those are for the SC and thereafter.

  8. Another VSC/SC farce.

    1. Another VSC/SC farce.

    2. Agree. VSC’s are awful in every way.
      Use real SC’s only.

      1. I actually like the VSC & think they are far more preferable to a full SC in situations where a car (Or maybe some other debris on track) can be recovered quickly with minimal disruption to the racing.

        If for example a car can be easily/quickly recovered in 1-2 minutes under a VSC that to me is better than calling a full SC where we end up losing 5-10+ minutes of race time.

        1. It would he very straightforward to return the running order to the way it was before a sc or VSC was called with a rolling restart and earliest time of arrival at the restart point. The fact is they use VSC and sc to provide an opportunity to add randomness to races is unfair and just nullifies the whole point of a fair race.

          1. The point of a race is to cross the finish line first, within the rules, after completing an agreed distance amount of time.

            Really. That’s all there is to it.

            The more opportunities there are for multiple competitors to do so, the better it is. For most people….

  9. I give it an, mainly thanks to the safety car. George made a great call for the soft. Great to see Max win again.

    1. An 8,that is.

  10. Tune in next week for yet another episode of the Ferrari comedy show!

    1. What?!?! Wake up, the clowns are wearing silver!!! They threw away the win!

      1. Mercedes were never going to win.

        1. What?! Try harder to cover that ridiculous mistake. He lost to RUS, that’s the proof Mercedes had the pace. They were better than Ferrari overall.

          1. And Russell didn’t win either…

      2. @mg1982 merc could have benefitted from th

        1. E sc but Russell decided to pit rather than hold Max for Hamilton.

  11. A pretty cracking race! Tsunoda’s shenanigans were the most suss since Piquet in Singapore… Great to see Mercedes genuinely in the fight even if they’re still missing those final tenths. As it transpired, Lewis really had no chance. I think he’ll realise that in retrospect. Keeping George on the medium would have just delayed the inevitable by 1 more lap I reckon. George’s switch to the soft effectively secured his position ahead of Charlie. Should McLaren get Oscar in the car for next week? He can’t do any worse than Daniel sadly. A fantastic race by Fernando. He sure still has it! Carlos will probably feel like he shouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed…Gave it an 8.

    1. Should McLaren get Oscar in the car for next week? He can’t do any worse than Daniel sadly.

      Well, McLaren have made it perfectly clear that they won’t be building a car that suits Ricciardo, so maybe they should have just paid a bit more to get him out of the car immediately.
      Who knows – maybe the car suits Piastri as it is.

  12. Love love love this circuit all those sweeping corners and no tarmac run-offs. Race was ok, Max’s win was expected but great race from Merc’s #1 driver

  13. Okay race, better than last season’s.

  14. I’d rate it really low for SkyF1’s coverage, Croft has been particularly unbearable this race.

    1. @rocketpanda I have been Crofty free for a year and a half. On f1 tv Sam Collins often makes mistakes which Jolyon seems to enjoy correcting but generally they have been on the “bearability” scale far better than Croft.

  15. This season is going down the hill.
    Directive 39 killed Ferrari

  16. Very poor calls on the VSC and Safety Car. How does it take four laps to line up the cars, and open the door to all kinds of strategy shenanigans. This is amateurish race directing. Also not impressed by Bottas’ choice of parking place. The car seemed to shift down well enough so it doesn’t seem like the gearbox locked up.

    1. Bottas lost the engine (his words – and it did sound terrible) – but still, there was an enormous delay calling the SC.
      FIA are probably a bit scared after calling it too early multiple times earlier in the season.

      Gave everyone plenty of time to get their tyre strategy sorted, and Mercedes still stuffed it up.

      1. Still keeping a grudge from your years as an indentured minion, Valtteri?

      2. Mercedes did not stuff it at all, the strategy was to stay out but Russell broke formation, like sainz in monaco and silverstone, the driver behind helps himself and overall the team loses.

        1. You mean the team pitted Russell…?
          He can’t change his own tyres, can he….

  17. I liked the race. As so often SC’s were nescessary to spice up the action, but I love it that overtaking is possible, bit not always easy. Did not make it a classic, but enjoyed it more than lot’s of other races this season.

  18. The bunch of clowns at Mercedes really made my day. Sending HAM on Mediums when the win was his is worse than the Hards for LEC in Hungary… for a potential win. Instead of winning, he finished 4th! Ahahahahaaaaaaa! The clowns at Sky simply saying “he asks his team why they sent him out with Mediums” are just as ridiculous, trying to cover up the fact they threw away the win in the last 10 laps.

  19. Basic question: would it be legal for Red Bull to get Alpha Tauri to send out Tsunoda at a ridiculously slow pace and then park up to bring out a guaranteed VSC, at least, thus assisting Verstappen enormously? Singapore 2008.

    1. No, and there is no such thing as a guaranteed VSC anyway. This was parked after a slow corner and could have been handed with local yellows if the FIA cared to properly enforce those.

    2. Of course it’s possible and totally legal if never discovered to be deliberate or orchestrated – just like Singapore 2008.
      But it didn’t happen.

      We all know exactly what you are thinking, Mr Hamilton fan.

      1. Sure it’s virtually undiscoverable. Hence it’s plausibility. I was one of the few who called Singapore 2008 as orchestrated in the actual race. The pattern of behaviour with Tsunoda today was just weirdly out of the ordinary. Hamilton fan? Whatever. At the time it seemed more designed to protect Verstappen from Leclerc – including the dummy problem that got Ferrari to send Leclerc in before he actually did pit. And then came out again. Real slow with clear ‘issues.’

        1. Don’t you think if they were really going to do this (and I can’t believe I’m bothering to give this any thought) that they’d have used Gasly instead, since Tsunoda was in 10th at the time and had spent the entire race ahead of Gasly, and was consistently the faster of the two?

          1. Alpha Tauri’s decision-making was bizarre. Why was he sent out again when the driver himself had no desire to return or even speed? He was clearly unhappy. Leaving aside any RBR pressure, advice or hints, what where they up to?

    3. @david-br Yes Redbull definitely might have orchestrated for Tsunoda to come to a deliberate stop to bring out the vsc, risking getting found out and having themselves get thrown out of both championships, facing massive fines and immeasurable damage to the company reputation, all for a better chance at a single win in a season they are already dominating. Seems totally plausible to me.

  20. 8/10, Really enjoyed that race not just because I think we saw some nice racing & some unpredictability with strategies & such but also because this is an awesome race track that is an absolute joy to watch cars racing around, Such a spectacular thrill every single lap.

    I adore this track, I think it’s been a fantastic addition to the F1 calender & cannot wait for F1 to get back here next year.

    I would much rather watch F1 race on tracks like this that any of the more recent modern flat, featureless, soul-less street tracks that offer no enjoyment when watching cars racing around it.

    1. The ground-level trackside camera’s are also really good at conveying a sense of speed.

      On the higher shots and the onboards it seems notably slower.

    2. @stefmeister Couldn’t have put it better myself.

      Long live Zandvoort & bring back more awesome tracks like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tsunoda obviously drove back to pits with his safety belts open. But I guess that goes unpenalized, like LEC back then?

    1. I guess the FIA have to have reasonable evidence that his belts were undone, and then also a desire to penalise for it.

  22. 1. Unless you count Singapore 2008 as anything higher than a 1.

  23. I would give it an 8/10.

    Enjoyed the racing but loved the track. This is such an awesome racetrack and I really hope F1 starts to move away from the boring car parks and starts going back to some proper thrill ride circuits like this that are actually awesome watching the cars going around.

    Sadly Liberty like the boring car parks in Miami & Las Vegas though so soon we will have loads of the bad tracks and less of the amazing ones like this awesome classic!

  24. It was definitely quite interesting, Max was sublime once again, Man’s cold blooded. 9/10

  25. Very controversial race. Impossible to appreciate races as dubious as this one. the track is also not safe enough, not fit for f1 and the banking does not allow multiple lines.

  26. Eh…. Ended up being okay, despite predictability.

    Was on its way for a very solid 3 though until the realization that Hards were significantly better than expected, with the anthem being the best part of the race up until lap 35 or so.

  27. Track not really suitable, VSC spoiled it a bit, fairly predictable overall.

  28. I gave this a 6. It was heading for 5 but the VSC/SC drama at the end did add a little excitement. Mind you it also meant Max win easily when it might have been closer.

    I can see that the circuit is nice to look at with its twists and turns and banking. The truth is though that it’s awful for overtaking and produces processional races. There is just one place to overtake, the first corner. And even then it’s mostly assisted by DRS except when there is a big difference in performance.

    I found the race quite unexciting with little close racing until the safety cars. The battle between Lewis and Checo was quite entertaining but quite brief.

    Alonso did look good today. I think he’s going to be wasted at AM. Ferrari should have taken him back in place of Carlos ;-)

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