Ferrari's yellow livery for Monza 100th anniversary at 2022 Italian Grand Prix

Ferrari add yellow highlights and classic “F lunga” logo to car for home race

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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Ferrari have modified their car’s livery for their home race this weekend, adding yellow highlights and the manufacturer’s classic logo.

The ‘F lunga’ Ferrari logo will appear in yellow across the rear wing of the F1-75s. Other aspects of the car’s livery have also been tweaked.

Yellow flashes have been added to the front wing, car numbers, halo, engine cover and rear wing endplates. The team says the changes are being made for this race only to mark the 100th anniversary Monza circuit, which opened in 1922.

Ferrari team principal Matiia Binotto said the track, which has held every world championship Italian Grand Prix with only one exception since 1950, is “an iconic motorsport venue”.

“The Italian Grand Prix is special for all Italian teams, particularly so for us and I believe it is also for Formula 1 in general.”

The team hopes to deliver the first victory for its home supporters since Charles Leclerc won the race three years ago.

“One of the reasons all the teams like coming here is the fans. The Tifosi are demanding and knowledgeable. They can also be wild and, personally, I will never forget witnessing the track invasion from the pit wall after Charles won here in 2019. They give you all their love, they support you even when things aren’t going your way and so they push you to do better and better.

“Seeing them rush to stand under the podium is a really special emotion and this weekend, we will be doing our utmost to give them the result they want.”

Leclerc, team mate Carlos Sainz Jnr and other Ferrari personnel will also wear revised yellow team clothing this weekend.

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2022 Italian Grand Prix

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    47 comments on “Ferrari add yellow highlights and classic “F lunga” logo to car for home race”

    1. Curious decision to photograph the car in front of that yellow space.

      I guess the idea is to have the “stallion” (the car) on the yellow background. But optically it doesn’t work too well when you want to show off portions of the car that are now painted yellow – making them blend in a bit with the background instead of standing out (also, why on earth did they use different tones of yellow, now it looks jarring to have those, especially with having a 3rd yellow/orange on the car from the Shell logo), although at least the yellow patches on the car are somewhat visible due to the conflicting tones.

      Only the head on shot works

      1. Looks like their pit wall was making these decisions.

        1. They might check for gas leaks on Ferrari buildings – it is not possibly that this is the best italian designer could come up.
          It is almost the point we should ask to bring “winnow” livery.

        2. yeah, good point. Completely on brand for this team

      2. Indeed, some clueless decisions there. The front wing would need some yellow for balance too.

        On a side note, I just learned that Agip still exists – under the Eni brand – however still with the same logo! It would look awesome to have it on the cars.

      3. Its the same with McLaren and that Gulf Livery, also photographed over a background that washed out the unique color of the livery.
        It must be some form of paradigm among F1 livery designers.

    2. I like it.

    3. I hope this is not something special.

      1. I wondered too if this was the rear wing that they eluded to!

        1. Looks like we are heading towards a big party and have to wait and watch what all Ferrari has to offer.

    4. Ferrari aiming for some well needed positive PR ahead of their home event.

    5. Ferrari’s Photoshopping skills look as good as their strategy calls.

      1. That 3/4 head-on image (the first in the series) needs some serious work. The floor stay at the rear has been partially edited out. The yellow background hasn’t been extended to the entire background (see below the exhaust, the floor cutout, behind the t-camera, the pitot tubes, and the gaps in the front wing. But at the rear tyre, the yellow is eating some of the tyre.Just sloppy all around. Just like the rest of their operation right now: they have something great and squander it with sloppy execution.

        1. There’s a rear wheel missing? Not again!

          1. This made me lol.

      2. There are so many problems with these launch edits, embarrassing.

    6. Mercedes’ special livery at their anniversary home race worked out well too 😁

      Hope they don’t jinx it

      1. Has any team ever won a race in a special edition livery? They seem to bring bad luck.

        1. Red Bull – Silverstone 2012
          Mercedes – Monaco 2019
          Of the top of my head… but yeah usually special liveries don’t result into great races for the team

          1. Thanks! That RB livery is pretty good too

          2. i think VER won with a Honda livery designed to run in the cancelled Japanese GP – IIRC in Turkey 2021.

            1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
              7th September 2022, 21:16

              No, they were 2nd and 3rd

          3. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
            7th September 2022, 21:17

            Norris put his McLaren on the podium in monaco last year when they ran the Gulf livery.
            Not actually a victory, but everything but a bad performance too

    7. Coventry Climax
      7th September 2022, 15:47

      Wow, these guys stop at nothing to make their car faster and the team more alert and competent.
      This is bound to help big time!

    8. Just make the whole car banana yellow.

      That way, they’ve got the perfect excuse when someone slips up.

      1. The classic Forti F1 look?

    9. Looks fun, special liveries on race cars are usually nice.

      The Photoshops however are a bit dodgy. The person who did has to have seen that they forgot to fill half the isolated areas with the new background. But anyway, there’ll be real photos of the cars at Monza soon enough.

    10. Looks cool, I do enjoy a well executed special livery.

    11. I like the classic logo on the rear wing but a lot of the yellow feels like overkill.

      Still, incomparably better than that ghastly green logo they had last year.

      1. Still, incomparably better than that ghastly green logo they had last year.

        The green at that awful maroon gradient both were just a big head scratcher all around. Yellow and red are complimentary colors, so much much better in that regard.

      2. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
        7th September 2022, 21:18

        It looks like it could be the spanish equivalent of itself TBH.

      3. It does look great, yellow on black. But a Ferrari with “Ferrari” written on it? Reminds me of a toy or unofficial model or game…

    12. Does this mean they will only be able to use the medium tyres?

      1. Does this mean they will only be able to use the medium tyres?

        And soft. But definitely not wets, inters or hards.

        I agree with @keithcollantine – the yellow on the rear wing looks lovely (that photo from the front looks gorgeous), but I’m not convinced by the rest of the yellow.

        But – given their previous “special” livery – this is a pleasant surprise!

    13. At last! We can see the numbers!
      Hope they keep the yellow ones, or at least on one car like Mercedes.

    14. Did nobody at Ferrari take a step back and say ‘no, this doesn’t look very good’? I know there’s a no-blame culture there right now, but surely nobody signed off on this…

      1. Nobody in the racing team probably cares all that much. They don’t tend to be too bothered about how the car looks. There’s an amusing segment in the F1 Beyond the Grid interview with Flavio Briatore where he recounts explaining to the engineers that those ‘stickers’ they were moaning about as they made the car heavy were actually paying for the team to go racing (and their salaries).

        Aside from that, there a probably a dozen agreements with sponsors detailing the size, colour and orientation of each letter or logo on these F1 cars, so Ferrari’s options were likely limited.

      2. Unfortunetaly the “looking good” factor isn’t very high on that list.

    15. Kind of offtopic, but it always amazes me that F1 need 10 liveries and at some angle one can distinguish between teams or even drivers, while Indycar almost every car has a unique livery and one can almost instantly identifies the car/driver.

    16. Their special liveries look as if you gave the MS Paint to a six year old.

    17. Might need to add some go faster stripes

    18. I like the rear wing but livery curse seems to be strong

    19. Designing a special livery, or indeed any livery, for a Grand Prix Ferrari should be the easiest thing in the entire universe. I am always gobsmacked that Ferrari consistently manage to mess up what should be the easiest job in the universe.

    20. Only a fan of the rear wing. All the rest should have not made it on the car.

    21. They should keep these changes on the rear wing. Reminds me of 80’s Agip logo on the side panes.

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