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Scott McLaughlin has extended his contract with Team Penske to remain in IndyCar in a new, multi-year deal ahead of this weekend’s season finale.

The 29-year-old New Zealander has been with Roger Penske’s outfit since 2017, when the American open-wheel behemoth linked up with Dick Johnson Racing in the Australian Supercars championship.

McLaughlin won three successive titles with DJR Team Penske before signing a new contract with the outfit that brought him into IndyCar. He had his first taste of the series in the 2020 season finale before making a full-time debut last year.

After taking Rookie of the Year honours last season and picking up a podium on his oval racing debut at Texas, McLaughlin has taken major strides in his second season. Three wins including a dominant victory at Portland last weekend, plus four other podium finishes and three pole positions means he heads into the Laguna Seca finale fifth place in the standings, still with a chance of winning the title.

“Team Penske has been such a huge part of my career, helping me get to where I’m at today, so I’m excited to continue racing with Roger, Tim [Cindric, president] and the entire team well into the future,” said McLaughlin as his new IndyCar-focused multi-year contract extension was announced.

“Getting a chance to move to the United States and chase my racing dream, driving in the IndyCar series, is something that would not have been possible without Team Penske, so I’m forever grateful. I’ve had so many great moments with this team, from winning three Supercars Championships to winning the Bathurst 1000 to making my first IndyCar start.

McLaughlin routed the field at Portland last weekend
“Now, we are competing at a high level, winning races and poles and even competing for the series championship.”

McLaughlin only has an outside chance of winning the championship this weekend. He needs to win the Grand Prix of Monterey while his title rivals finish far down the running order.

Cindric praised McLaughlin’s bravery in changing codes by leaving tin-top racing behind to become an IndyCar driver.

“Scott took a big gamble when he came to IndyCar, as he knew he would be leaving a series where he knew he could thrive for years to come,” said Cindric.

“To see him have the success he has had so far has been really satisfying, as we were confident in his talent. We just didn’t know how long it would take for him to gain the confidence in himself. Scott has adjusted quickly and has already established himself as someone that can win at any track during one of the most competitive eras of Indy car racing.

“He continues to be a great representative for our partners and he connects well with race fans all over the world. We are excited that he will continue to be part of the Team Penske legacy for years to come.”

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5 comments on “IndyCar title contender McLaughlin extends contract with Penske”

  1. It’s a breath of fresh air watching drivers switch series and show how their talents are applicable in different cars and specs. Wish would happen more often.

    Sadly Scott McLaughlin probably considered too old for a F1 switch, but he has already shown cross-series adaptability and speed…

    1. Agree with that. Quite a brave move to go drive such different cars (think of what he’d do in a NASCAR) but Penske obviously believed he was so good he could do it, and he is. A great guy and terrific addition to the grid.

    2. It also shows how great IndyCar is – their cars allow drivers to express their talents fully without a neccessity to adapt to some ridiculous peculiarities that favour a random group of drivers that happen to proper with specifically them.

  2. Scott is a huge talent! Indy a very lucky to have a driver like him.

  3. Mark in Florida
    8th September 2022, 15:02

    Scott’s very impressive so far. He landed running in the Indy series. He might be the next Dixon who knows but everything he’s done so far has shown how fearless and adaptable he is. He’s a threat to everyone now to consistently win races and consistantly winning and leading near the front leads to titles.

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