Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren, Monza, 2021

Ricciardo expects “happy-sad feelings” returning to Monza a year on from win

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In the round-up: Outgoing McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo will return to the scene of his greatest moment with the team this weekend, having learned he will leave them early.

In brief

Ricciardo anticipates “happy-sad feelings” on Monza return

Last year’s Italian Grand Prix winner has no expectations of repeating the triumph this weekend as he returns to Monza.

Ricciardo’s sole podium finish for McLaren so far is his 2021 win at the Italian track. The knowledge he will leave the team at the end of this year has put a new perspective on his happiest McLaren moment and the location it took place at.

“I’m sure there’ll be some weird feelings going back, like certainly maybe some happy-sad feelings because it was such a big moment last year,” he said. “We’re in a different position this year. I’d love to say we’d be fighting for a podium, but I think we know the truth at the moment where we are.”

Juncos expands to two full-time IndyCar entries in 2023

Ricardo Juncos, Callum Ilott, IndyCar, Sebring, 2022
Ilott, pictured with Juncos, will have a team mate next year
Juncos Hollinger Racing will expand their IndyCar programme next year, adding a second full-time car alongside the entry driven by Callum Ilott.

The team made their IndyCar debut with two cars in the 2017 Indianapolis 500, then raced as a part-time single-car outfit in 2018, ’19 and ’21. For this year they then committed to a full season with Ilott, and recently picked up their second top-ten finish.

“To be able to announce this today and make this a reality is incredible,” said team principal Ricardo Juncos. “We have stood by our words from the beginning that we would continue to grow and expand and that is what we are doing. For us expanding to a two-car team is very exciting to announce but was also our plan for the past year since we joined the IndyCar series full-time.”

Charouz signs eighth F3 driver in a single year

Charouz Racing System will change their Formula 3 line-up once again for this weekend’s season finale, with their eighth driver signing of the year.

Venezuelan debutant Alessandro Famularo will join the team at Monza, taking over the number 15 car which has been raced by five other drivers already this season. It has required force majeure for Charouz to be able to run that many drivers.

Since 2020, Famularo has entered 14 races in Formula Regional. Before that he spent two years in Formula 4 where he claimed one win in the ADAC championship and a podium in the Italian series.

New Ferrari livery and Shanghai added to F1 22

Ferrari’s special livery for the Italian Grand Prix is available in the latest patch for the official Formula 1 game, F1 22. The update also includes Shanghai International Circuit, the home of the Chinese Grand Prix, which last appeared on the F1 calendar in 2019.

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Comment of the day

It was spotted by quite a lot of people that Ferrari’s livery reveal photoshoot for the Italian GP could have done with another look before they were shared with the world.

Looks fun, special liveries on race cars are usually nice. The Photoshops however are a bit dodgy.

The person who did has to have seen that they forgot to fill half the isolated areas with the new background. But anyway, there’ll be real photos of the cars at Monza soon enough.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Kngs!

On this day in motorsport

  • 65 years ago today Stirling Moss comfortably won the Italian Grand Prix for Vanwall at Monza

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5 comments on “Ricciardo expects “happy-sad feelings” returning to Monza a year on from win”

  1. Designing a special livery, or indeed any livery, for a Grand Prix Ferrari should be the easiest thing in the entire universe. I am always gobsmacked that Ferrari consistently manage to mess up what should be the easiest job in the universe.

    1. Maybe they did it on purpose to distract from their trackside performance.
      And by making it to CotD it seems they succeeded ;)

    2. It is quite in line with their long standing tradition though @geemac!

  2. I couldn’t care less about how well photoshop has gone, as the actual look is what matters.

    1. Electroball76
      8th September 2022, 9:05

      That’s a good point!
      I think the worry is that if they mess up the easy small stuff, are they also going to mess up the important big stuff?
      I’d love to see Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Williams fighting for championships, but when the baseline is RB and Mercedes then they need to be working at 100% in all departments to push the team forwards. Ferrari have huge depth of talent and cash, but it’s worrying to see them start so well only to start slipping backwards through avoidable errors. I hope they find whatever it is they need to be back on the top step again.

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