Circuit atmosphere, Monza, 2022

Fans were booing the FIA more than Verstappen at end of Italian GP – Binotto

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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Formula 1 fans at the Italian Grand Prix were booing the FIA for their handling of the race, not winner Max Verstappen, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto believes.

Verstappen scored his 11th win of the season on Sunday at the expense of Charles Leclerc, who started from pole position for home favourites Ferrari. Some spectators were heard booing after Verstappen was acclaimed as the winner.

Binotto said it would be wrong for fans to jeer at a driver. However he believes their anger was really directed at the FIA, for failing to arrange a restart before the end of the race, which concluded with the Safety Car leading a neutralised field.

“Booing a driver is never great, especially if the driver has been Max, which today was the fastest driver on track and deserved the win,” Binotto told media including RaceFans. “So that’s not good.

“But I think that the booing from our tifosi [fans] was more toward the FIA and simply by booing the first and the winner it was trying to boo the FIA. The reason was I think because the people out there believe that the Safety Car could have been ended before and give still a couple of laps for the show today, for battles on track.”

Verstappen said he wasn’t bothered by the reaction even if the jeers had been aimed at him. “When it happens, of course, everyone speaks to me about it with the booing and stuff,” he said.

“But I mean at the end of the day I’m here to try and win the race, which we’ve done. Some people, of course, they can’t appreciate that. But that’s, of course, because they’re very passionate fans of a different team and it is what it is.

“I mean, it’s not going to spoil my day. I’m just enjoying the moment.”

Race start, Monza, 2022
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Leclerc also said the fans were wrong to boo drivers. “I think nobody likes booing and I think it shouldn’t happen. That’s it.”

Despite warnings from the event organisers not to bring flares into the grounds, some were lit in the stands over the course of the event. During the qualifying session Verstappen abandoned a lap in Q1 when he mistook a flare in a grandstand at Ascari for a red signal.

However Leclerc believes fans should be allowed to light flares at certain times during the event.

“Personally, I think it’s okay when it’s used maybe before the formation lap, or laps to the grid or something,” he said. “But then sometimes during the race it can be a bit confusing for us.

“But it is the way it is. After the chequered flag there was a little bit but to me, this was not too disturbing.”

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2022 Italian Grand Prix

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29 comments on “Fans were booing the FIA more than Verstappen at end of Italian GP – Binotto”

  1. They were obviously booing Verstappen as they started and ended it when he was speaking.

    There are videos around of Ferrari fans harassing Verstappen fans. Demanding they’d take off their Red Bull caps too. Insane what has become of Grand Prixs to have to feel unsafe about visiting races, cheering on your team. F1 was never like this.

    1. It is my opinion GP’s should get a zero tolerance towards alcohol. No alcohol to be sold at the circuits and those drunk are not allowed to enter either. That should stop this kind of audience from attending.

      1. That’s unfair on those fans who enjoy having a drink of alcohol over the grand prix weekend and don’t act like absolute idiots though. I went to Silverstone for the 3 days this year and had quite a few drinks throughout. Never felt the need to boo a driver, say something racist, light a flare, be misogynistic, start arguments with the fans of other teams etc. It was the best weekend of my life

      2. It is my opinion GP’s should get a zero tolerance towards alcohol. No alcohol to be sold at the circuits and those drunk are not allowed to enter either. That should stop this kind of audience from attending.

        It’s my observation that the people that cause trouble don’t need alcohol to be troublemakers.
        Alcohol reduces inhibitions, it doesn’t create the mental model to be a total ….

        It was actually refreshing to see the late SC procedure done in the correct manner. I’d have loved to see MV lose out as a result of a restart, but that would not have been a fair result.

      3. Don’t blame (or excuse based on) the alcohol; blame the offenders.

    2. Could you provide source on these videos?
      Otherwise, can we really be sure about when booing had started and when it ended? I think the TV director did a pretty awkward job, turning the background noise down during the podium procedure.

        1. I tried to post this tweet multiple times but it didn’t get through. That’s the one I’m referring to yes.

      1. Watching a repeat of the race just now, it was absolutely clear that the crowds started to boo both when Brundle got to Max during the post race interviews and again exactly when Max went out onto the walkway towards the podium @pironitheprovocateur, nothign at all before when Russel went out there first, and cheers when Leclerc went out.

        Sure, having the race finish the way it did might have frustrated them and might have made for more boos than there would otherwise had, but I have no doubt those were meant for Max.

    3. And it’s a complete coincidence it’s happening since Liberty took over and changed F1 into entertainment for brainless consumers, with Drive to Survive being the prime example. You dumb it down to the lowest common denominator, you get the lowest behaviour imaginable. But who cares, people in F1 are getting richer race by race and that’s the only thing which matters.

    4. They were, but I reckon they feel like Red Bull might be behind another, odd to say the least event. A restart in monza can change everything.

    5. @spafrancorchamps Stop complaining, you Max caused this, now people give you the same energy you toxic Max fans spew left and right. IMO it’s deserved, Max fans cheered when Sainz had a DNF in Austria. Max fans have made this sport worse

      1. You toxic Max fans? Who are you talking to? You might want to tone your big mouth down a bit.

      2. Didnt watch silverstone this year did you?

      3. @noname wow, never mind thus, it’s always caused by the driver/ fans on the ‘other’ side. It’s interesting that the misbehavior of the tifosi is’t picked up by Sky. Probably cuze they don’t speak italian. For the rest… let me remind you how sporty ‘your’ english crowd was in 20/22 at silverstone (incl. The Christmas creetings from Sky). So…. Arguing at the same way it could be that those british fans where a lot earlier. But you probably forgot the welcome booing at silverstone for rosberg in 2016 probably

  2. Mattia, lying about the behaviour of your fans isn’t going to make your car any quicker.

    1. @proesterchen You Max called this upon yourself and you deserved it. People are tired of toxic Max fand

      1. ALL fans should behave themselves. But as in ANY sport there are always going to be a few idiots screwing things up. Its a shame ..
        Max deserved the win, he was again the quickest with best strategy.

      2. Yes, don’t forget the always great british crowd who booed at rosberg in 2016 and the very toxic behavior from that same audience in 2021/22. Something to do with a pot and a kettle….

  3. Thank you Crofty for admitting FOM manipulates world feed audio, muting booing and subsequently mixing in cheers. As if wasn’t obvious before, but now we have the ultimate proof it’s all a facade.

    1. I wouldn’t call audio mixing manipulation – though it was rather funny when the national anthem started and we didn’t have proper audio (as, I’m guessing, they had some stuff on mute during the minute of silence, and forgot to turn them on).

      1. Audio mixing is manipulation, by design.

  4. @proud_asturian:
    I just learned it didn’t spoil his day, in fact he enjoyed the moment.

  5. when or where did he cheat exactly?

  6. I assume this comment is in jest

  7. They were more likely booing Ferrari strategists.

  8. As an American, I’m not that bothered by booing in sports but the timing of the boos is critical. In American sports culture, booing during the introduction of the opponent or during game play is considered fine. But if your opponent beats you, booing after the match is considered to be poor taste. Booing someone who has competed at a top level and beaten you on the playing field just looks like being petulant children and poor losers. I hope F1 fans of all teams can learn again how to be gracious in defeat.

  9. Binotto makes a fair assessment.
    Had the race finished under competitive conditions – even with the same results – the reception would have been far better.

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