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Red Bull hosted Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone during last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza, which was comfortably won by the team’s driver Max Verstappen.

Before the race, the Rocky star enjoyed a laugh with team principal Christian Horner – but what were the pair discussing that was seemingly so amusing?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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46 comments on “Caption Competition 194: Rocky relationship”

  1. “…and then we managed to convince them that Honda were leaving the sport!”

  2. Pfft…..Ohhh…That’s better,…
    Just being around anything spicy makes me go like that.

  3. You really think Jimmy Bly was that good?

  4. “… so then I called Masi, and I said, if you stop this fight, I’ll kill you!”

  5. S. Stallone: ‘How about I direct a movie called ‘The Last Lap’?’

  6. You were right Christan, I shouldn’t have had a go in one of your cars without wearing a helmet.

  7. I’m just laughing at you laughing Christian, but really I don’t see what’s so funny about basing my eyebrows on your Puma logo.

  8. Yeah that’s what I hear Chris. Lewis is just showbiz ain’t he. Haha, yeah gotta laugh man. Box office. ALL the Spice Girls!

  9. Adrian…. Adriaaaaan!

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      17th September 2022, 9:58

      Damn beat me to it

    2. Christian….Christiaaaaan!

  10. “I’m tellin ya Christian – ya have enough cosmetic surgery and pretty soon dis is the only expression ya got!”

    1. 😀😀

    2. Ya beat me to it

  11. “They’ve offered me the role of Bernnie Ecclestone in Drive to Survive the movie … whaddaya think Christian?”

  12. I had based the script for Driven 2 on Ferrari’s season but the producers said nobody would believe it.

  13. “So Michael Andretti asked me if I would star in a movie as him, and I just told him ‘Nooo Mikey, noooo’ “

  14. Oh Alpha Tauri? We call them The Expendables.

  15. Horner: They finally realised we were taking the mickey when we insisted that the team would need to be renamed “Po(r)s(c)h(e) Spice Racing”

  16. Rising up, back in the seat
    Set my time, took my chicanes
    Went the distance, now I’m on the timesheet
    Just a man and his drive to survive

    1. This is a good one ;)

    2. Starting up, back from the grid
      I was too slow, cut the chicanes
      Drove at limit, now I’m on the gravel trap
      Just a man and his drive to survive

      So many times I have been lapped
      I want to be the headline story
      Closed my eyes to believe I’m the champ
      It’s hard to lust from bottom of the list

      I’m not the tiger
      I’m the last cub of the litter
      Crashing up like De Cesaris to the wall
      And the first non finisher
      Stalks the race in the boats
      But still racing with us with the passion of the tiger

      Race to race, from 20th to 19th
      Hanging tough, staying hungry
      He don’t have the odds but he is taking his time
      Goes for the move with points in mind

      I have stripes of the tiger
      I’m getting hang of the fight
      Rising up from the pit lane to the points
      And the last point finisher
      Stalks the podium from the cockpit
      And he is getting there with the heart of the tiger

      Driving hot straight to the top
      Has the skill, smells the glory
      Got the pole, now I’m not going to stop
      Just a lap and he has survived

      I’m the eye of the tiger
      I’ve the thrill for the fight
      Driving up to the podium more than once
      And the first to cross the line
      Looks his mirrors to see the shine
      And he’s celebrating on the top with eye of the tiger
      The eye of the tiger
      The eye of the tiger
      The eye of the tiger
      The eye of the tiger

  17. … that’s when I told Daniel he could join our squad for the next movie !

  18. The fans are paying much for a seat at Silverstone? I get in for free

  19. Does such Mouse King facial expression need any captions?

  20. The movie’s about a plucky Italian who keeps fighting but always gets beat.
    It’s called “Rocky Badoer”

  21. Thanks for the invite Christian, I’ve just got to meet Adrian and to thank him for designing this new hairstyle! I can move a lot faster and change direction effortlessly.!

  22. SS: Yo, so I was just over at Ferrari and they’re telling me with the right strategy they’re gonna win today!

  23. Others still struggle with porpoising and bumpy rides; Red Bull tops them all with Rocky.

  24. Horner congratulates Rocky on becoming the new Head of the Red Bull Driver Academy.

  25. When ya was you age I had Driven

  26. -And then I told Colton to run back to the store and ask them for a Long Weight

  27. So I said “Michael, we only need one racing lap” and the stupid bugger went against all the regs he’s employed to uphold and gave us exactly that! The rest is history.

  28. Stallone and Horner discuss the performance of the Spice Girls in bed.

  29. Sylvester asks Christian if he thinks he should buy that Benz team with the guy who sounds like Arnie.

  30. Yeah but can it run up steps and shadow box

  31. Hahahah
    We screwed Perez !! hahaha
    I told you. Hahaha

  32. Stallone looks younger than Horner. Did Newey make him a new frontwing?

  33. “Mateschitz called that Lafiji guy in his car, he stopped in the next corner and the damn Pace Car came out?” – “Latifi, but yeah…” – “Neat!”

  34. “Promise not to tell anybody, but my real name is Marion Cobretti.”

  35. ‘I bumped into Mattia earlier and I told him the strategy calls have been a little ‘rocky’ recently’

  36. Horner: Are you sure that this explosive arrowhead is necessary for Verstappen’s car?

    Stallone: I am telling you. If Max and Lewis get tied in the championship, this will be your tie-breaker.

  37. MingTheMercyless
    19th September 2022, 22:40

    No I’m not messing with you. They actually had a dummy car, fake sidepods and all, in Barcelona, thinking they had 1,5 seconds over anybody else. Then they removed the sandbags and the bouncing started, you should have seen their faces.

  38. I’m probably too late to the party, but:

    “Box, box, box!”

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