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FIA approves record 24-race F1 calendar for 2023 including races in China and Monaco

2023 F1 season

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The FIA World Motor Sport Council has approved the 2023 F1 calendar which will feature a record-breaking 24 races.

The longest-ever F1 season will open on the first weekend of March in Bahrain and conclude eight months later in November.

In between it will make three visits to the USA for races in Miami, Texas and a new event in Las Vegas. The latter race will be the penultimate round of the season, and the first world championship round to take place on a Saturday since 1985.

F1 will also return to China for the first time since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. That race will return in the regular early-season slot it held until its most recent race in 2019.

Qatar will also return to the calendar next year. It held its first race in 2021, but did not return this year as the Middle East nation is holding the FIFA football World Cup.

Monaco and Belgium have retained their places on the schedule, the latter having recently announced a new, one-year deal. But the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard will not return.

The future of Monaco’s race was in doubt
The FIA noted in a statement the schedule “will avoid a clash with the 24 Hours of Le Mans as part of the WMSC Members’ efforts to optimise all world championship race calendars.”

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem said the approval of the series’ longest-ever calendar “is further evidence of the growth and appeal of the sport on a global scale.”

“The addition of new venues and the retention of traditional events underlines the FIA’s sound stewardship of the sport,” he added.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said the series “has unprecedented demand to host races and it is important we get the balance right for the entire sport.

“We are very pleased with the strong momentum F1 continues to experience and it is great news that we will be able to bring our passionate fans a mix of exciting new locations such as Las Vegas to the championship with much loved venues across Europe, Asia and the Americas.”

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2023 Formula 1 calendar

Round Race Date Forum
1 Bahrain Grand Prix Mar 3-5 Forum
2 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Mar 17-19 Forum
3 Australian Grand Prix Mar 31-Apr 2 Forum
4 Chinese Grand Prix Apr 14-16 Forum
5 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Apr 28-30 Forum
6 Miami Grand Prix May 5-7 Forum
7 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix May 19-21 Forum
8 Monaco Grand Prix May 26-28 Forum
9 Spanish Grand Prix Jun 2-4 Forum
10 Canadian Grand Prix Jun 16-18 Forum
11 Austrian Grand Prix Jun 30-Jul 2 Forum
12 British Grand Prix Jul 7-9 Forum
13 Hungarian Grand Prix Jul 21-23 Forum
14 Belgian Grand Prix Jul 28-30 Forum
15 Dutch Grand Prix Aug 25-27 Forum
16 Italian Grand Prix Sep 1-3 Forum
17 Singapore Grand Prix Sep 15-17 Forum
18 Japanese Grand Prix Sep 22-24 Forum
19 Qatar Grand Prix Oct 6-8 Forum
20 United States Grand Prix Oct 20-22 Forum
21 Mexican Grand Prix Oct 27-29 Forum
22 Brazilian Grand Prix Nov 3-5 Forum
23 Las Vegas Grand Prix Nov 16-18 Forum
24 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Nov 24-26 Forum

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2023 F1 season

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92 comments on “FIA approves record 24-race F1 calendar for 2023 including races in China and Monaco”

  1. My calendar:
    3 Australian Grand Prix Mar 31-Apr 2 Forum
    5 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Apr 28-30 Forum
    7 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix May 19-21 Forum
    8 Monaco Grand Prix May 26-28 Forum
    10 Canadian Grand Prix Jun 16-18 Forum
    11 Austrian Grand Prix Jun 30-Jul 2 Forum
    12 British Grand Prix Jul 7-9 Forum
    14 Belgian Grand Prix Jul 28-30 Forum
    15 Dutch Grand Prix Aug 25-27 Forum
    16 Italian Grand Prix Sep 1-3 Forum
    18 Japanese Grand Prix Sep 22-24 Forum
    21 Mexican Grand Prix Oct 27-29 Forum
    22 Brazilian Grand Prix Nov 3-5 Forum

    13 cracking GP’s, in reality the races I will want to watch.

    1. You’ve cut USD 300-400 million out of the revenues of the sport doing that. If this was the calendar in real life the sport would die.

      The races you’ve canned may not be popular in Europe, but they are necessary for the sport to carry on.

      1. You’ve cut USD 300-400 million out of the revenues of the sport doing that.

        And at least 3-4 teams, too.

        The teams want these extra events because they make money from them too. Lots of it.

        Nevertheless – if people only want to watch 13 particular GP’s each season, then they currently always have that option available to them.

      2. Lol, guys: @geemac @S – it’s a fantasty fan calendar, not a business proposition! Calm down ;)

    2. That’s a pretty good calendar I might print that out. The problem I can see is that it’s suffocating the calendar for every other race series. So something like btcc would try to avoid the f1 dates meaning that folk would need to choose who gets their live attention.
      If you monopolise the audience you suffocate and cause rot for the other branches of the motorsport tree.

      Ultimately we’re all just wasting our breath in this dingy corner of the Internet. They know better.

  2. Outrageous amount of races. I have no problem as a spectator of the sport but I have a feeling this is going towards a boiling point with all the teams and support staff.

    1. Not a problem for me, I’m not working there.

  3. With the calendar so constrained, I really don’t understand why there’s two races in Italy.

    1. Lots of history, a local team and paying fans who actually have an interest in the sport? Four races in the Middle East, on the other hand…

      1. Also a race in China.

      2. I didn’t think any of those things were criteria for hosting a race anymore ;-)

      3. + 1 There is no need for 4 races in the Middle East. It’s just greed by Liberty pure and simple.

    2. I really appreciate the Italian government and Emilia Romagna government’s efforts for retaining the race in F1 calendar, and also consider the facts of local team and passionate fans. But the main reason is, Imola is the birth place of Domenicali. If Domenicali was not born in Imola, I think that Imola would not stay in F1 calendar permanently after 2022

    3. some racing fan
      21st September 2022, 7:10

      I agree- South Africa should be in its place. Imola is a great circuit but there shouldn’t be 2 races in European countries with all the demand.

      But even with all the money they are getting, 4 races in the Gulf- especially, especially the one in Saudi is too many. The Saudi race is a disgrace in every imaginable way.

  4. 24 is quite a bit. I understand that it’s due to commercial benefit it provides and probably nothing can be done. I just hope the fans don’t turn off their tvs, cause too many races takes away the excitement while waiting for race weekends – if you miss one, you know it’s another around the corner (probably next weekend). And many races are dull. I was enjoying 2020 season because of the tracks and fewer races, even though it was walk away for Hamilton.

    1. As someone who also watches football which is usually weekly, I don’t have an issue with this.

    2. @osvaldas31 I’m pretty sure the individual spectacle of races has been diluted already but this calendar just goes a couple of steps further. Fangio cemented his legendary status in 51 grand prix (or grand epreuve as they were sometimes known), Jim Clark raced in only 72 championship events. I’m rarely someone that harks back to the “good old days” but I do feel some of the majesty of the sport gets lost by these supposedly great events being held so frequently.

      Quantity is not quality.

      A final point – we all love to see final race showdowns (there have been several since I started following the sport in 1995) but it’s surely less likely to happen with a longer calendar. If someone gets on a roll (like Verstappen this year) they will be out of sight long before the final race. Maybe that should be a consideration before we have 4-5 dead rubbers at the end of every season.

  5. They will need to have a rethink about engine/grid penalties–can’t expect teams to use the same amount of components when they are racing more often

  6. Get rid of Jeddah, Miami, Qatar, Vegas & Abu Dhabi and move the remaining 19 around to minimise double/triple headers & that would for me be a much better season.

    I just don’t like the number of races now & I don’t like how many double headers there has to be to fit 23/24 races in because it just feels like all i’m doing is watching F1 every weekend and for as much love/passions as I still just about have for F1 too much of anything is never a good thing. I’ve said this before but ever since the season went above 20 races i’ve just started to feel really burnt out/over it by the final few & just can’t wait for the season to finally end even in seasons like last year that had a close/unpredictable title fight.

    It’s like the great new song your favourite band releases. It comes out & you can’t stop listening to it but after a few days even if it’s the best song you have ever heard you start to get bored of it & will stop listening to it.

    But whatever, Liberty can do what they want and of course they don’t care if fans like me suddenly start skipping races and would probably not even care if we turned off completely. Both things I can see myself begrudgingly doing in the next few years, Especially if some of the recent proposals i’ve seen going around become a reality.

    1. Get rid of Vegas when we haven’t even tried the new track yet?

      I ahbe an issue with Abu Dhabi but none of the other races you mention.

    2. I agree with you. I might allow the U.S. two races which would bring the total up to 20 but other than this, I would drop the races you mention. There is clearly no need for 4 races in the Middle East and I think 4 in North/Central America is enough allowing for Canada and Mexico.

    3. Get rid of Jeddah, Miami, Qatar, Vegas & Abu Dhabi… @stefmeister

      This makes sense. Jeddah is the worst and un-safest. Miami is a show, not a good racing track. No bet on Vegas…

    4. Get rid of Miami, Las Vegas, Jeddah and Abu Dahbi. Rotate between day races at Bahrain and Qatar.

      Bring back Sepang, Istanbul Park, Paul Ricard, Nurburgring and Portimao. Make it 25 races with a second US race at Indy/Road America or Watkins Glen.

  7. More or less exactly how I’d envisioned based on the most recent info & previous developments until today, but still some unideal features.
    A COTA-Mexico-LV triple would, of course, be better than having Interlagos as the final part.
    However, what bothers me more (& the most) than holding LV GP separately from the other two late-season NA events, is Bahrain & SA not being on consecutive weekends.
    What’s the intention, given nothing was wrong with holding them as a double-header this season, so what’s different for next season?
    They’ll be back on consecutive weekends in 2024 anyway, with that year’s Ramadan timing effectively forcing all early-season Middle East events to occur post-Ramadan, so 14.4 at the earliest.
    Another factor is Qatar’s likely early-season phase shift for the same season.
    Therefore, I envision something like Sakhir 14.4, Jeddah 21.4, Doha 5.5, & Miami 12.5 for that season.
    Furthermore, given Qatar’s likely move, I don’t get the objection to having a Qatar-Abu Dhabi pairing at next season’s end as a one-off before the eventual early-season move.
    Yes, short distance, but Spa-Zandvoort is shorter & they’ve formed a double-header twice with unaffected attendance.
    Additionally, less bad than holding in unbearably hot weather that’s still possible in October’s first quarter.
    Spa’s pre-summer break move is entirely unsurprising.
    However, Baku’s late-April return is weird, especially given their clear preference to being in June, as holding in April forces the build-up process to commence during the winter, yet still back in the early-season flyaway phase.
    Finally, I’m afraid Chinese GP faces yet another cancellation over lead time, which is more than five & half months shorter than if the event returned to the post-Monza phase instead occurring on the Qatar GP weekend.

  8. Great for fans, probably sucks for the teams. The teams really need to press to have the calendar put together in a way that minimizes travel time and distance. Coming to the Americas three times makes no sense.

    1. Yeah more grand prix weekends in a plus for me.

  9. If this change finally tips the domino that increases the engine allocation from three to four, the teams will be able to run each engine measurably harder throughout the year. Instead of each engine needing to last 7.67 races, now they’d have to last just 6.0. That’s a healthy >20% mileage reduction for each engine to handle.

    1. @Tyler S Increasing for the sake of increasing would be pointless & one more wouldn’t really make any difference in how hard teams could run engines throughout the season.

    2. True, but – trying not to be too cynical – who really cares if over half the grid can run their engines a bit harder when their cars are so inferior that they still have no chance of fighting for wins. And while a good scrap for 12th can still be fun to watch, it’s a bit of a weak argument for F1 when so many other series are managing to have far more competitive fields. Even the now infamously starved for entries WEC has had as many different teams win as F1.

    3. How many teams even try make it through a whole season on just 3 engines?
      Any team interested in performance is more than willing to strategically compromise 1 or 2 events to put less mileage on each engine.
      If they give them 4 engines next year, many teams will still take 5 or 6, because that makes them faster at every event.

  10. Japan-Qatar-USA-Mexico-Brazil-Las Vegas-Abu Dhabi, oh the sustainability! Thank you Liberty for listening! To celebrate this awesome news I already bought many totally not overpriced items in F1 store, which were made by totally not exploited Bangladeshi workers in totally not environment-polluting conditions! Saving planet Earth, one step at a time!

    BTW. 24 race calendar means Verstappen is going to win 18-20 of them. Can’t wait for those midfields battles though, as fight for P8 has never been more exciting than it is now!

    1. Can’t wait for those midfields battles though, as fight for P8 has never been more exciting than it is now!

      Given this is F1, that would be quite acceptable – provided they actually show them to us, and not just one car 10 seconds out in front on its own.

  11. If by some stroke of luck two teams actually manage to be competitive at the same time (or who knows, maybe even three… out of ten) then this could be pretty cool. Few people complained about too many races in 2021, after all. But a full season championship battle between multiple teams has only happened twice in the last 11 years. So if the 2023 F1 season is a ‘normal’ season, it’ll soon feel like a near endless re-run of the same old race with slightly different backgrounds.

  12. Weren’t there supposed to be 24 races in the last two calendars also? I’m not convinced all these events will run. I’m Lso surprised to see Saudi Arabia on the calendar after all the outrage and the questionable security at last years event.

    1. @ryanoceros 23 was the original for both last & this season, but I agree that changes are possible, given how skeptical trying to hold the Chinese GP in April is. Zero doubts about Saudi Arabian GP, though.

      1. Saudi Arabia are obviously paying lots of lovely money to be there @jerejj, but given that they practically held the F1 circus hostage after the missile attack this year, I’m surprised that Liberty are taking such, er, liberties with participant safety.

        At the very least I hope the accredited media think twice before sending correspondents out to Jeddah next year.

  13. Not sure about the intent in having two races in Italy but no German or Portuguese GP. and yeah, 24 is a bit too much, can’t imagine what the team members will have to endure.

    1. 24 isn’t too much.

  14. Anyone want to place a purely Kudos related wager on next years WDC being manipulated to ensure it is decided in Vegas? Anyone? Surely someone wants to win a point of Kudos on the FIA / F1 learning from the mistakes of 2021 and making a better fist of it to promote their race at the most lucrative race of the calendar?

    Cynical, moi?

    1. Double (points) or nothing?

      And how will Liberty keep RBR on point until that **surprise** ending?

  15. The season is getting so long that we need a calendar safety car period to reset the championship table, to stop run away points leader like we have in 2022.

  16. Quality, not quantity.
    And no French or German GP’s either.

    1. Or you can have both. No guerentee reducing races increase quality either.

  17. 24 races?? LOVELY I’m in, woop woop!!!
    Though the FIA may need to rethink a couple of aspects in the regulation imo.
    1. The budget cap – we may need to increase it to allow teams to hire staff to cover all races without running the risk of burning out the existing employees.
    2. Increase the engine parts allowance – as a result of the number of races

    1. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend
      I’m sure the current staff amount is sufficient for 24 events & increasing the PU element allocation upper limits would be pointless, not to mention, a little difference, if any.

  18. Genuine question, if the sport was profitable with only 16 races for a long time why are so many needed now? What makes 16 races are not profitable now whilst 24 are? Or is it just that 24 races are more profitable than 16?

    Anyway, this might be a great calendar if F1 is your only motorsport but 24 is too much for someone also interested in other motorsports. And F1 might be the most entertaining motorsport when there is a genuine battle for the championship but I find other motorsports more entertaining compared to an F1 season of dominance by one driver.

    1. On your first point. F1 teams don’t make a profit. They never did and never will. They have to break even but every other penny should go towards developing the car. They are marketing exercises.
      Second point. You don’t need to watch every race if you don’t want to. Here is the beauty of television. If it clashes with with your cookery class, or you prefer to watch something else no probs, that one of the many freedoms afforded to you as a citizen of this world.

      1. Yes, I do not have to watch every race. However, the more races I skip the more I question the point of watching at all. Oversaturate and some people will consider following a championship not worth the effort. Imagine if by race eight it looks like a season of dominance by one driver. If the season is 16 races long then I only have eight more races to follow that season so will likely make an effort to watch most of them. If the season is 24 races long then I might just stop watching at race eight, probably just reading articles on here about the race instead.

      2. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend

        You don’t need to watch every race if you don’t want to.

        That’s the problem, I want to watch every race because i’m a fan & have always watched every race. I loathe missing races because you always risk missing something that is crucial to the championship.

        But 24 is just a few too many so I will begrudgingly be skipping races next year.

        #LibertyOut! #LessIsMore #QualityOverQuantity

        It’s clear that Liberty don’t care about the dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate fans because almost every decision they have made has been things the true fans don’t want or which in this case forces those fans to want to miss races.

        It’s clear they just want the casual netflix fans who were never going to watch every race anyway because many of those don’t care about the championship and just see each race as an individual event anyway. That is clearly who Liberty are aiming at F1 at now, Same thing nascar did when it lost something like 60% of it’s viewership in a decade as they drove the real fans away and the casuals they brought in didn’t stick around. Same will happen here, But by that point Liberty will have made back there money and some so won’t care and will leave just as CVC did.

        Thats the hypocrisy from so many. They criticised CVC & Bernie for going after the money and turning the sport into a business yet Liberty are doing the exact same thing and many of those same ‘fans’ are praising them for it. It’s pathetic and by the time many of you wake up and see whats really going on there will be no sport left to save because it will have become an Americanised quantity over quality artificial gimmick filled show.

        Guarantee that next year the percentage of fans who watch all the races will be at it’s lowest level ever and turning your most dedicated of fans away can never be seen as a positive unless your living in nascar land.

        #LibertyOut! #LessIsMore #QualityOverQuantity #NoToOversaturation #BleepLibertyMedia

        1. @roger-ayles
          Oh poor me, 24 is too many I want to watch every race, but 24 is too many for me to watch, boo hoo.
          please just listen to yourself man, it’s embarrassing, grow up will you?

          1. Yup. How can I sit in a chair 24 times a year!!!!!

        2. Basically they’re not catering they’re not catering to the dinosaurs.

      3. The cost cap is making the teams VERY profitable.

  19. Again as other noted above, “sustainability” probably wasn’t around when FIA aprooved this calendar, many strange decisions…
    • Bahrain and Saudi Arabia can easily form a back-to-back weekend given their proximity and so can Qatar and Abu Dhabi at the end of the season… the fact that these 4 Middle Eastern rounds are not somehow paired together is bizzare.
    • Baku makes more sense to be paired back-to-back with Shanghai as teams return from Shanghai to Europe, rather than Miami at the other end of the world.
    • Miami and Montreal should be paired back-to-back somewhere around mid-late-May as the climate seems ok for both races. Instead the teams cross the Atlantic twice.
    • Imola (although a great circuit), Miami (mediocre street circuit) and Las Vegas (they killed the ‘flat out/almost oval’ type of the circuit with that late change where they added a super slow chicane) are more than 1 race per country and they are unecessary additions to the calendar, given that many countries don’t even get to hold 1 race and are vying for a slot.
    • Netherlands and Belgium should swap dates, Belgium has formed the ideal ‘after the summer break’ race for many seasons followed by Italy. It’s like a thing, the 2 power tracks, like Australia usually open the season.
    • Brazil and Las Vegas should be back-to-back, no point having 2 races in the Americas and not pair them on consecutive weekends and instead have a Las Vegas-Abu Dhabi back-to-back.

    All in all even by looking at the calendar, i feel tired. There is no way that i’ll have the hunger to watch all of them from start to finish, if there’s not a close championship fight to the end. Don’t get me wrong, i still love F1, but all this, ‘sprint weekend USA themed 24 race’ extravaganza that they planned, makes me to care less and less. 10 years ago, if something happened and i had to miss a quali or a race, i would be quite annoyed and i would try to watch the full session afterwards… now, i just say “meh” and i watch the highlights and continue like nothing happened.

    1. @black Not having Bahrain & Saudi Arabian GPs on consecutive weekends like this season is bizarre indeed & holding the Qatar & Abu Dhabi GPs on successive weekends as a one-off thing should be okay.
      Chinese GP might face yet another cancellation & custom challenges could still be why it doesn’t get paired with any event.
      Climatic aspects make grouping the Miami & Canadian GPs difficult.
      Imola, Miami, & LV, I’m indifferent.
      Just because the Belgian GP has been the first post-summer break event doesn’t mean it should stay as such forever, so an unjustifiable reason for swapping for the sake of swapping.
      This move is likely about possible future rotation or axing altogether.
      I’d rather have a COTA-Mexico-LV triple.

      1. @jerejj Miami and Montreal could easily be slotted back-to-back somewhere around mid-May. It’s not hurricane season in Miami just 1-2 weeks after the scheduled race and it’s not that cold in Montreal in May 2-3 weeks before the usual date in the calendar.

        1. @black
          True, May’s latter half itself would be okay, but surrounding events & Indy 500 bring their difficulties.

    2. There is no way that i’ll have the hunger to watch all of them from start to finish, if there’s not a close championship fight to the end.

      Well, at least you openly admit that the quality of the racing and competition in F1 is the problem, and not actually the quantity of events…

      If it’s good, you’ll happily watch 50 – but if it sucks, 20 is too many…

      1. The quantity is the main problem. We’ve had seasons with many races (basically every season these last years) and some seasons with fewer (pre 2010 and 2020). Without a doubt, without taking into account if there’s a championship fight, the season with the fewer races, feels better. Most people (especially on this site from comments that i’ve read) enjoy them more. 2020 for example didn’t have a championship fight at all, yet i remember it fondly as it didn’t drag too much.

        Obviously if there’s a championship battle, the interest goes up, but only because of the battle, not because of the amount of races. I would gladly watch Verstappen vs Leclerc go to the end in a 17-20 race championship whereas i would find it hard to watch every race of a Verstappen vs Leclerc in a 27-30 race championship.

  20. Disgusting they are going to China. Worse than Russia in terms of human rights and they don’t go to Russia and maybe even Saudi. All for the money.

    1. @darryn Entry restrictions could cause yet another cancellation.

    2. Disgusting they are going to: China, Bahrain, Saudi, Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Texas.

    3. Pretty racist comment there.

    4. If the moral police are going to determine where F1 goes, maybe they shouldn’t actually go anywhere at all.
      Pretty short calendar consisting of zero events…

      1. Indeed, the way that so called freedom loving governments in countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK have tried to gaslight it’s citizens in response to an overblown flu bug has been a true human rights disgrace.

        The calendar would be none-existent if we really wanted to be.

  21. Don’t they want to be sustainable, environment-conscious, etc? Then they shouldn’t put Canada in between a load of European races, should they? May is not that cold in Montreal.

    They could group races by continent/closeness and make an “Asia champion”, “Europe champion”, “Americas champion” after the corresponding group of races are over. Not worse than “Overtake champion”.

    1. @f1mre Holding both Miami & Canadian GPs within May’s latter half would work weather-wise, but other events & Indy 500 bring different difficulties.

  22. 24 is too many, Like 5-6 races too many.

    If those of you with no lives and with no other categories to watch enjoy doing nothing but watching F1 every weekend then more power to you.

    But even the most passionate and dedicated of fans have to say enough is enough eventually and for me i have now hit that limit and 2022 will therefore be the final year that I dedicated my time to watching every race.

    So thank you Liberty media for making me enjoy the sport I have so passionately loved for 45+ years less than I ever have before!

    To hell with you & the sport you are over saturating as you put the show above the sport and turn off your most dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate fans while chasing the netflix casual Americans who will be gone within 5 years. But then i’m sure you know that and don’t care because in 5 years you’ll be planning your exit once you have made your money back and some.

    Lets be honest Liberty don’t care about the fans, They don’t care about the sport and they don’t care about losing the most dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable fans because all they care about is the all mighty dollar and as long as they are making huge profits F1 as a sport and the fans that love it be damned!

    1. How about just making own race and the winner wins the championship!!

      You know since people don’t like to have more races for some weird reason.

      24 is nowhere near too many.

  23. There’s not a lot of enthusiasm about the current and future number of races in the paddock.

    Since the number of races hit 21/22 i’ve heard from multiple people in multiple teams talk about how much worse staff turnover has got. More and more of the crew that used to go out as part of the race teams are either quitting completely or asking to be moved to a purely factory role. Teams bring in new guys on the race team to replace them only for that person to also want to walk after a year or 2.

    The team management as well as the FIA & Liberty are all well aware of this yet clearly none of them care despite publicly saying that it is a concern to them.

    When I was there we were doing 17/18 races and that was brutal enough just as part of the TV broadcast crew, It was even worse for the team personnel. One of the reasons I quit when I did was that 19/20 was been talked about as becoming the norm and I wanted zero part of that.

    I’ve said this before a few years ago but you honestly have no idea how utterly brutal the travel is and how much it will wear you down and strain your family life. One of the things that is rarely (If ever) talked about is just how many of the guys/girls who are on the road suffer relationship breakdowns that tears there families apart with divorces been commonplace. That is something which I gather has only gotten worse as the number of races has gone up.

    Working around F1 may seem like a dream job to many fans on the outside and yeah it can be awesome but there’s a limit and the more races you add, The more of these double/triple headers they need to use & the more you are expecting everyone to not be home then the more harm you are doing to the guys/girls that make everything work.

    Thats something you mustn’t forgot, Something I think so many on the outside (And even sometimes on the inside) do forget…. Without these guys you have no racing so the guys/girls in the paddock who build the cars and maintain the cars, Who set everything up and tear everything down and who keep the circus moving are the people that they should be looking after rather than the people who are tearing apart.

    1. @gt-racer Well-put, although a 24-race schedule without a single triple header is doable by spreading out the events slightly more, for example, by starting earlier (even in February), so that some from more condensed phases could get placed in less congested phases.

    2. The problem is not the number of events at all – the problem is often in thinking that this sort of work is a life-time career path for everyone. It simply isn’t.
      It’s a working holiday that most involved will do for a few years, and then move on to something more suitable for the next stage of their life.
      It’s the same in other touring/travel based industries – entertainment is a tough gig when the show lives on the road. You need to make sacrifices and choices about your priorities.
      Hardly anyone regrets doing a couple of years of that, but many will inevitably regret doing too many years of it.

      Thing is, though, that you can’t restrict the industry just so some people can have more holidays. The industry is bigger than any individual, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

  24. + all the sprint races..

  25. I am disgusted but not surprised that that hypocrite Liberty media ‘boycott’ Russia because of the Russia-Ukraine war but has no problems bending the knee to china who commits exponentially more atrocities, most of the cities are still in prison like conditions due to “zero c0vid” and Uyghur concentration camps to “re educate” the non-han chinese Muslim Minority… But I guess the mountains of cash china offers to host plus the propaganda kudos the ccp gets to have their(paydriver) countryman race at home brings outweighs any morals or dignity from FOM.

    It would be better if Liberty went to Japan for a second time in the season and bring back the Pacific GP and race at Fuji Raceway

    Monaco is a forgettable borefest, tax exile land needs to change the narrow track layout because modern F1 cars too wide, too long and too fast with instant hybrid torque to have any real racing there. Maybe the prince should use some of that tax haven money to build a track layout fit for modern F1 cars because the current layout is too narrow, too short and outdated

  26. 24!? Madness.
    The Indycar season just finished and I’m gutted wishing for another race. When the F1 season finishes I’m relieved it’s finally over. I think I’d prefer to end a season wanting more.

    1. You’re only saying that because of the championship conditions. Last season of F1 most people also would say they want more.

      1. I’ve been saying it for years. I couldn’t wait for the season to be over last year. I would much prefer the F1 season to be 18 or 20 races.

        Last year out of the last four, the final race was the only one I watched live. The others I caught up on recordings. F1 takes up far too much time for me to watch every race live.

  27. some racing fan
    20th September 2022, 22:02

    That is probably the single least sustainable F1 calendar ever. Why- why is Miami still being held in May, when it could be held in the last week of February 2 weeks before Bahrain? It doesn’t take them that long to set the circuit up. And to make things worse- it’s being paired with Az!

    This would be a better schedule:

    1. Miami (26 Feb)
    2. Bahrain (12 March)
    3. Saudi (19 March)
    4. Australia (2 April)
    5. China (16 April)
    6. Qatar (23 April)
    7. Azerbaijan (7 May)
    8. Imola (14 May)
    9. Monaco (28 May)
    10. Spain (4 June)
    11. Canada (18 June)
    12. Holland (2 July)
    13. Austria (9 July)
    14. Britain (23 July)
    15. Hungary (6 August)
    16. Belgium (3 September)
    17. Italy (10 September)
    18. Singapore (24 September)
    19. Japan (1 October)
    20. Las Vegas (14 October)
    22. Austin (22 October)
    23. Mexico (29 October)
    23. Brazil (12 November)
    24. Abu Dhabi (26 November)

  28. This unprecedented demand and apparently huge popularity, I don’t understand.
    Personally, I’ve lost interest completely. I find myself doing other things with the races on in the background.
    Last year, I had a reason to boycott after Brazil and did so.
    This year, I’m just not interested. It’s.not even that it’s the Max show – the sport has been dominated by drivers I didn’t like before and I didn’t switch off.
    I think it’s the cars being to fat and looking slow and too controlled, but maybe it’s the fact that the tracks are dull in the main… I don’t know what it is, but as a true fan of the sport for 40+ years… Whos been to many races and watched almost every one he hasn’t attended.

    I just don’t care.

    1. Cared enough to post about you not caring though……

      1. Yep, still come here and to a few other sites out of habit. Been doing it, and watching for almost all my life. Was a connection to my late father too.
        It’s just something I do.

  29. Looks like Liberty is paying a couple of trolls to defend their actions on here ;)

    1. Looks like free thought and individualism is allowed after all.
      Many just choose not to use it.

  30. Time to start signing drivers on half-season contracts.
    Also, if I was chairman of the Contract Recognition Board, I would make them all expire on 31 March, so the new ones could be announced the next day…

  31. A compelling case can be made for at least 4 more rounds too, with a London street circuit in serious consideration, France and Germany (especially with Audi and Alpine/Renault being on the grid) and South Africa also pushing for a race. I believe a fourth US race isn’t completely out of the equation either, with a race around the North Atlantic coast still a priority for Liberty

  32. I understand logistics, Season ETC make planning a calendar like this a nightmare, But I do not understand why they would choose to drag the circus across the Atlantic and back 3 times, Especially while they keep talking about being carbon neutral ETC. Can’t wait for Seb to Tee Off on this. Seems this is entirely $ driven.

    5 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Apr 28-30 Forum
    6 Miami Grand Prix May 5-7 Forum
    7 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix May 19-21 Forum

    9 Spanish Grand Prix Jun 2-4 Forum
    10 Canadian Grand Prix Jun 16-18 Forum
    11 Austrian Grand Prix Jun 30-Jul 2 Forum

    19 Qatar Grand Prix Oct 6-8 Forum
    20 United States Grand Prix Oct 20-22 Forum

    24 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Nov 24-26

    1. Even simple stuff like going from Spain to the USA instead of from Azerbaijan would be an improvement.

      1. Ok, so going from Spain to Canada makes sense, but you get what I mean.

  33. I wonder what has to happen first for the circle of the eternally growing calendar to be broken.
    The growing need and promise of a sustainable sport is probably not it. The concerned spectators are fobbed off with supposedly green technology while its influence is a drop in the bucket.

    It will probably not be an oversaturation of the spectators either, as proven by other sports like soccer, whose boundless greed for growth knows no bounds so far. The ball is rolling all year round, but the market is growing steadily at double-digit rates.

    The budget limits will of course be raised generously so that the teams can continue to finance the endless journey. When the human resource of employees reaches its limit, they are replaced at ever shorter intervals, accompanied by high-profile talk of the social responsibility and concern for health and well-being.

    And ultimately, even the devaluation of sport seems to continue to excite spectators. The once breathtaking interplay of man and machine at the limit, gradually replaced by ever more obscene technological monsters that engage in a show contest with the help of cheap tricks and gimmicks, continues to appeal. And even ridiculous rewritings of the events in the dramatic montage of a blockbuster documentary find a ready market.

    1. Good points, @d0senbrot, that marriage of insatiable greed with media spectacle.

      But, there’s also a downside.

  34. Leonard ‘Big Lenny’ Persin (@)
    21st September 2022, 23:39

    If any F1 fans, employees, journalists etc who believe they are pro human rights are totally delusional 😂 we are all disgusting scum supporting atrocities to our fellow humans who suffer so badly; beyond our imaginations… If Hitler offered a race in Nazi Germany and paid a high fee, you can bet your money that us filth would attend it and make a living from it.

  35. We spend all winter waiting on F1 coming back and then we moan when we get more races.

    There’s enough money in F1 to allow a huge chunk of the personnel to rotate between factory or race teams .

    The FIA already mandate the hours that staff can be at the track, why not also mandate that they can only attend 60% of the races?

    The budget cap may be a concern but if the races being more money to the teams that should be able to cover the extra costs.

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