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Monaco Grand Prix signs deal to stay on F1 calendar until 2025

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The Monaco Grand Prix will remain part of the Formula 1 world championship for the next three years after the series agreed a new deal with the race-organising Automobile Club of Monaco.

After the running of the 2022 edition of the grand prix, won by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, the deal for the race expired. There was fears that a new settlement would not be found to keep F1’s most famous event on the calendar for 2023 and beyond.

Four months on, an arrangement has now been made keeping the Monaco GP on the schedule until 2025. Its new deal was confirmed after the FIA announced the approval of the 2023 F1 calendar, including the Monte-Carlo race.

Monaco will therefore continue its run of appearances on the schedule which has been unbroken since 1955, with the exception of the 2020 event which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am pleased to confirm that we will be racing in Monaco until 2025 and excited to be back on the streets of this famous principality for next year’s championship on May 28th,” said F1’s CEO and president Stefano Domenicali.

“I want to thank everyone involved in this renewal and especially H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Michel Boeri, president of the ACM and all his team. We look forward to being back next season to continue our partnership together.”

The Monaco GP will be the eighth round of the 2023 F1 season. It will be the second race in three consecutive weekends, following a race at Imola and preceding another at the Circuit de Catalunya.

ACM president Michel Boeri said: “In the interest of the F1 world championship, and after several months of negotiations, we are proud to announce that we have signed a three-year agreement with F1, and likely to be renewed.”

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21 comments on “Monaco Grand Prix signs deal to stay on F1 calendar until 2025”

  1. Hopefully, FOM would finally take over world feed coverage directing they should’ve done long ago.

    1. Yes please! The poor television direction has been the bane of Monaco, especially in recent years.

  2. Constantijn Blondel
    20th September 2022, 19:16

    Now there’s a shocker … …

  3. I never really thought it would leave, and I’m happy it’s staying. Yes it’s silly – especially with these cars. But it looks good on the TV and the fact qualifying is so OP in the weekend makes it a change.

    Perhaps it’s nostalgia talking, but given the choice of Bahrain or Monaco. I’d keep Monaco.

    Unless of course we could give the outer layout in Bahrain another go.

    1. @bernasaurus FOM Should bring back the pacific GP and race at Fuji Raceway, the track gave amazing racing in 2007 and 2008 and its a shame that a FIA Grade One track built for F1 racing does not get to show its full potential

      Monaco could be a great track if it was modernized to be more appropriate for the wider longer faster cars, the sheer size of modern F1 machinery makes it impossible to overtake and the race a non event borefest, it never made sense why a tax cheat nation full of wealth does not spend some of its billions of property tax revenue to modernize the track and adapt new layouts fit for modern faster and wider cars?

      Monaco like Monza and spa are the most dull races on the calendar because the event organisers get a free pass as a ‘historic’ circuit so there is no incentive to modernize or put any real effort into organizing the race.

  4. They drive slowly through the sun dappled streets, sponsor logos gleaming proudly, cheered politely by the rich and glamorous. It’s what F1 is all about really.

  5. All in all it is good Monaco will stay

  6. I would rather watch this race than that Las Vegas track. At least this track has character rather than the Las Vegas street circuit filled with no real corners.

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      21st September 2022, 6:21

      And at least Monaco is IN Monaco as opposed to the Las Vegas GP which is actually in Paradise not Las Vegas

  7. José Lopes da Silva
    20th September 2022, 22:26

    Good news.
    People who do not like this race can watch all the other 22 or 23 races.

  8. A great event up until Saturday afternoon…
    Maybe they should have signed it up on the condition that there was no GP.

  9. I was hoping the new cars would allow more overtaking around here due to the closer following, but nope, it was the size after all. I’d be happy to see it gone, or have it just be a time-trial event where each driver gets like 5 timed laps or something with the track all to themselves. The qualifying is always the most spectacular part of Monaco, getting as close to the walls as possible. And even then only when traffic isn’t an issue.

    1. Traffic also makes qualifying special, it makes it more strategic, as well as the race, since ending up behind your opponent can easily ruin you, unlike many other tracks.

  10. It’s not a great race partly because the cars are now too big for it. I am happy it’s staying because it’s a unique event and of it’s history. As others have said, I would much rather there be a race here than Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi or other places where they lock people up and/or torture them for the religious beliefs or failing to be follow medieval laws.

    Unfortunately we have to put up with these events. As well as car parks in the U.S. Yay!

  11. The size of the cars is only part of the problem.
    There are so many other things that need to be changed in F1 to make this venue more of a racing track, but none of them will ever happen.

    If it really must stay on the calendar, I’m totally in support of dropping the GP and running a totally different event format altogether. Make it truly special event for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Qualifying should not be the highlight of the whole event.
    All the old die-hards are complaining that there are too many races in F1 now, after all….

    1. I agree, the track isn’t suited to modern F1 cars and hasn’t been for a long time. There are no changes they could make that would meaningfully improve this so I also think a completely different format for Sunday makes sense. I’d make it a time trial of some sort with cars spaced out over the track, and groups set by the qualifying order. But there seems to be zero appetite for any format change (since even F1 management agrees sprint races at Monaco don’t make sense) so I think the procession is here to stay.

    2. All the old die-hards are com

      Seb! Is that you?

  12. Just move the chicane much closer to Tobac, problem solved

    1. If we then get easy drs passes it’s gonna ruin monaco: what’s special about the track is that drs doesn’t help you, you have to sweat at overtaking anyone.

  13. Great news to see Monaco staying, there’s some newer street circuits that are better in other ways but nothing compares to the challenge and spectacle of the Monaco

    On a side note I bet everyone’s already fed up of including ‘apart from 2020’ in every stat

  14. Agree @glynh. Monaco seems to have mesmerised me for close to half a century. Most GP in my part of the world are on in the very early hours of a winters Monday morning. I swear I am switching off and going to bed, get off the couch, but find myself standing in “no man’s land” for about half an hour glued to the TV in anticipation of something extraordinary occurring, then sit back down again. Maybe unfair but I find most other street circuits look like cars racing in a chicken coop.

    Looks like “for sure” has had its day but my pet hate at the moment is ; understand, understanding and any derivatives.

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