McLaren Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix livery, 2022

McLaren and crypto sponsor reveal special livery for Singapore and Japan rounds

2022 Singapore Grand Prix

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McLaren is marking the return of the Singapore and Japanese grands prix to the Formula 1 calendar with a special livery it will use in the two events beginning this weekend.

The livery has been produced in conjunction with sponsors OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange, as part of a campaign it calls “Future Mode”. The race suits worn by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will also incorporate the distinctive bright pink colours.

“The special livery enhances McLaren’s Fluro Papaya colourway with neon pink embellishments and dynamic, cyberpunk-inspired engine illustrations,” said the team in a statement. “The effervescent design represents the emergence of new technologies from the region, with a look to the future inspired by the cityscapes of Singapore and Japan, where Formula 1 returns for the first time since 2019.”

McLaren will also make the livery available for players of the official Formula 1 racing game, F1 22, to use from October 10th.

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren Racing, said the team’s new livery is “bold and vibrant.”

McLaren and OKX are united in driving ahead and constantly striving to break boundaries, and the Future Mode campaign is an opportunity to champion these values together on our global stage,” he added.

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F1’s rounds at Marina Bay in Singapore and Suzuka in Japan are being held this year for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 races.

“It’s fantastic to be returning to race in Singapore and Japan, and these incredible circuits provide a fitting backdrop for us to celebrate our partnership vision together,” Brown added.

McLaren’s Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix livery

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36 comments on “McLaren and crypto sponsor reveal special livery for Singapore and Japan rounds”

  1. This year’s McLaren livery is a huge mess… and it managed to get even worse.

    1. I want Mclaren to do well, but man… I’ve hated this livery so much. This doesn’t help at all. They had made a beautiful car in 2020, 2021… I don’t understand who came up with this year’s horrendous design. By far the worst livery right now.

    2. Bright orange, neon blue, black, those multicoloured chrome wheels, now this pink crypto stuff… Oh, how I miss those old sleek chrome red designs…

    3. You whiners are taking over social media …

  2. I’m a McLaren fan but that car is a migraine on wheels!

  3. I like the plexiglass though.

  4. Why do all the crypto sponsors have logos that look like they’re straight from the cutting room floor.

  5. Revolting visual nonsense.

  6. This looks much better! For one race McLarens will not like cheap plastic toys from the 90s.

  7. McLaren and OKX are united in driving ahead and constantly striving to break boundaries, and the Future Mode campaign is an opportunity to champion these values together on our global stage,” he added<em

    I'd prefer if they were constantly striving to win, but with new competition locked out they seem happy treading water between 7-10 position.

    1. Ah, they picked “Generic Marketing Statement 3” out of “The Meaningless Marketing Nonsense Handbook”. I’m surprised they managed to find any generic statements that hadn’t already been used by Mission Winnow but fair play to them.

      What boundaries are they speaking of? The fastest a F1 car can go? Perhaps they should focus on trying to catch up to the other teams first so that they are somewhere vaguely near the boundaries of what is possible and then they can start thinking about breaking them…

      I see other teams pushing the boundaries – Mercedes with their sidepod-less car, Red Bull trying to make their own engine, Ferrari seeing how many mistakes they can cram into a single season…. What are McLaren doing that is even attempting to break a single boundary? The ugliest livery?

  8. One day we’ll look back on this era of crypto sponsorship in the same way we look at tobacco today.

    Tobacco poisoned individuals whereas crypto’s energy usage harms us all.

    1. I hope we can stop at all types of gambling (which crypto still is IMO) advertising in F1.

    2. I loved tobacco advertising – they had the most interesting brands with the coolest logos and liveries! Marlboro, Camel, Rothmans etc., duh!

    3. You couldn’t be more wrong. Digital finance aka crypto is the future.

      Also the energy consumption is hugely overstated, yes some miners in some countries have caused high energy usage but this changing fast. Many tokens/coins are not even mineable these days, with their energy consumption being around an average house to run their entire network. Nano being a prime example. You certainly could never say that about your favourite stone age bank!

      1. The only thing Crypto is the future of is criminal fraud and money laundering prosecutions.

    4. Yes, free the wales Kris Lord!

  9. Better than normal

  10. It looks even more like an Arrows from the early 00’s now, it even has Arrow written on the side of it!

  11. Crypto-crap aside, at least it looks better than this year’s livery in my opinion, but still not very good.

  12. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    27th September 2022, 10:29

    This may not be my favourite colour scheme ever, but its nice to see some variety.

    I think all restrictions on changes to colour schemes should be removed. I’m sure F1 teams sponsors would love more flexibility to change a cars colour depending on the locale. They have different brands in different places don’t they? Different colours on each car like Indycar wouldn’t hurt now and then. I know it might confuse the casual observer, but I think it would add something to the sport.

    A yellow Ferrari might spark some interest… and debate.

    1. I don’t even know what the current restrictions are.

      PS is there a restriction on using your avatar?

  13. The McLaren livery is a disaster this year.

    And those Google wheel covers. There aren’t words.

  14. Looks pretty gaudy – it suits the cryptosphere perfectly!

  15. This is awful. Just awful. I have no idea what McLaren’s livery designers are doing at this point. I must be way too old to understand what’s cool anymore…

  16. It’s hideous. Plus, I thought they McLaren were trying to sell me an actual Ox

    1. *that

  17. That car REALLY needs more colours, more stripes and stuff.
    It’s hideous.

  18. My 7 y/o myself would love that and I would propably be a big Lando fan but I’m not 7 any more neither I am a Lando fan.

  19. Nothing shady about a Chinese Crypto exchange based out of a tiny island in the Indian Ocean that has been investigated for criminal fraud, and estimated to have 93% faked trading volume.

  20. Looks like a messy IndyCar/Nascar livery.

  21. I like the carbon + papaya + fushia at the back. It looks good in the renderings. But the front scheme is not working at all.

  22. By now OKX should read K.O.

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