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Hamilton apologises to Mercedes after ‘not the greatest day’ in Singapore

2022 Singapore Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton offered his apologies to his Mercedes team after falling from third on the grid to ninth in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Despite securing his best starting position of the season, a costly unforced error by the Mercedes driver saw him skid into a barrier at turn seven on the 33rd lap of the race. He was running in fourth place behind Carlos Sainz Jnr at the time.

Hamilton suffered front wing damage which forced him to pit. He went on to finish down in ninth place after losing a place to Max Verstappen in the closing laps with another error while trying to pass Sebastian Vettel.

“I think we started off with a pretty decent weekend and just really, really unfortunate,” Hamilton told Sky.

“It’s obviously difficult to overtake and that lock-up into turn seven, when those things happen your heart sinks a little bit. I tried to get past Seb, but it was wet on the inside.

“When you fail, you get up and try again. It wasn’t the greatest day.”

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During the series of Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car interventions in the first half of the race, Hamilton debated with his race engineer Peter Bonnington whether to pit for slick tyres on the slowly drying track. Then he struck the barrier at turn seven, which occurred when he was still on intermediates, just before drivers began to pit for slick tyres.

He said the transition to dry tyres would have been crucial in his fight with Sainz over the final podium position.

“Potentially we could have undercut him, maybe,” Hamilton said. “But it was a battle not of the undercut, but of who gets on the slicks first and it would have been slice-and-dice.

“So I was hoping for that and that’s what I was working towards, but then it went all out the frickin’ window when I locked up. So my apologies to the team. But we live and we learn and I’ll recover.”

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2022 Singapore Grand Prix

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29 comments on “Hamilton apologises to Mercedes after ‘not the greatest day’ in Singapore”

  1. unfortunate?
    no bad luck involved

    1. Oh no… It’s not Lewis’ fault. Surely he was running an “experimental setup” and that’s why. If not that then it’s someone’s fault but not precious Lewis

      1. The Skeptic (@)
        3rd October 2022, 1:50

        Lewis apologises, and takes responsibility, and you still have a snarky comment?

  2. Things are very hard with Mercedes this year. And no matter how much they try, it doesn’t seem they will turn things around before next season. W13 is obviously a chassis to forget. Mistakes are a consequence of desperation by those who find themselves out of their comfort zone.

    1. That car was fast enough for a podium. Clearly. Sure it’s not coasting to wind anymore, but Lewis should have been in the mix for 3rd.

  3. I fear that the game has passed HAM. He sat behind SAI forever and when he finally tried to pass, he botched it. Then he sat behind VET forever and didn’t pick it up until VER showed up, and then he botched it. His constant whining during the race tells me that his mind isn’t focused on the race going on, but the race that might have been, if this was different and that was different. He gets much too depressed, much too quickly.

    1. The Skeptic (@)
      3rd October 2022, 1:53

      You need a significant speed advantage to pass in Singapore. Verstappen had a big advantage over most of the field. Lewis didn’t.

      You are right that Lewis is an emotional driver. Nevertheless, he did an outstanding job in qualifying…. one could say sublime, and was unlucky on the race start.

      1. The other problem is as soon as they went to slick, it’s a no pass except if huge pace difference. Going off line to overtake means wet tires and less grip as everyone drives the same line. Always the case during drying races and few drivers being caught when trying to overtake.

      2. In my opinion is see drivers like Verstappen and Hamilton trying to make the difference and go for an overtake. Little do-or-die butt still better then doing nothing.

        The difference for me with Hamilton this year is that he really has to work for it, maybe feels some pressure and that way isn’t faultless anymore.

        1. Verstappen also squared his tyres in a desparate attempt, and lost lots of positions due to that. So even with the best car such mistakes happen

      3. That choice of line in trying to overtake Seb was amateurish to the max, given the circumstances.

        Almost like Lewis had forgotten that this was a wet race. Proper brain fart.

    2. I agree. But to his defense it is difficult to no longer have a car that will simply launch you of the line towards a victory with your wing man having your back.

  4. Sir Lewis “the Greatest Of All Time” Hamilton at his best! #blessed

    1. Russell on the same car didn’t do any better. Max on the best car – by far – also didn’t do much better. “Greatest of all time” does not mean infallible. These guys are racers, Hamilton is certainly a racer. He was stuck behind Sainz who was nowhere near Leclerc’s pace, on a damp track where anywhere outside of the braking line offers no grip. You folks are just malicious and childish. Try to enjoy the sport without the venom.

      1. Hi Andre,
        Yeah, tires and timing were also big factors in the race. Some drivers could get in and out with little loss, others were stuck behind drivers that could go just as fast in the passing areas. Lewis was stuck behind Seb, who was stuck behind Lance. Some may not have noticed that early on Lewis was pulling away from Lando quite comfortably. But after slicks Ricardo was losing more than two seconds a lap to Lando, and no one behind him could even get close.

  5. Imagine Saudi Arabia ’21 being the last victory for Lewis.
    We didn’t believe Sebs last would be Singapore ’19
    or Alonsos to be Spanish GP ’13
    or Buttons to be Brazil ’12

    1. But that’s it, one just has to be the last and you never know which one is it. And you definitely don’t think it is the one you are currently experiencing :-)

      Anyway, this is not happening by chance. Aces like Hamilton, Schumacher, Vettel or Alonso never forget how to drive or win, but you need more than this. And the game will pass one day, for you because you are not able to put all the things together at the right time, you lose some sharpness to do this or that in critical moment, you lose the confidence of the team that they should do more than usual for you etc. It is a kind of spiral and once it starts to rotate the bad way, you won’t come back. Lewis may be just there. Or maybe not you never know :-)

    2. Well at least he still has “among top three” car in his possession as always throughout his career, it’s not like he’s million miles away from winning another race.

  6. Lewis and wet tracks don’t mix.

    It’s the story of his career.

    1. The Skeptic (@)
      3rd October 2022, 1:56

      If you ignore all of the race that he’s won on wet tracks, you are absolutely right. I remember Lewis overtaking Rosberg (in the same machinery…) round the outside of turn 1 at Japan in the wet in Japan. Brilliantly winning Brazil in 2016 – untouchable. Exploiting Vettel’s error at Hockenheim to win from 14th place on the grid in wet conditions.

    2. Did you miss his win in Fuji in his debut season amid typhoon-like conditions, or perhaps that Silverstone masterclass the year he won his first title?

      1. Lewis in the rain is surblime, awsome to behold. Unless you have been watching f1 for the last few months. Strange how people have short memories. Soke of his best qualis were done in the rain. Even his races. Some were epic masterpieces. But yes he has had his share of mishaps in the rain as well.

    3. Career wet race wins for your information.

      Michael Schumacher – 18
      Lewis Hamilton – 17
      Ayrton Senna – 13
      Jensen Button – 7

      1. Awsome statistics thnx

      2. Dont. The orange hate club here cant handle such facts.

    4. Wet races are when a driver can make more of a difference and you get a better glimpse at their talent. That’s why as much as I don’t really like Lewis, I respect his skill as a driver.
      I was at Silverstone 08 and he was on another level that day.

      1. Wow what a blessing to be present. I agree. But the cars mechanical grip and downforce also plays a role. But you are right driver talent does come to the front in these instances.

    5. Story of his career? Please share your supplier’s contact…must be really top notch stuff.

  7. I don’t like these cars. Ground affect has done nothing for the sport.

    Wasn’t a good day for the best drivers on track and FIA still making clumsy / inconsistent decisions.

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