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Rate the race: 2022 Singapore Grand Prix

2022 Singapore Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Singapore Grand Prix.

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48 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. Mostly driving in trains, with some good battles in the mix.

  2. A solid 7/10. Quite a decent race. I hope Perez doesn’t get a penalty as he drove perfectly today.

  3. 6/10. The wet part was pretty straightforward but the race got more interesting when the track dried out.

    Also, it’s one of the rare races when the so called “top” drivers drove that poorly and commited a lot of unforced errors

    1. It’s good to see one of those from time to time, reminds you they’re always on the edge and in the tricky conditions anyone can make a mistake at anytime, especially if you’re pushing to make up ground/places.

      Perez did well to hold off LeClerc in the final half hour, though it also showed how strong that Red Bull really is at the moment. The (significantly) weaker of the two RB drivers pulling away from the Ferrari as the track dried, and Max really the only driver in the mid-pack to be able to make significant headway.

      1. It also reminds us that they are humans and even the best of the best can have it’s bad moment.

        With how faster the Red Bull seems,the big battle it’s gonna be for P2, between Perez and Leclerc

  4. petebaldwin (@)
    2nd October 2022, 16:19

    Weird race… It had lots of potential to be a really exciting race but it just didn’t quite happen. I enjoyed it more than some of the DRS-fests we’ve had but I can’t give it more than a 6. Minus 1 point for the FIA stewarding so 5 overall.

    Well done though to Checo – a really good drive and pulling a gap at the end to try and protect against a potential penalty was great.

    1. Yes but, why was the drs delayed? I can’t take the race director weaving his way through the rules. The drs changes the outcome of the race, the impeding investigation marks this race.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        2nd October 2022, 16:29

        Yeah… They were bizarre today. Extremely late to make a decision on safetycars or VSCs on multiple occasions, leaving a decision that will confirm who is the winner until after the race, calling Russell driving into the side of someone’s car a racing incident.

        All over the place today.

      2. @peartree

        why was the drs delayed?

        Because it was still wet offline.

        And I think the racing was better without it anyway as it was making drivers have to think and look at trying moves all around the track rather than just waiting for the 3 zones where they are able to press a button and get an easier move.

        If DRS was active I doubt we’d have seen Max pull off some of the real overtakes he did outside of the highway pass zones such as the nice overtake he made at turn 13 for example. With DRS he’d likely have held back and not gone for the t13 move to setup the easier pass in the flappy wing gimmick highway pass zone after t13.

        Quality over quantity please!

        1. Agree with this, however I had to give the race 7 because I expected more from a wet race, but I heard the start was delayed, so as usual fia working hard to kill the fun of a proper wet race.

          1. Yeah, @esploratore1, I really don’t get why they waited so long to get going. Maybe they were afraid of spray due to visibility? It looked like it was ready to get going at least 40 minutes before they actually started, probably earlier.

            And I really agree with you @roger-ayles, the fight was pretty solid without the DRS here. Nice to see Max find interesting ways to get past cars instead of just making it boring DRS highway passes.

          2. @esploratore1 @bascb The start procedure been delayed was 100% the right call as the level of rain that was falling and the amount of water that was on the track as a result was simply not driveable conditions. There was just no way any racecar on any type of tires could have handled those conditions. The rain itself was also so heavy that you could barely see through it, They had a shot from the camera at turn 1 at one point and you couldn’t even see a quarter of the way down the start straight.

            Once the rainfall eased parts of the track were still flooded and they had to get equipment out to help clear it.

            They were also apparently contractually obligated to have the full start procedure so while the worst of the water was cleared an hour before it got going and it was probably raceable not long after that, They still had to do the normal pre-race procedures. Teams have to be given 10 minutes notice before been sent out, The pit exit has to open 40 minutes before the start & they have to do all the normal pre-race grid stuff with the media allowed on to do interviews, People who had paid for grid passes & of course things like the national anthems etc..

            I don’t think the entire start procedure has ever had to be delayed like this before so I guess they don’t have protocols or agreements in place to allow them to break the normal procedure to speed up the starting process. Now that it’s happened maybe it will be something they will look at going forward like they did after Spa last year which was also unusual circumstances that hadn’t occurred before.

          3. Really, they had contractual obligations that meant they had to do it this way? Wow, that is quite something @roger-ayles, I didn’t have a clue about that. I guess it explains why the delay was this long then.

            I wholly agree that it was the right call to delay, I just think the track was ready for racing a lot earlier (close to or around the time they announced the new start time probably) than they started the race, as you mention.

        2. @roger-ayles I don’t care about drs but drs can be activated on int

        3. @roger-ayles I don’t care about drs but drs can be activated on inters. Race direction arbitrarily decided when to activate drs and that changes racing completely.

  5. Luckily Max didn’t start on pole. It would have been a boring race with him 20sec ahead of Perez, Lec.

    1. Max on pole would have been P5 at the first corner, due to messing up the start

  6. Big day for McLaren and Aston Martin. Red Bull with heaps of pace in hand to unleash when needed; no contest.

    Unfortunately drying tracks make for bad racing when it becomes dry enough for slicks, as there is then only one raceline that not even someone of Hamilton’s skill can overcome.

    Decent for a Singapore GP.

  7. Gave it a solid 8, minus 1 point for that long wait before the race.
    Perez is the standout driver, nobody else was close to such a perfect weekend, really.
    Alonso again with a DNF ! And this time both Alpines even, McLaren retaking 4th – what a weekend to forget.
    Opposite story for And Aston Martin making big gains, kudos to them.

    1. Well, I think this mclaren result is good for the championship battle, because so far mclaren was basically fighting with 1 driver vs 2, now they have a chance to actually threaten renault in the end. But yes, I’m getting annoyed about the amounts of points lost by alonso through technical problems, as you can see he was also very good at holding off verstappen, like norris was. A strong driver in a decent midfield car can stop the fastest driver\team combination on this track!

  8. 5
    Again – a lot of potential, but not enough delivery.

    1. Oh, make it a 4 – 1 point for every hour totally wasted prior to eventually starting it.

      1. So would you have started it at the originally scheduled time when parts of the track were flooded and there was exceptionally heavy monsoon levels of rain falling?

        The delay was 100% correct as there is no way any racecar on any tires could have raced when you had the monsoon levels of rain that had parts of the track flooded. The rain was also heavy enough that you could barely see through it, I mean you couldn’t even see the start lights from the cameras at turn 1 purely because of how heavy the rainfall was.

        I honestly cannot see how anyone can argue that the delay wasn’t correct given how much rain was falling and how flooded parts of the track were. I can only guess these people weren’t seeing any of the footage or just want to watch cars flying off the track in a straight line as they aquaplane through the flooded parts of track.

        1. Yes, that’s exactly the kind of race I miss! In the 90s they raced like that, even in brazil 2016 they raced like that!

        2. But I remember a race I think in malaysia 2009 where they said it was monsoon conditions and they stopped it as the drivers called it undriveable.

        3. The track was ready to race on 10 minutes prior to the original start time, @roger-ayles.
          They then started their 15 minute countdown to begin the 1 hour pre-race procedure… Which involves the cars just sitting on the grid for 25 minutes…. And a national anthem that could have been performed earlier (or not at all).
          Nobody comes to watch cars doing nothing, and people miming to a pre-recorded song.

          As it happens, yes, I saw it all and, yes, I do like to see drivers handling the conditions.
          There was simply no reasonable reason to delay it by that long.
          If the drivers can’t hack it, they aren’t the right drivers. And if the cars aren’t capable, they are the wrong cars.
          F1 has gone so soft when it comes to wet weather.

          You constantly demand quality over quantity – having the drivers out handling those conditions is about the best example of quality you’d find in motorsport.

  9. Not a great race, the pack largely spread out quickly and no one could really have a go at anyone without a huge advantage (and even that wasn’t really helping. Vestappen got stuck behind plenty of slower cars he couldn’t do anything against until he had a tyre advantage)

  10. It was ok, a few dull patches but most of the time there was something interesting happening (or developing). Little bit of an anticlimax towards the end when it looked like there was going to be a really tight finish for a while.

  11. Great race.
    Just amazing how these guys (mostly) kept the cars on the road.
    Showed that we don’t need DRS.
    Proves that many ‘fans’ here claim they come for racing, but only want to see overtakes.
    I don’t mind introducing sprinklers.

  12. Very frustrating race to watch. Conditions not conducive to overtaking at all leading to desperate lunges.

  13. Neil (@neilosjames)
    2nd October 2022, 16:52

    Quite poor. Found the constant interruptions frustrating and didn’t think the racing was up to much, very processional. Made worse by three interesting sub-plots managing to extinguish themselves through reliability or driver error (Alonso/Verstappen, Sainz/Hamilton, Verstappen’s recovery).

  14. 4/10 This was a terrible race. Obviously three hours isn’t enough time to include contingencies, and the podium ceremony should not be prioritized over finishing the actual race. Singapore is usually a snoozer anyway but this was a big waste of time.

    1. How was the podium ceremony prioritized? You know that the 2 hour race limit is for driver safety, not for the podium?

  15. It was a great race even though they tried to ruin it by enabling DRS.

  16. And again a low score for the tv director. Stop zooming in so much. Some shots of great battles left my screen filled with just a tire. A single tire. Or a side pod. I can’t see the action if I can’t see both cars! But at this point, seeing just one car would already be a solid improvement

    1. Good point and don’t show replays or paddocks when there is close racing on track

    2. Great point. TV director is horrible.

  17. One of the dullest wet/dry races I can remember, very little overtaking and far too many SC/VSCs.

    Track not suited to F1.


  18. 8/10. This might be a little generous but I think it’s a reaction to watching the last 3 races all of which I found pretty dull.

    There was always something going on in this race I thought and the tricky conditions made overtaking more of a challenge at some points during the race. It was quite good to see some of the top drivers make mistakes owing to their mishandling of the conditions.

    I thought it was a little disappointing that we didn’t get a closer finish as it became quite exciting for a few laps. But then Perez was able to pull away. Not a bad race.

  19. I’m glad I only watched the highlights. I’ve a feeling it would have felt like a very long race if I’d have watched it live. Still there was plenty to like. 6 from me.

    1. You cannot judge a race just by watching the highlights on youtube. For example, they didn’t show Leclerc following Perez 0.5s behind for 3/4 laps, which was intense!

      1. I watched the C4 highlights here in the UK, which showed the Leclerc/Perez battle – along with all the other moments of interest I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere.
        The coverage, considering it is highlights, is usually very good.

        1. Oh ok apologies. I didn’t get that.

  20. 4/10 for me. Changeable conditions and multiple safety cars couldn’t even save it

  21. 4. I don’t care for trains interrupted by random stuff.

  22. A 6 that kept threatening to be 9, but never managed it.

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