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Russell to start from pit lane after power unit change

2022 Singapore Grand Prix

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George Russell will start the Singapore Grand Prix from the pit lane after Mercedes changed the power unit in his car.

Mercedes have changed all parts in his car’s W13 E Performance power unit, all of which further exceeded his maximum allocation of parts for the season which he had already breached, with the exception of his exhaust.

He qualified 11th for the race after encountering technical problems in qualifying. He missed the cut for Q3 by just six-thousandths of a second.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said the driver reported his engine was still delivering some power to his wheels even when he came off the throttle completely. Russell said the car was “pushing me into the corners.”

“The grip felt good, I just couldn’t get around any corners,” he explained. “I kept understeering off, which is such a shame.”

“We’ve seen some indications in the data and I hope we can resolve it,” he added. “Obviously, it’s disappointing for myself and the whole team as the car was looking strong here. Lewis was really fast but unfortunately I couldn’t make it work.”

Russell’s penalty will promote Lance Stroll to 11th place on the grid and move the following drivers up one position.

Updated 2022 Singapore Grand Prix grid

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2022 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. Difficult race ahead for him unless rain hits.

  2. How can Mercedes afford to pay Mercedes for the extra Mercedes PU?

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