Ferrucci to make full-time IndyCar return with Foyt in 2023


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IndyCar driver Santino Ferrucci will return to the series for the full 2023 season after AJ Foyt Racing confirmed he will drive their number 14 entry next year.

After racing full-time in the series with Dale Coyne in 2019 and 2020, former Formula 2 racer Ferrucci has spent two seasons racing a limited schedule with Rahal Letterman Lanigan, Juncos Hollinger and Dreyer & Reinbold. Ferrucci also appeared in the 2021 and 2022 Indy 500s, securing top ten finishes in both.

AJ Foyt Racing have now confirmed that they have signed the 24-year-old to drive the car which was driven by Kyle Kirkwood this season. The rookie is moving to Andretti in 2023.

“Being a part-time driver over the last two years has been hard for me, personally,” said Ferrucci.

“I’m a race car driver and I want to compete. Working with different teams has been exciting and I’m proud that no matter which car I’ve raced, I’ve always shown speed and consistency. I couldn’t be more excited to join AJ Foyt Racing. I can’t wait to make the best of it.”

AJ Foyt team president Larry Foyt said signing Ferrucci will benefit both the team and the team’s second driver, rookie Benjamin Pederson, who will join the team from the Indy Lights series.

“He’s shown a knack for getting towards the front of the field, and I think he is a racer who moves forward on race day,” said Foyt. “AJ sees the fire in him and has enjoyed their meetings together. I think Santino’s experience will help his rookie team mate as well, so he is a great addition to our roster.”

Ferrucci had been racing in Formula 2 in 2018 and was a Haas F1 junior driver until he was dropped by his Trident team. The FIA handed him a four-race ban after he was deemed to have deliberately collided with team mate Arjun Maini and driving his car from the paddock to the pits while operating a mobile phone .

“IndyCar became my goal after leaving F1 in 2018,” explained Ferrucci. “I finished up my season in Europe and was asked to fill in for Pietro Fittipaldi in the Detroit Grand Prix. I instantly fell in love with the cars, the style of racing and the people. That’s when I knew that IndyCar needed to be my new home.”

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16 comments on “Ferrucci to make full-time IndyCar return with Foyt in 2023”

  1. Most dislikeable character in motorsports history, and that says a lot considering we’ve seen blokes like Mazepin and you know who…

    1. The American press, especially NBC who broadcast IndyCar, do a horrible job of highlighting how repugnant he is. They gloss over his past with insipid and oblique references to his behavior while simultaneously pumping him up as some great, American hope for motorsports. I want to puke every time I hear Leigh Diffey call him an exciting American youngster.

      1. Well, you’ve got to understand that unfortunately in the U.S. motorsports tend to be more closely associated with the Trump and conservative crowds who idolize odious behaviour as “telling it like it is.” They probably don’t want to antagonize their core fans too much

        1. “Trump and conservative crowds.” I think most of them are at NASCAR races. I’ve been an IndyCar fan since the 80’s, hate Trump with passion, hoping for prison everyday for the worst criminal and human ever to somehow be elected President.

          As far as Ferrucci, yes he did some stupid things in F2 when he was 18. He’s been a model citizen in IndyCar, is quite good, and is entertaining to watch. Ever did anything stupid when you were 18?

          1. Correction, he was 20 in F2. Ever do anything stupid when you were 20???

    2. you know who… maldonado ??

  2. Derek Edwards
    6th October 2022, 18:58

    IndyCar became my goal after leaving F1 in 2018

    Did he really say F1 or is that a typo? If the former then, well, that’s bold.

    1. He was Haas’ test and reserve driver at the time his toxic behavior got him sacked at Trident.

      They even kept him on until the end of season.

      1. Derek Edwards
        7th October 2022, 0:45

        I know that he was doing that side gig while causing chaos in F2 so I suppose he could technically refer to himself as “an F1 driver” but, still, it’s a broad definition and aimed, I guess, at those who don’t follow Formula One.

  3. He’s just 24

  4. I’m delighted that he’s back – I really missed him. He’s a cartoon villain I love to hate. And though I’ve been occasionally impressed by his driving flair, he’s still got some way to go to turn before I change my position.
    Of all his crimes, it’s this height of fashion crime that’s my all time favourite. Always brings a smile.

  5. I wouldn’t pay that fool to drive a taxi much less a race car

  6. He already is paying his due. He is a young adult now.


  7. It’s a shame he still gets the press attention he does…

    I have yet to see any improvement in his mindset beyond his time in F3 and F2. If only there were a points system of sorts for respect for your competitor.

  8. Mark in Florida
    7th October 2022, 12:50

    Come on guys. He’s fast but furious! I don’t like the little guy at all but I do admit that he has at times impressed me with his turn of speed. He’s not champion material by a long shot but as long as he keeps out of trouble and doesn’t crash others out I see no problem with it. What he did as a young man shouldn’t define him for the rest of his life. Hopefully he has matured enough to be a part of polite society.

  9. “IndyCar became my goal after leaving F1 in 2018,” explained Ferrucci.“

    Umm…what? Where were this guy in F1? The grandstands?

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