Haas “not in a hurry” to decide on 2023 driver line-up

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In the round-up: Gunther Steiner refuses to be rushed into choosing Kevin Magnussen’s team mate for next year.

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In brief

Steiner has “no hurry” to find Haas’s second driver for 2023

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner says there is no need to worry about settling on a 2023 driver line-up, as he would rather not be rushed into choosing Kevin Magnussen’s team mate for next year.

There are officially three vacancies on next year’s Formula 1 grid, one of which is at Haas.

“We are not in a hurry and there’s not a lot of things moving. So why should I be in a hurry?” Steiner said at last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, brushing off the idea that he should be worried about missing out on signing drivers if he leaves it too late.

While Mick Schumacher still has a chance of retaining his seat, Steiner says Haas is weighing up what it wants from

On what Haas is looking for in the driver who will partner Magnussen in 2023, he added: “That is what we are looking at. It’s a little bit what do we need to do to get the team better, to help ourselves.

“And we just want to see how Mick is doing. There’s a lot of it we are watching. We are not just sitting there doing nothing, we are seeing what is happening and we know where we want to go, we need to get a stronger team for next year and for the future. So that is what we are waiting.

“There’s no hurry and we are thinking it properly too. The only thing we don’t want to make, maybe next year, saying if we made the wrong decision because we didn’t think is through enough. And not having the pressure to do anything, because I don’t think is a lot of opportunities out there anymore. And we will not miss any of them. We are not in a hurry.”

View the current list of 2023 F1 drivers and teams

Suzuka track updates detailed

After two years away, F1 returns to Suzuka this weekend on a refreshed track. The Degner curves have been resurfaced and the artificial grass which previously bordered the left-handers has been replaced with asphalt. To discourage drivers from exceeding track limits there, double kerbs have been installed on the exit of the corner.

The gravel trap at turn 10 – the corner before the hairpin, where Daniil Kvyat rolled in 2015 after putting his car into the gravel – has also been extended. The artificial grass at the final chicane has been replaced by asphalt too as part of the FIA’s requirements.

Campos criticises Spanish F4 disqualification

Campos hit out at the decision to disqualify its six drivers
Campos Racing had all six of its cars disqualified from two races in the Spanish Formula 4 championship at Navarra last weekend over a technical infringement, which the team is strongly arguing against.

The team violated the rules on parts modification by applying metallic grilles at the louvres in the sidepods of the Tatuus T-421 car, with the purpose of preventing debris from getting in. It was informed it had broken the rules prior to the third race of the weekend, giving the team time to remove the grilles.

“The stewards made an incorrect interpretation of the technical regulations because these grids did not imply any improvement in terms of performance and it is a preventive measure adopted in other championships to avoid possible incidents at the mechanical level,” Campos said in a statement.

While such grilles are allowed in other categories, they are outlawed in the parts manual for F4.

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Toto Wolff has used several metaphors to describe Mercedes’ 2022 season, and likened the turning around of a team’s fortunes to the difficulty of changing the direction of a large oil tanker. The metaphor may have been more literal than he realised at the time.

“To turn the ship in this industry is a little bit like an oil tanker” Very apt as F1 cars are as long as oil tankers these days.
Pat Pepper

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Happy birthday to Gaston_Pdu!

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8 comments on “Haas “not in a hurry” to decide on 2023 driver line-up”

  1. It is one of the first season where i’d say Steiner and Haas properly failed as a management team to optimize the teams performance.
    In previous season their cars were not up for competing for points. This year they are capable of that and they have wasted many opportunities as a team to score those points.

    Given the way Magnussen and Schumacher are driving, I’d say Haas is not managing its drivers well. They make too many mistakes. They are not working in an environment that allows the driver to perform optimally.

  2. So, Haas haven’t been told who their next driver is yet?

    1. They’ve actually got a few options for a change.. Mick, Daniel and potentially Schwartzman/Illot. None of them are spectacular options, but then again, Haas doesn’t deserve anything special.

      1. @todfod
        Neither Shwatzman & Ilott won’t drive at Haas next season in any case, nor have they been in speculations.
        Reserve driver role (probably at Mercedes) seems Ricciardo’s likely resort.
        The speculations have mainly included two drivers besides Mick & those are Hulk & Gio, although I’m unconvinced the former would be a realistic option.

  3. Proesterchen_nli
    6th October 2022, 8:38

    Who is this Jose Saward and has he been blogging on Formula 1 for long? 😜

  4. @Proesterchen_nli He’s a long-time journalist & paddock visitor, & he’s done his regular event-specific Notebook blog for a long time (I don’t know for how long, though).

    1. Thanks, @Jere, I was referring to the original attribution to “JoseblogsF1”, which has since been corrected. ;-)

  5. They haven’t been in a hurry for a little while.

    I wonder what’s suddenly wrong with Astroturf.

    Keith’s tweet. I doubt.

    RaceFans tweet: What a coincidence & additionally, Sergio Perez features eleven alphabets.

    Funny COTD.

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