Pietro Fittipaldi, Haas, Bahrain International Circuit, 2022

Haas to run Pietro Fittipaldi in practice for Mexico and Abu Dhabi GPs

2022 Mexico City Grand Prix

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Haas reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi will drive for the team in the first practice sessions at the Mexican and Abu Dhabi grands prix.

Every Formula 1 team must run drivers who have made fewer than three grand prix starts during practice sessions on at least two occasions this year, in a new-for-2022 rule. Fittipaldi is eligible as he only has raced twice in Formula 1 before, at the end of the 2020 season when he stood in for the injured Romain Grosjean at Haas in the Sakhir and Abu Dhabi grands prix.

The American-Brazilian has already driven Haas’s Ferrari-powered VF-22 in pre-season testing at Bahrain. However Haas picked Kevin Magnussen over him when the team needed a replacement racing driver when for Nikita Mazepin, who was dropped from following the opening test in Spain.

“Super-excited to announce I’ll be doing the FP1 in Mexico and Abu Dhabi,” said Fittipaldi. “I want to thank Haas F1 Team for the great opportunity.

“I drove the car in the beginning of the year in Bahrain. But to get another chance to drive the VF-22 is going to be pretty amazing. It’s a very fast car, and I’m looking forward to driving in Mexico and Abu Dhabi.”

Fittipaldi will take over Magnussen’s car in Mexico City, then at Abu Dhabi Mick Schumacher will sit out a session for Fittipaldi to drive.

Alongside his work with Haas, Fittipaldi has raced in IndyCar, Super Formula, the DTM and latterly the European Le Mans Series.

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With four grands prix left in the 22-event season, several teams are yet to meet their commitment to give seat time to inexperienced drivers during race weekends. Some teams have run drivers who are not eligible, such as Robert Kubica at Alfa Romeo and Antonio Giovinazzi at Haas.

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10 comments on “Haas to run Pietro Fittipaldi in practice for Mexico and Abu Dhabi GPs”

  1. Great choice of rounds for an American-Brazilian.

    1. Indeed, would have been even better if F1 had races in the US and Brazil, but they’ve got to work with what they have.

  2. They really need to get Schumacher out of that car. Got to be in the running for the worst relative of a famous driver. Bruno Senna leads, but only just.

    1. The other Jacques Villeneuve?

      1. That puts me in a quandary. I forgot about him.

    2. But Kevin is not really better than Mick and also son of a former F1 driver, so…

    3. Bit harsh on the guy; Senna won plenty of races in all three of the WEC categories twice in GTE, six times in LMP2, and twice in LMP1. He had a 3rd in the championship, a 2nd and a class-title with Rebellion in 2017. Maybe F1 was one step too far for him, but he is by no means a bad racecar driver.

    4. Haas fanbase are pretty furious at how Mick has been treated.

  3. We need Haas kicked out of F1

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