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Adrian Newey is widely celebrated as Formula 1’s greatest ever designer having been the brainchild of multiple championship winning cars – including Max Verstappen’s Red Bull RB18.

But during the red flag delay at last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, it was apparently his turn to do the drinks round, seeing him deliver refreshments for team principal Christian Horner and Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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60 comments on “Caption Competition 196: Drinks are on Adrian”

  1. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    15th October 2022, 8:05

    I think we’ve overdone it with the budget cup.

    1. Nice. I like this one

    2. Don’t worry, you bought these out of your salary, Adrian – so we don’t need a receipt for the FIA.

  2. The Red Bull management receive the news that the FIA have only discovered a minor breach of the budget cap.

  3. Here’s a cup for every million we overspend.

    1. Sir Verstappen is world champion again and we have still 4 races to go !

  4. “I spat in these, you $%&!s.”

  5. I don’t know what’s in those little brown sachets, but it sure is giving me the giggles.

  6. “These are V6 cups. They have better weight distribution and slightly more downforce than the old cups. They also contain 50% more coffee due to my new Coffee Under Pressure System, or CUPS as I call it.”

    1. lol… that would be classic newey!

  7. Despite their huge budget and F1’s sustainability drivel RedBull have yet to move away from single use cups

    1. If you are buying Adrian, make mine a double..

  8. Looks like Adrian has discovered the loophole that excludes hospitality and catering expenses from the budget cap.

    1. ha ha ha!

  9. Careful guys…. That’s a million dollar tray, it’s also has our MUG research on it…

  10. Red Bull discover in yet another loophole, that drinks only have to be costed per head, not per number of cups.

  11. We’ll just say that these cans cost £300k each and blame the overspend in catering. Here comes bin Sulayman. Quick – offer him one so he feels complicit

  12. “Adriaaannn. You really need to get those ears cleared out – we asked for some toffees! Never mind, no harm done it, was only a ‘minor’ mistake….” [giggles all round]

  13. In a bid to prove Newey isn’t employed by RBR, the team have had to get creative with ways to sneak him into the garage.

  14. Helmut “Adrain you have more paper cups than people”
    Adrain “Guess I exceeded the budget cups!”
    Christian Laughing “I’ll blame the overspend on the catering”

  15. Budget cap solution by Adrian Newey : Hey guys, drink as much coffee as you can and Christian don’t forget to mention that Helmut doesn’t work with us !

  16. Red bull uses their design consultant to do the catering, Mercedes uses their catering consultant to do the designing

    1. Very Good

    2. Good one!

  17. “And then I told them, I was happy with our submission!”

  18. “I brought two extra to give to Toto and Mattia. I heard they used all their catering budget on R&D.”

  19. Adrian remarks that he spent slightly more on the round of coffees than Mercedes did on their entire aerodynamics budget.

  20. They are all joking we are a catering company but guess what.. we are

  21. Red Bull laugh their way to the championship after realising they can hide their aerodynamic department overspend on the new tea tray, cake tins and coke bottle design under the catering budget!

  22. “… and then we tell the FIA I’m just the tea lady.”

  23. Don’t worry – it’s champagne. This is just to fool the FIA and Red Bull

  24. Since catering costs are excluded, Adrian moved his team to the kitchen and reveals his plan on the bottom of coffee cups.

  25. Adrian Newey serves refreshments on last year’s illegally developed T-tray.

  26. HM: So, is it done?
    AN: Yes, reduced the proposing of these cups to minimal while you are drinking from them while maintaining a constant downforce down your throat irrespective of the drink level. Go ahead and try them yourself!
    CH: There goes our budget cap!

  27. After realising his salary can’t be excluded from their budget, Adrian is demoted to serving the tea.

  28. Newey’s new tea tray design didn’t go unoticed by the other teams aero departments.

  29. Red bull overspending the 2022 budget cups!

  30. The Red Bull team had their first chance to sample the new flavour: Ricciardo tears

  31. Christian: Hey guys I finally admitted to Toto that the FIA actually did make a mistake… only half points should have been awarded.

  32. Ugh, not Red Bull again!

  33. I got these off some guy call Jeff

  34. I’ve only filled them just over half way but the FIA insist on paying full price.

  35. Red Bull – just a drinks company

  36. petebaldwin (@)
    15th October 2022, 17:39

    Photographic proof that Newey is working in catering and not on performance related areas.

  37. Helmut: I’ve been arguing for a year with the FIA auditor that free drinks from the dispenser in the garage are catering.

  38. Bull taurine. Drink up!

  39. Agris Rūmītis
    15th October 2022, 22:48

    no way 6 cups will exceed the limit!

  40. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    16th October 2022, 0:55

    Hahaha of course we aren’t aver budget, why this is Hadrian Oldey our catering contractor.

  41. “They say this stuff gives you wings but it didn’t do nothin’ for the car”

  42. “Fly with the wings of FIA”

  43. They say the crowd can provide an extra tenth, but some Dutch fans just gave us another eighth!

  44. “I told Max the FIA had demanded urine samples and he told me to bring a bigger cup”

  45. Adrian delivered empty cups of the sponsors beverage.
    Everyone was truly happy for the first time this season.

  46. Trust me – The Red Bull served to the team members is NOT the same as in the shops.

  47. “One of these cups has Lewis’s nose stud under it.
    Guess which one and win a Championship”

  48. “Time to take your pills Helmut!”

  49. Let’s just say we overspent on “catering”.

  50. Red Bull were overjoyed when they realised the FIA asked them to do more rounds next year.

    Late entry I know :'(

  51. It’s Red Bull, lol.

    (Chuckles ensue.)

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