Singapore Grand Prix track map, 2023

Singapore track changes expected to cut eight seconds off F1 lap times in 2023

2023 Formula 1 season

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The Singapore Grand Prix has confirmed next year’s race will use a shorter track layout due to development work in the final sector of the city circuit.

Turns 16 to 19 will be bypassed by a new straight taking cars directly to what is currently turn 20. The area to the south of the new section is being renovated into the country’s new National Service Square.

The development of that space will begin in March next year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2026. Singapore’s current Formula 1 contract running for two years beyond that.

Cutting the four corners from the track means the Bay Grandstand will also be removed. The total number of corners on the Marina Bay street circuit will fall from 22 to 19 and the track length cut by 137 metres to 4.928km. The lap count will therefore be increased from 61 laps to 63, in order to ensure the race distance is reached.

Based on simulations using digital versions of 2020 F1 cars, which never actually raced in Singapore, the new track layout could result in 1’27.7 lap times in qualifying and 1’30.3 laps in race conditions. The pole laps in 2018 and ’19, with similar cars, were both 1’36, meaning the lap is now around eight seconds shorter.

Cars will bypass turns 16 to 19
The new technical rules introduced this year resulted in slower cars, and this year’s Singapore Grand Prix weekend was hit by rain, making it harder for a direct comparison to be made in lap time gain.

Images issued by the architects working on the new NS Square indicate they intend to bring the cars past the new grandstand once it is built. However the completion date has already been pushed back by a year due to the pandemic and the race promoters have not indicated when they expect this to happen.

This will be sixth change to the track since it was first raced on in 2008. The track was shortened slightly by a corner alteration for its second race, while the first major change followed in 2013 when the Singapore Sling chicane was removed. The bridge area that follows was then changed in 2015, then turns 16 and 17 were reprofiled for 2018.

Singapore Marina Bay circuit track map
Singapore Marina Bay track map, 2022
Singapore Grand Prix track map, 2023
Singapore Marina Bay track map, 2023

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15 comments on “Singapore track changes expected to cut eight seconds off F1 lap times in 2023”

  1. Wow this might actually introduce a new overtaking spot at turn 16!!!

    1. Mistake n.1. Don’t be optimistic about F1 they will find to ruin it for you some way or an another

      1. These are the Circuit people and have nothing to do with the F1 people.

  2. If only they would keep this layout, might make the racing a bit better

  3. They should make this a permanent change. The Bay Grandstand is a very poor race-viewing experience, with cars in view for only a few seconds at slow speed. Unfortunately that grandstand is used for other events, otherwise it could be demolished and rebuilt facing the new straight.

  4. That actually looks like a better layout

  5. Bruh. That layout messes up the fun in driving the track. Now, less corners for drivers to make the difference. ABSOLUTELY DISAPPROVE FOR LONG TERM.

  6. They should also extend the Raffles Boulevard straight and go the other way around the War Memorial, making it a bigger braking zone but also making that section flow better

    1. @Sam Crawford, I wouldn’t mind this change either, as not only would the straight be a little longer, but the configuration would have two fewer slow-speed corners.

  7. So around 1m30s in quali trim with the current generation cars.
    BTW, I don’t recall any slight lap length shortening for 2009. No corner changed to any extent.

    1. Wasn’t the pit in and out changed? I think this prompted slight tweaks to the first and last corners

  8. I think they’ll make the new section a DRS zone

  9. Now that’s a real street track, one that uses real street roads and changes because of real world problems and not because they want to improve overtaking. Take note Miami, Sochi, Jeddah.

    Someday, I wish my commute to work also became faster (and not slower) due to some or other enroute construction work :)

  10. Bring back Singapore Sling.

  11. No!! Those corners in sector 3 were what made Singapore special going really close to the wall.

    Damn it.

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