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After two rain-affected races, F1 can expect a sunny weekend in Austin

2022 United States Grand Prix weather

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After two race weekends of rain and timetable disruption, the Formula 1 paddock will enjoy a hot and dry trip to Austin, Texas for the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas.

There is no chance of rain hitting the 5.51-kilometre track while F1 is there, and near-consistent weather conditions across all of the sessions should help teams with set-up choices although of course the track will evolve over the weekend as rubber is laid down.

Both of Friday’s practice sessions will take place in ambient temperatures of 29C. The track temperature is likely to be higher in the second session due to it being later in the day. This session will be extended from 60 to 90 minutes so teams can do tyre tests for Pirelli.

It had been planned for the tyre tests to take place at the Japanese Grand Prix, but the inclement weather there meant the half-hour of extra running was moved across to the COTA weekend schedule. That was made easier to do once the US GP lost W Series from its support bill.

There will be persistent northerly winds through this weekend, with a 22.5kph wind speed during first practice and 19.3kph in the next. For drivers during the lap, they will have a tailwind turning into the opening corner and through the Esses of the first sector, and then a headwind along the back straight.

The wind is set to be stronger on Saturday, ranging between 25 and 27kph during third practice and qualifying, which will occur at the hottest point of the weekend as air temperatures will surpass 30C.

Race day is as warm and dry as the two before it, and it is expected to vary between 29C and 30C over the duration of the grand prix which begins at 2pm local time.

F1 may be glad to have fairly predictable and warm weather this weekend, but Austin is in serious need of rainfall following a hot summer and dry September. Although the US GP has had many rain-free editions in the past, at this time of year the local area is usually enjoying lower temperatures and rain storms that are crucial for maintaining water levels in city wells and for agriculture.

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  1. Unseasonably warm this deep into October, although last season’s track action days also had low to low-ish 30s in the daytime. Most importantly, zero wet running for a change.

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