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Rate the race: 2022 United States Grand Prix

2022 United States Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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37 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 United States Grand Prix”

  1. Good race with several good battles through the field.

    1. +1 i gave it a 8

  2. 8/10. Red Bull too dominant.

    1. +1 I’ve felt like that all year. It’s always a matter of when rather than if. It really takes away from the “battles” when you know there’s zero chance to defend. Their straight line speed is insane. If Leclerc couldn’t then what chance did Hamilton have in a car that’s half a second slower and way down in straight line speed.

      When the gap started to come down it was obvious Verstappen had won with about 12 laps to go.

  3. An 8/10 from me. A great race all round.

  4. 8.5 i gave it a 9. Excellent drives by Verstappen, Hamilton, Leclerc, Vettel, and Alonso. So much drama and great recoveries.

  5. Oh no! I accidentally voted 7. Meant to go with 8. That was a thoroughly enjoyable race. Fantastic recovery drives from Max, Seb and Fernando. There aren’t many drivers who have recovered from dead last after a 300-odd-kmh shunt to finish 7th! Incredible! Given the context of Stroll being penalised earlier in the season for weaving on the straight, I’d expect to see a pretty hefty penalty, perhaps even a race ban? You simply can’t do that. Seb’s overtakes on Albon and Magnussen were fantastic!

    1. @tommy-c Stewards always go easy on stroll. Not sure where he stands on penalty points but I imagine a couple of points and maybe small grid drop, nothing more.

      1. He also had a great race ruined, he already got penalised.

  6. Good race. Some great drivers and Stroll needs a race ban.

  7. I want to headbutt the person in charge off the camera feed.

  8. If anything, this race nicely demonstrated the difference between the good and great drivers on today’s grid.

  9. 8/10. Great racing all over the field. Loved the Magnussen/Vettel battle in the end.

    1. Yes, was a great battle indeed.

  10. A solid 8. Lost 2 points only for the staid first 20 laps.

    But things look bleak for Ferrari. It looks like rest of the season to be Mercedes vs Red Bull

    1. Even being a Ferrari fan, in my view Merc vs RBR is a good thing. Ferrari being the main contenders usually meant they screwing up in someway and losing races, making it to easy for Max. With Merc, we atleast know the races can be fun again strategically at least.

      1. Have to agree, if anything, this season needed Mercedes to be closer for more of it @knightameer so that ther’d be more tense fighting Verstappen needed to do to romp to the championship.

        1. @bosyber yes sir, my point exactly. Even if Merc had the same pace as Ferrari at the beginning of the year, Im sure we would have had a much competitive season this year too.

          1. Agree unfortunately, ferrari don’t seem to have it strategically and development wise.

  11. petebaldwin (@)
    23rd October 2022, 22:00

    Good race. I guess it’s nice Red Bull won considering what happened to Mateschitz but it would have been nice to see Lewis pick one up. Lots of fun moments though in what really did feel like an end of season race where the Championship is already over…

    I spat a little bit of beer out laughing when Lewis was reporting Max going off the track at every corner only for “Black & White Flag to car 44 – track limits” to pop up at the top of the screen! :D

    1. I also enjoyed that, too. Lewis is such a moaning so and so.

      1. Perez did the same with Leclerc but yeah it was hilarious. :D

        1. I found it a funny moment when he then got that same flag himself. I see why drivers do it (not unique to HAM certainly) but this way it really felt like maybe more attention to going as fast as possible inside the lines would have been more useful (though it probably would have lost him more time to the faster car of Verstappen, in reality).

    2. even funnier: VER finished +5sec ahead of HAM.

  12. 7, some fine racing and some drama. Too little focus on the midfield battles and the comebacks from both Alonso and Vettel.

    Close to being a 1 if we had to rate the stewards, insane how Perez and Alonso didnt get the black and orange. Pretty sure the stats are now 9 laps for Perez with a broken wing and zero black and orange to Magnussens 18 laps and three black and orange.Truly a stat that shows the caliber of F1.

    1. Yes, consistency seems terrible.

  13. 9 for me. The initial half was straightforward, but the race came alive after the second Lewis pitstop. Also hats off to Fernando and Sebastian still proving they have it in them to light the track on fire.

  14. 2nd best race in this year. Not first because the first 20 laps made me sleepy a bit. Verstappen, Hamilton, Leclerc, Norris, Alonso and Vettel showed their talent and Haas finally scores some point. Ocon was so close to Top 10 after his late pit stop. This race also shows the DRS isn’t killjoy until RB uses it. I prefer this race to 2018 because it had more memorable fights and overtakes. Stroll isn’t a bad driver but he still makes rookie mistakes. I’m satisfied. 9 or 10, it’s hard to decide.

    1. Mmm, I prefered the 2018 one, there were 15 intense laps in the end with raikkonen, verstappen, hamilton within 2 seconds.

  15. Let’s be honest, this race only came alive because Red Bull messed up Verstappen’s pitstop. That is the only thing that put Leclerc and Hamilton in front of him.

    Otherwise, it was a slam dunk Red Bull win from the front.

    I’d still rate it a 7, because we were tantalized with the prospect of a Mercedes win after their torrid year so far.

  16. 7/10 for me. The race was saved by the safety cars as the gaps were opening between most of the field leading up to it. The SC kept it close.

  17. Just for clarification, just prior to race start, the cheerleaders wearing TEXANS on their jerseys are Houston Texan cheerleaders and not Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders as the commentator incorrectly stated.

  18. Definitely the SC made it more exciting, we went pretty close to the first merc win this year, it was an interesting battle at the front as well as further back with vettel vs magnussen and vettel and alonso’s recoveries; unfortunately ferrari didn’t seem to have the pace to follow red bull and merc in the end, I gave it 9, but indeed the first laps were pretty boring, 8 would’ve been ok too, and I see the majority went for 8.

  19. 6
    There was a fair bit going on a lot of the time – but we never really got to see most of it. Hardly saw anything going on in the midfield, which is where most of the competition was.
    The stewarding was typically terrible, as usual.
    And Yep – Real Safety Cars make for better races 100% of the time.

  20. 8/10 for me. There were some good battles up and down the field and of course the safety car periods added to the enjoyment. Some good overtakes as well. Especially Leclerc’s move on Perez.

    It was good to see Vettel get a good result. Strolls late move could have ended in disaster.

  21. I would have said 8.5, but I guess these things round up. Alonso, Vettel, Norris, Hamilton, Verstappen- all stand out performances. A clear track with a strong wind. Stroll didn’t kill anybody. I am entertained!

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