“He’s gone off again”: Hamilton and Verstappen’s US GP battle on the radio

2022 United States GP team radio transcript

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Lewis Hamilton had a rare chance in 2022 to win in Sunday’s United Grand Prix after Max Verstappen’s race was compromised by a slow pit stop.

The Red Bull driver fought back to win, but there was tension in the final laps as he had strayed beyond track limits three times during the course of the race and was at risk of a five-second penalty which could have cost him his victory. Behind, Hamilton was keeping a close eye on how well Verstappen stayed within the lines, and ensuring his team and race control did not miss any potential infractions.

Transcript: Hamilton vs Verstappen in the United States Grand Prix

Verstappen and Hamilton started second and third. However they were soon in contention for the lead, as pole-winner Carlos Sainz Jnr started slowly and was hit by George Russell.

The pair started on the medium compound tyres and over the opening laps it quickly became clear Hamilton did not have the pace on that rubber to keep up with Verstappen.

Lap: 1/56
BonningtonSo Stroll car behind at 0.8. So we had Sainz spin at turn one.LambiaseCar behind, Hamilton. Sainz was tagged at turn one. Mode 10 and gap one second, Max. Straight into this.
HamiltonGone wide, turn four.LambiaseGap 1.5.
BonningtonOkay copy.
Lap: 2/56
BonningtonStroll 1.8 behind, Verstappen 1.3 ahead.LambiaseGap 1.5. And race update, Max. Sainz has retired from that incident at turn one.
BonningtonSo Verstappen 1.7 ahead, Stroll two behind.
Lap: 3/56
BonningtonDRS has been enabled.LambiaseHigh-speed saving looks similar to Hamilton in the Esses.
LambiaseYou can afford to save more in turn 17, 18 Max. Straight-line gains are strong.
Lap: 4/56
BonningtonTractions metrics only at 3.7. Think about bringing back the entry turn one for a better exit.LambiaseStrat two. The previous lap Hamilton pushing more in sector one. Keep it there for the moment. Turn 17, happier now.
BonningtonSo gap to Verstappen at 2.2 and it looks like he’s pushing hard. The gap to the midfield should open up quickly.
BonningtonSo Verstappen a 42.6.

Red Bull could see Hamilton is using up his tyres in pursuit of Verstappen and tell their driver he can afford to push harder. Verstappen responds and begins to pull away from Hamilton by three to four tenths of a second each lap.

Lap: 5/56
HamiltonLeft is high? Very hard to keep up.VerstappenWind makes it really tricky, it’s very gusty.
BonningtonYeah copy. Nothing concerning at the moment.LambiaseUnderstood. Gap 2.4. Make sure you control the rear axle in the high speed.
LambiaseEngine 13, one-three, position four? So Hamilton pushing in sector one so keep up. We’ve got big gains, easy gains sector two.
LambiaseDisplay eight when you can.
Lap: 6/56
BonningtonVerstappen a 42.9. George now car behind, 5.2, he does have a five second penalty.LambiaseDisplay five, position 11. Display five, position one one when you can. Gap 2.7.
BonningtonSo George 5.5 behind, Verstappen 2.7 ahead.
Lap: 7/56
BonningtonSo Verstappen 42.8. Turn 11 also bring back the entry for better exit.LambiaseGap at 2.4.
Lap: 8/56
LambiaseYou are free to hold sixth to turn three, Max. Free to hold sixth gear to turn three. Gap 2.8.
LambiaseOkay so at the moment main delta to Hamilton, through that first sector he’s carrying more speed turns five, six, seven, eight.
Lap: 9/56
BonningtonCopy that last message. It still looks better than Verstappen. He was 42.8 last lap.VerstappenI’m struggling a lot with the wind out there.
BonningtonAnd remember to drink.LambiaseUnderstood gap. 3.2. Can I have a front wing update as well, Max, when you can.
VerstappenI think that’s okay.
LambiaseYou are free to use the diff rotary, Max. That will help you in the high-speed as well.
LambiaseGap 3.5, 3.5.
Lap: 10/56
BonningtonLewis can you go HP5 position 10, five position 10. Verstappen was a 42.4.

Mercedes spot the lap times are beginning to drop off and, as he is already five seconds behind Verstappen, call Hamilton in for his first pit stop.

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Lap: 11/56
BonningtonSo Verstappen 42.5. We’re over the peak of the tyre. So stops in the midfield starting to happen.LambiaseGap 3.7. Tyre temperatures have peaked.
HamiltonTyres feel okay just [unclear].
Lap: 12/56
BonningtonSo Verstappen 42.6 434.LambiaseMax just mind that single bump on the run down to turn 12, try to stay right. Gap 4.3.
HamiltonHow’s my pace otherwise?LambiaseLewis was just told to push.
BonningtonLewis it’s Hammertime
BonningtonBox. Box. Box. Box. Box.
Lap: 13/56
BonningtonWe go strat mode four, start four. So you’re all clear on exit, four behind to Bottas.LambiaseOkay. So Hamilton is in, Max.
BonningtonSo this is out-lap critical.VerstappenWhat do you want me to do?
BonningtonSo Verstappen in.LambiaseFree to push.
BonningtonSo clean stop for Verstappen.LambiaseBox and pit confirm, Max. Box, pit confirm.
LambiaseStrat 12 in pit lane.
Lap: 14/56
HamiltonTyres don’t feel great.LambiaseTorque nine, strat eight. Torque nine, strat eight. Could be close to racing Stroll and Leclerc, racing Stroll, Leclerc. Stroll alongside now.
BonningtonOkay, copy.LambiaseOkay Hamilton is still behind Vettel, Leclerc and Stroll so bring these tyres in nice and easily Max.
VerstappenHow many laps was that?
Lambiase13 laps.

Verstappen takes half a second less than Hamilton to complete his first pit stop, adding to his lead as he returns to the track.

Lap: 15/56
BonningtonSo Perez has pitted, he’s now the car behind, the gap to him is about nine seconds.LambiaseSo just reminder about what I said about your dash in the high-speed, Max, at the start of this stint. Hamilton still behind Vettel.
Lap: 16/56
BonningtonSo Verstappen 42.2.LambiaseGap to Hamilton 6.1. He just passed Vettel.
BonningtonSo Leclerc yet to stop on medium tyres, 15-lap-old, last lap a 42.7.

Verstappen is now back in the lead but has collected his first warning for exceeding track limits. Four warnings typically leads to a five-second time penalty.

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Lap: 17/56
BonningtonWe’ve had one lap deleted for track limits turn 19.LambiaseEngine 13 position ten, engine one-three position 10 when you can, Max. Gap behind Leclerc, 2.8. So Hamilton 6.3, his pace 42.0. What are your thoughts on this compound?
BonningtonSo Verstappen a 41.9, Leclerc a 42.6.VerstappenSo far [unclear] I mean [unclear] doesn’t feel amazing the grip level.
VerstappenGive me a little bit less front wing [unclear].

A gust of wind catches Valtteri Bottas out at turn 19 and he spins into a gravel trap, triggering a Safety Car period.

Mercedes changed parts of Hamilton’s front-left brake on the grid because he noticed a difference in their stopping power during his pre-race reconnaissance laps. A similar problem resurfaces during the Safety Car period.

Lap: 18/56
BonningtonSo we have a yellow, yellow down at turn 19 exit, Valtteri off in the gravel.LambiaseStrat two when you can.
BonningtonSafety Car, Safety Car, keep the delta positive. We are staying out. So if you go strat mode one. Do what you can do on car cooling.VerstappenYeah seems like they might be a little bit better for overtaking but definitely less movement in low speed.
HamiltonHow was pace looking?LambiaseUnderstood Max.
BonningtonSo just keep that delta tight. Just keep on that delta. Lewis can we have HPP5, position 13. Should be just picking up Safety Car now. Okay so Lewis pace on hard tyre not too bad at all. At worst, well, at best we were just a tenth and a half off Verstappen.LambiaseSafety Car deployed Max, Safety Car deployed. Dash positive. Dash positive. So this is for Bottas in the gravel exit turn 19. So stay out, Max, staying out.

In the previous race at Suzuka several drivers complained that a recovery vehicle appeared on the circuit. As one of several changes in response to that incident, race control now advise teams when a recovery vehicle has been sent out, and those messages are relayed to drivers.

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Lap: 19/56
HamiltonOkay, keep me updated on where I am losing that, mate.LambiaseOkay Max so initially same pace as Hamilton middle set. same trend as the first stint, Hamilton pushing a lot more in sector one – three, four, five, six, seven, eight. You managed your tyres very well in the first stint, I’m happy with your wear. Okay so Leclerc’s pitted onto the hard tyre at the moment he’s fallen just behind Checo, so that’s P4 for him. Behind you Hamilton, one lap older hard tyres. Behind Hamilton, Checo and then Leclerc.
BonningtonYeah turn 11 is the biggest culprit. It’s that entry, pushing it a little bit too much.LambiaseOkay Max, information, there is a recovery vehicle on track at turn 19.
HamiltonEvery time I bring it back, I still don’t get the exit.
BonningtonOkay, copy, we’ll have a look through it. Just keep an eye on those front brakes.
HamiltonAre they okay?
BonningtonYeah, it’s just that they’re starting to split so just make sure not to trail on the brake pedal too much. We’ve got a recovery vehicle on track turn 19. So we’re going to have Perez behind, two lap newer hard tyres. Leclerc has just stopped, he’s behind Perez, also fitted the hard.
Lap: 20/56
HamiltonThese brakes are something else, mate.LambiaseWhen we eventually get going, Max, repeat of the first stint please, mate. Looks after the tyres in the high-speed. You’ve got your gains you know where. Those behind you have to use up their tyres in the high-speed.
BonningtonSo on the previous set Lewis, rears still plenty of rubber remaining. Just inside shoulder front-left, looks like it’s the under-rotations. Whilst it’s quiet, do you want to give us a balance check, just let us know how it’s going.
HamiltonYeah balance doesn’t feel too bad. Straight onto this tyre generally it feels a little bit more oversteer and also a little less front grip.
BonningtonOkay. Lewis go HPP3 position two, three position two.
BonningtonSo I think this is probably going to go next lap, Lewis. So, yeah, Safety Car will be in this lap.
At the first restart, Verstappen went off at turn 19

The race restarts. Verstappen, controlling the pack, immediately runs wide again at turn 19, which Hamilton notes.

The race doesn’t remain green for long, however. Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll collide, putting the Aston Martin out and scattering debris across the back straight.

Lap: 21/56
HamiltonSo remind me again, turn one and turn 11 pull back the entry still? Into 11?LambiaseOkay Max so mode three, Safety Car is in this lap.
HamiltonYeah, copy, to Verstappen that’s all we can see.LambiaseOkay so just be mindful of your front tyres at the restart. Set your bias offset to suit.
BonningtonStrat mode five, strat mode five. Safety Car at turn 15.VerstappenLet me know where the Safety Car is.
BonningtonNow Safety Car turn 17. Turn 19.LambiaseCurrently at turn 18.
LambiaseTurn 19.0. And it’s in pit lane.
Lap: 22/56
Hamilton[Unclear] at turn 19.LambiaseMode 10 and bias offset, Max. Okay that was first strike at turn 19.
BonningtonCopy. [Unclear]. Perez behind at 0.8.LambiaseSafety Car deployed, Max. Safety Car deployed. Dash positive. A fairly large accident between turn 11 and turn 12. Quite a bit of debris on track.
BonningtonSafety Car, Safety Car, delta positive. [Unclear] And if you can try to cool the car as best you can. So just reminder you’re staying out. Safety Car is at the top of turn one.

The race engineers can see little of the crash scene and can give their drivers little advice on how to avoid the debris on the straight.

Hamilton’s attention briefly moves from the Red Bull ahead of him to the one behind, as Sergio Perez is threatening.

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Lap: 23/56
BonningtonYes a lot of debris along that back straight. Both sides. So on the back straight we’ve got Stroll stopped, debris across the whole track, try and pick your way…LambiaseOkay so Safety Car ahead of you at turn one.
HamiltonHow’s my pace doing compared to Sergio?LambiaseIt’s a little bit unclear what the best line through the debris is at this stage, Max, but potentially staying right all the way along the straight. Yeah confirmed that from race control as well. Right-hand side. Stay right. Just pick your way through the debris. Don’t worry about the car lengths to the Safety Car, make sure you can see the debris on-track.
BonningtonYou can use your 10 car lengths just to make sure you don’t pick up the debris.LambiaseStrat three, Max. Okay Max just to give you an idea at the restart your sector one was two tenths quicker than Hamilton, sector two four tenths quicker.
HamiltonIs he okay?
BonningtonCopy, yep, he’s out of the car. How much debris do you see down there? TV pictures not showing a lot.
HamiltonNo, not too much. Just it’s off-line.
BonningtonOkay copy. In terms of pace to Perez, little bit difficult to pick it out, he was in traffic most of the first stint.
HamiltonMarcus just have a look into turn 11 onto that start lap. Perez went really deep into 11 and still managed to be close.
BonningtonOkay we’ll have a look.
Lap: 24/56
BonningtonOn that Perez question, looks like he’s pushing less in eight for a better nine and then he’s just pushing the entry into 11 a bit more. And another recovery vehicle on track.LambiaseOkay Max there is a recovery vehicle on track between turns 11 and 12.

The race restarts once more. Verstappen is asked to change a setting on his engine and is unhappy with the effect it has on power delivery.

Lap: 25/56
BonningtonSo Safety Car’s going to be in this lap. So with all this time under Safety Car the tyres should be in a good window. It’s for us to push, so don’t think it’s much management, see if we can stick with Verstappen best we can. Strat mode five, strat mode five. So Safety Car lights are out.LambiaseOkay Safety Car is in this lap, Max, Safety Car in this lap. Fronts are maybe four degrees cooler than the previous restart. Mode three. Just reminder, you just have one track limits strike. For the moment, Max, obviously you know the best line between turns 11 and 12 at this stage alone would be on the right-hand side, so stay off the left-hand side.
BonningtonSafety Car turn 17. Safety Car turn 19.VerstappenWhere’s the Safety Car?
LambiaseTurn 19.
LambiaseAnd in pit lane.
Lap: 26/56
Hamilton[Unclear]LambiaseSo just watch your slip while the tyres are cold. Currently bias offset minus two. Mode 10.
HamiltonWide at turn 20.LambiaseGap…
BonningtonCopy.VerstappenWhat happened to my drive-ability? It’s dog shit.
LambiaseStrat two. Keep me posted in that strat position. If not, we can make another change. Gap 1.1.
Lap: 27/56
BonningtonVerstappen 1.2 ahead, Perez 1.2 behind.LambiaseAnd Max just make sure you’re sensible at turn 19 as well. Don’t want to use up another strike.
Lap: 28/56
BonningtonDRS has been enabled. Verstappen at 1.5, Perez 1.2 behind.LambiaseGap 1.5, Hamilton almost at full load through turn 17 so having to push to try to keep Checo at bay. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
LambiaseHalf a second quicker in sector two.

As in the earlier laps, Verstappen is only losing time to Hamilton at the points on the track where the Red Bull driver is saving his tyres more.

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Lap: 30/56
BonningtonSo Perez battling with Leclerc, that gap now 2.6. So we’ll try to introduce maybe a little more management turn six.LambiaseLosses to Hamilton are all in areas of management, Max. High-speed sector one, turn 17.
Lap: 31/56
BonningtonSo Leclerc through, now car behind at 3.5 seconds, Verstappen 1.9 ahead.LambiaseGap 1.8. P3 is now Leclerc. His last lap was a 41.5.
BonningtonSo Leclerc at 3.8 behind.LambiaseThoughts on compounds, Max?
Verstappen[Unclear] it’s low grip.

Charles Leclerc, who has climbed through the field from 12th, made his pit stop under the Safety Car and Red Bull briefly entertain the possibility he may try to reach the end of the race without pitting again.

Lap: 32/56
LambiaseGap two seconds. Leclerc last lap 42.0. Could be managing to the end at this stage. Gap to him six seconds.
Lap: 33/56
HamiltonLeave me to it, mate.LambiaseOkay Max gap 1.8, happy to reduce the level of management.
BonningtonVerstappen a 41.3.VerstappenTyres super-unpredictable in the wind.
LambiaseStart four. Copy, strat four.

Mercedes waste no time in bringing Hamilton in for his second pit stop. This time the gamble pays off – a slow front-left tyre change costs Verstappen over eight seconds.

Hamilton is now the effective leader of the race. Mercedes update him on the situation behind.

Lap: 34/56
BonningtonVerstappen at 41.VerstappenI feel like it’s hurting my drive-ability, these strat changes.
BonningtonBox opposite Verstappen. Box opposite Verstappen.LambiaseUndertood, Max.
LambiaseStrat two.
Lap: 35/56
BonningtonGo strat mode four. Out-lap critical. You’ll be clear on exit.LambiaseHamilton is in pit lane, Max, you are free to push.
LambiaseBox and pit confirm, Max. Box, pit confirm. Strat 12 in pit lane.
Lap: 36/56
BonningtonSo slow stop for Verstappen. So got Leclerc and Verstappen just exiting pit lane now. Leclerc ahead of Verstappen, six seconds behind.LambiaseFocus on your marks.
BonningtonSo both Leclerc and Verstappen on the medium tyre. We have 20 laps when we cross the line.VerstappenBeautiful, fucking beautiful.
HamiltonHow big’s the gap?LambiaseStrat eight, start eight. Long way to go.
BonningtonCurrently 6.6 seconds, 6.6, GPS jumping around bit.VerstappenYeah, you don’t need to tell me that.
HamiltonIs the medium faster?LambiaseMax we’re in this together, mate. Head down, come on.

However Hamilton is concerned that while he’s on hard tyres, Verstappen has taken a set of mediums, which will be faster.

Lap: 37/56
BonningtonI’ll get back to you on that tyre question, Lewis. Gap to Leclerc at 5.8.LambiaseMode nine. Strat two when you can.
BonningtonSo the hard tyre looks pretty robust, Lewis.
Fight with Leclerc cost Verstappen little time

Verstappen catches Leclerc but despite them fighting for position Hamilton can’t pull away from them. The Ferrari driver is only able to hold Verstappen back for a single lap anyway before he passes in a DRS zone.

Lambiase tells his driver not to push his tyres too hard as he begins his pursuit of Hamilton, needing to keep some life in them for later.

Lap: 38/56
BonningtonSo Leclerc and Verstappen pushing hard on the mediums, current gap at 4.8.
HamiltonWhat time’s he doing?
BonningtonLeclerc, Verstappen in the high 39s. Leclerc was [unclear].
Lap: 39/56
BonningtonGap at 4.7. Leclerc and Verstappen now battling hard.LambiaseWell done, Max.
HamiltonHow’s this pace? Don’t really think I’m that fast.
BonningtonWhilst those guys are battling they’re 40.2. So Verstappen now through, 4.7 seconds behind.
Lap: 40/56
HamiltonBlue flags.LambiaseMode seven, Max, mode seven. Gap to Hamilton, 4.5. That’s 17 laps remaining, still 17 laps.
BonningtonHe is yet to stop.LambiaseHamilton is on the hard tyre, Max.
VerstappenWhat’s the gap? Behind?
LambiaseOne second. Just a reminder, you’ve had about a three-tenth advantage all race. Let this come in naturally with tyre saving, see where we’re at at the end.
Lap: 41/56
BonningtonSo Verstappen 40.1 last lap.VerstappenGap behind?
LambiaseGap ahead 3.5.
LambiaseGap behind 0.8, it’s the same as the last lap. He has DRS, the same gap as the last lap. So ahead of you Vettel, you are racing Vettel. He’s on 23-lap-old, medium tyres. The last lap but one was actually green for Seb, so going strong on that tyre.
Lap: 42/56
LambiaseOkay Hamilton last lap a 40.2. Gap 2.8. 3.3. They’re a tenth quicker in sector one.
VerstappenGap behind as well.
Lambiase0.9. He has DRS. 0.9.

Mercedes keep Hamilton abreast of Verstappen’s progress as the Red Bull driver steadily closes.

Lap: 43/56
BonningtonSo got 14 laps remaining. Verstappen a 40.0.LambiaseThat’s 0.8 behind. Gap ahead 3.3 Poor middle sector I think that lap.
BonningtonAnd Lewis if you can have a think about third gear, turn 13, turn 15 that’ll just help with ERS temps.LambiaseGap one.
Lambiase0.9 behind.
Lap: 44/56
BonningtonWe had a lap deleted, turn nine.LambiaseGap ahead 2.7. Hamilton last lap was a 40.3.
HamiltonGap?LambiaseOkay Leclerc does not have DRS this lap. Two tenths quicker in sector one to Hamilton this lap.
BonningtonSo currently 2.6 to Verstappen, last lap 39.8.LambiaseGap 1.2 behind.
Lap: 45/56
BonningtonGap at 2.4. And last lap, 40.4.LambiaseHamilton last lap was 40.8, gap 2.3, behind 1.3.
BonningtonLewis if you update your tyre switch for Safety Car.LambiaseMode 10 Max. Okay wind is picking up at this stage.
LambiaseGap behind now two seconds, ahead same pace.
Lap: 46/56
BonningtonGap at 2.5. Verstappen 40.0.LambiaseGap 2.5, last lap Hamilton a 39.8.
LambiaseHamilton less saving turns six, seven. He is also full load turn 17.
LambiaseFour-tenths quicker in sector two this lap.
Lap: 47/56
BonningtonGap at 2.2.LambiaseOkay that’s 10 laps remaining. Ten laps, 2 seconds ahead, Max. Behind is now 3.7.
Lap: 48/56
BonningtonLewis think about third gear for turn 11, turn 12, for ERS temps.LambiaseLast lap for Hamilton 40.6.
Verstappen easily passed Hamilton for the lead

Although Verstappen only catches Hamilton gradually, once he gets with DRS range he’s through immediately. However he briefly loses power from his battery.

He is also increasingly at risk over track limits. He collects his third warning, leaving him one away from a penalty, and Hamilton behind him repeatedly calls attention to more possible infringements.

Lap: 49/56
BonningtonGap to Verstappen at 1.1.
Lap: 50/56
LambiaseOkay mode nine Max, mode nine. Still seven laps remaining. Okay that gap is 0.9, you have…
VerstappenYeah mate I’m clipping into turn 11, what the fuck, why?
LambiaseOkay looked like a bit moving under braking but nice job.
Lap: 51/56
HamiltonThey’re so fast in the straight, man.LambiaseThe overtake is available. If you want to cancel the clip, back to mode 10.
BonningtonCopy, Lewis. Try and hang with him.VerstappenYeah, yeah.
HamiltonHe’s gone off again.LambiaseOkay do it yourself, Max.
BonningtonCopy. Can we have HPP default 17. HPP default one seven.VerstappenGap?
LambiaseYou need to make sure you’re safe on track limits now, please, Max. Gap was 0.9.
Lap: 52/56
BonningtonIf we can take that HPP default one seven. HPP default 17.LambiaseYou’ve used up all your strikes now Max so you need to be safe on track limits. Gap 0.7, same as the last lap. That’s turn nine and 19 for track limits.
BonningtonSo, Max now at three strikes.
Lap: 53/56
HamiltonHe went off at turn 20.LambiaseGap 0.9. Just watch that balance through 17.
BonningtonCopy.LambiaseGap 0.7, same as last lap.
Hamilton[Unclear] at turn nine.

However Hamilton also reaches his third track limits warning. With Leclerc less than five seconds behind, he also has to take care.

Verstappen pulls away to win by 5.023 seconds – enough that he is guaranteed the win even if he is penalised.

Lap: 54/56
BonningtonWe’ve had our third strike. So black-and-white flag.LambiaseGap 1.1, does not have DRS. Hamilton now also three strikes on track limits so just keep it safe from here, Max. That’s three laps remaining, three laps remaining.
LambiaseGap still 1.1, does not has DRS.
Lap: 55/56
HamiltonTyres [unclear].LambiaseGap behind 2.2, his last lap was a 41.2, 2.2 behind.
BonningtonOkay copy. Two laps remaining, Leclerc four seconds behind. So two laps remaining.LambiaseGap still 2.2.
BonningtonLeclerc still 3.9 behind so let’s just keep well within track limits.LambiaseThree seconds.

While Mercedes commiserate with Hamilton, Verstappen congratulates Red Bull on clinching the constructors championship, a fitting tribute to late team founder Dietrich Mateschitz whose death was announced the previous day.

Lap: 56/56
BonningtonSo final lap.LambiaseOkay you’re starting your final lap. The gap is 3.5. Cruise home.
BonningtonNice work, Lewis. That was a great drive. Mate. Absolutely splendid day that one. Really great pace. So close mate but we’ll get them next time. If you could have HP1 position 14 please, one position 14. Lewis just cool the car.HornerMax Verstappen you are world champion, we are world champions, thank you so much. And thank you, Dietrich Mateschitz, for everything that you have done for us, for this team and these championships are for you. Thank you.
HamiltonI gave it everything guys, gave it everything. Great work with the pit stop, that strategy. So close but so far. Let’s keep pushing and thanks to all the supporters out there.VerstappenDefinitely was for Dietrich. I gave it everything out there, even though, of course, we had that stop. I was a bit upset with that but, you know, I just keep pushing. And congrats guys, what an amazing season to win also the constructors. You guys really deserve it.
BonningtonWell done mate, I wouldn’t expect any less of you.LambiaseYeah fantastic result, Max and another milestone that’s your 13th win as well, fantastic result.
VerstappenThree more chances to add on that, mate.
LambiaseThree more chances. You did that in style, well done.
VerstappenIt was a bit hectic but good job.
LambiaseFail 84 please Max if you’ve not done that already. Fail eight four.
LambiaseOkay Max you are coming back into the pit lane, into the pit lane.
LambiaseSo P1 and then P0.

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      Strat two. Keep me posted in that strat position. If not, we can make another change.
      Okay mode nine Max, mode nine.
      Can we have HPP default 17. HPP default one seven.
      Strat three, Max

      How cool would it be if the drivers had to figure this out, or even better NO way to figure this out? And no excuses about the “power unit being to complicated”, that is a design choice made by manufacturers who do not trust the drivers or their engineers to do a proper job!

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      I for one agree with Ankita that it’s nice to see the two driver (engineers) talk side by side to compare what they are dealing with.

      1. @bosyber like “tyres are great”…
        Bosyber this is not instagram or twitter so I did not expect to see this article full of warriors. I couldn’t care less. Save your efforts for the Dutch.

        1. Please stop arguing ad hominem’s @peartree, both about drivers and with commenters here. You sometimes have solid posts, would be great if those were the ones we got more often.

          1. @bosyber my posts are more solid than Hamilton’s front wings. Please don’t forget to smash that like buttton, rate and subscribe.

    2. Agreed, fight on track and not trying to screw the opponent with a penalty. Embarrassing.

      1. Do you mean like Haas and Alonso?

      2. Trying to get the opponent a penalty is done much more than you can imagine.
        But trying to get the other driver penalised for something you are doing yourself? Sorry, this was (either if it’s LH or another driver) so hilarious.

        1. You mean horner does all these things to make max look the good guy makes it any better?

  4. Why arent there sensors on the car that highlight that the driver has gone off track?

    1. There are sensors, two of them just underneath the drivers eyebrows.
      Problem is they can see the other guys position better than their own.

  5. To be fair, Verstappen is normally the master of this radio talk… Also Max repeatedly went off the track while catching Hamilton and was not called up on it. He even went off during Q1 and somehow was not eliminated…

    1. The stewards apparently need help to see when Verstappen flaunts the rules.

    2. Not all corners lead to gains, and only those that lead to a gain are GPS monitored. The GPS accuracy is about 2cm, so I’m fairly sure the stewards get a warning each time the driver exceeds the limits where he gains. There are 20 cars on track, so they need to be reasonable with their resources and warnings. If the infringement is minor and only once, they seem to forget about it, but consistent abuse, lap after lap gets a warning.
      Looking at Hamiltons onboards, I had the feeling that Lewis was tattle tailing on Verstappen in the corners where he also was exceeding the limits, so this isn’t doing Lewis any favours in the like-ability department.

    3. Moreover Max was wearing a strange shirt. Wasnt addressed at all.

  6. Verstappen is now back in the lead but has collected his first warning for exceeding track limits. Four warnings typically leads to a five-second time penalty.

    Under this sentence the table has Bonno saying to Hamilton: “We’ve had one lap deleted for track limits turn 19.” – is that an error in the article, did Hamilton also collect his first strike then and/or was Max never updated on his first strike?

    All in all it seems to me that both were pretty equal when it came to track limits..? For the outside world it might have looked as if Max was the naughty one because Lewis kept bringing it up (in a desperate attempt to win I suppose) and that was what was broadcast on the live feed.

    Also: Lambiase:Yeah fantastic result, Max and another milestone that’s your 13th win as well, fantastic result. – that should be 33rd, but I’m not sure if that’s on Gianpiero or on @keithcollantine :)

    1. Oh wait, 13th of the season of course. Never mind.

    2. For the outside world it might have looked as if Max was the naughty one because Lewis kept bringing it up (in a desperate attempt to win I suppose) and that was what was broadcast on the live feed.

      Given that this was the case you would have thought Hamilton would have made more of an effort to stay within 5 seconds of Verstappen once he was past, but he let Max pull far enough clear that a penalty wouldn’t have mattered even if he’d got one.

    3. Lap deleted in case a driver would have set fastest lap

      1. Thank you Rico, I hadn’t thought of that

  7. Max definitely drove off the track, cutting the corner at turn 1, and gained a lasting advantage in Singapore. No penalty.

    Race management in F1 remains poor and inconsistent.

    1. And what about the color of his socks?! Unbelievable that nothing is done to stop this

      1. His socks are fine.. unless he’s got jewellery on them. Because there’s nothing more important to the safety and quality of F1 than keeping drivers jewellery free.

        1. That too ;-)

  8. Interesting, need these two in comparable machinery next year.

    1. That would be something. Would love to see that. I think no team boss would like to see that however.

    2. Sorry, meant the exact same machinery

  9. Max went off the circuit in exactly the same place as 1 of the alpha romeos or haas i cant recall which during q1 yet the romeo or hass was penalized and verstappen wasnt.once again FIA favoring max. Lewis is not only highlighting to the stewards but to the world how lenient FIA are towards max.

  10. I just hope we get to see these two in near-equal machinery again for at least one more season. The intensity of their personal rivalry is great.

  11. I really like these posts

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