Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2021

Typical clear, sunny grand prix expected in Mexico

2022 Mexican Grand Prix weather

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One week after the first United States Grand Prix, Formula 1 arrives at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez after travelling 1,200 south across the border into Mexico.

The field may now be closer to the equator than they were this time last weekend, but the event in Mexico City is likely to be slightly cooler than the conditions the drivers had to contest with in Texas. There is a low risk of rain, which could bring an extra dimension to the race if it materialises, but that is unlikely at this stage.

While temperatures hovered around 30 degrees at the Circuit of the Americas, it’s likely to be around 10C cooler in Mexico. Tomorrow’s opening day of practice is expected to be run at just over 20 degrees in lightly cloudy conditions, with a very small risk of rain for the second practice session which will see drivers running more prototype Pirelli tyres for the 2023 season.

Saturday’s qualifying day will be much the same. Temperatures will remain in the session except with slightly clearer skies over the circuit meaning there is an almost zero risk of rain during the afternoon qualifying hour.

For Sunday’s race, conditions are set to be at their best, with clear blue skies for when the lights go out at 1pm local time. Conveniently for teams, air temperatures are likely to remain in the early 20s, while there is only a very small risk of some light rain before the end of the race.

The asphalt at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez tends to be a fair bit warmer than ambient temperature, regularly peaking in the 40 degrees range. As always, the thin air at high altitude will make cooling a greater challenge than usual. On the whole, the weekend’s forecast predicts conditions near identical to last season’s race and the much like the other Mexican grands prix held since the event rejoined the calendar in 2015.

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  1. Good thing rain probability is low, especially for race day, but the start time is incorrect.
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