Race start, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2022

Rate the race: 2022 Mexican Grand Prix

2022 Mexican Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Mexican Grand Prix.

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36 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 Mexican Grand Prix”

  1. Rather straightforward as expceted, typical Mexico.

    1. expected

    2. I found it to be one of the more enjoyable Mexican races @jerejj. The atmosphere here is great, but the track isn’t too good for modern F1 cars racing.

      1. @bascb The same sentiment regarding racing enjoyability, but still the same predominant features & yes, not necessarily the most suitable circuit for modern F1 cars, even though the atmosphere is always great.

  2. petebaldwin (@)
    30th October 2022, 21:44

    Pretty boring. Mercedes could have made this really interesting but they went super-conservative and settled for 2nd and 4th rather than attempting to take the race to Red Bull.

    1. Considering Mercedes were having tyre-wear issues with ~30 lap old tyres that just weren’t doing too hot, and the 2 stop turned out to be just too slow, Mercedes had no chance on pure pace without an SC in their pit window. Maybe possible without Hamilton’s engine issue, if it was costing them 3-4+ tenths.

    2. @petebaldwin – i agree Mercedes could make Red Bull race very hard if they went for a other strategy.

  3. Mercedes really need to change their strategist. They keep trying the hard tyre strategy and it keeps failing.

    Hamilton was right on Verstappen with mediums, should have extended the stint and gone soft, or 2 stopped.

    They keep hanging onto the hard and it never works, it’s so frustrating to watch!

    1. They take the hit of going long with Russell to not fully take the risk of switching to medium. Hard was probably the right choice for Lewis at the time, but with drivers yet to pit on soft with okey-ish pace, it was worth the risk.
      Probably that Mercedes wanted to guarantee Russell would have the pace to prevent RedBull having an easy second pit and would have to overtake twice if they went this route. Still lacked a bit of aggressivity for a team that would “take any risk” for a win this season according to their own words. Luckily Mercedes is there, because Ferrari has disappeared from the picture…

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        30th October 2022, 21:56

        They started on medium so they’d have had to go to soft. They needed to either keep Russell out longer and try for softs at the end or go for an aggressive 2 stop strategy. Instead, they just played it conservative and hoped that Max would run into trouble.

  4. Only a 5/10 from me.

  5. News is Mercedes are still waiting for the medium tyres to drop off

  6. Pretty passive indeed, I gave it 6, saw some overtakes and I don’t tend to rate races too negatively, but not surprised to see several insufficient marks.

    1. So it was an above average race for you? How? Only if you happen to be a Ricciardo fan I guess. In the top 6 nothing happened the whole race after the first lap. There’s always overtakes in the second half of the grid, that’s a given on any track. Still, it’s not enough get me excited.
      I feel pretty bad for anyone who isn’t a Checo fan and paid for the tickets to this race. Pretty dull overall.

      I rated it a 4. No horrible errors or outrageous behaviour by either the drivers or the officials, so nothing bad. Just a whole lot of waiting for the action that never came. Slightly worse than average.

  7. Not a classic by any means but certainly plenty of intriguing strategies. I thought Lewis had a genuine chance given how early some of the medium runners pitted at the start. I was certain Max would have to pit again but it turned out the medium and hard were effectively the same tyre! Gave it a 5.

  8. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    30th October 2022, 21:48

    Was going this give this race a 3, but Ricciardo raised it by a point
    Otherwise, it was a whole lot of waiting for nothing to happen, especially at the front of the field. Alonso’s retirement is a further dissapointment

  9. Was that the race? Honestly enjoyed the practice sessions more.

    1. Haha, actually true, come to think of it. FP3 looked like we were set for a good fight.
      They should go way softer for the next year, to force more unpredictability and more pitstops for this race.

  10. That was very poor, the equivalent of a 0-0 in football

    1. “the equivalent of a 0-0 in NFL” The only ??? was would Max over-drive his tires: “No”. 5/10.

  11. Boring. It seemed as though it could produce a nice tactical race but ultimately it ended up with not much.
    And again problems for Alonso, what a season indeed.

  12. 🐕💩

  13. John (@johnnyslimane)
    30th October 2022, 21:57

    I gave it a 2. It would have been a 1 without Ricardo giving me a reason to keep watching.

  14. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    30th October 2022, 21:58

    Absolutely woeful and everything wrong with modern f1. Gaps to big between cars, and not possible to overtake for the most part but ricciardo ramming someone out and getting seventh seems completely wrong.

  15. How boring. Overspent resulting in one driver winning 14 times. Still, many wishes have been granted, among others, a non Merc/Ham as champions. How shameful of RB to continue being “proud”. How cowardice of FIA not to take this breach seriously. How non surprising motorsport press avoid delving it further.

  16. Very poor show. Races like this make one wonder how at least seven of the teams justify their continued participation to their financial backers, just woeful performances all around.

    The track is just too slow for F1 cars as well. All this waiting around low gears doesn’t do these machines justice.

  17. It was a bit sleepy to be honest. Rather funny the most excitement came from Ricciardo punting Tsunoda out and then suddenly waking up as though from a dream.

  18. yahbasic (@thedogjustpukedonme)
    30th October 2022, 22:40

    I gave it a 4, and 2 of those points were for the atmosphere.

  19. Boring. Just like the Arsenal vs Nottingham match. Know this isn’t a football blog but Nottingham has an apt logo for the team, the trees, as in stand around like trees. Another team name could be the Nottingham Spectators.

  20. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    30th October 2022, 23:23

    Easily the worst race of the season, which is a shame for such a passionate crowd.

  21. It is a dismal prospect to F1 – apparently only VER and HAM are able to drive beyond their cars.
    PER is driving a RB but on news tyres cant go faster than HAM.
    Okay the guy is 7x WDC but he is driving a 22 Mercedes.
    RUS is promising, but sometimes he disappear.
    And either LEC/SAI get some sort of encouragement or they will succumb to get millions to look nice in red.
    So, other than VER/HAM, only ALO seems capable to bring something to the race.

  22. Maybe unpopular opinion but I didn’t mind the race. I’m a bit tired of seeing almost every race these days get interrupted with lengthy safety cars or red flagged. It’s almost refreshing to see a race play out organically without any of that getting in the way (other than the brief vsc but that didn’t really affect anything).

    Having said that, it still wasn’t that exciting at the front of the field but there was some decent stuff going on in the midfield. It was sort of interesting watching to see if the Red Bulls would manage their tyres to the end or if the Mercs on the hards would come alive in the last few laps. Ferrari were just in complete no man’s land, way behind the top 4,but way ahead of everyone else.

  23. I gave it a 2. Pretty boring race which almost nothing of note happened, just Alonso retirement and PG with LS and DR and YT’s incident happening…

  24. Horrible race. Most of field gets lapped. DRS passes , a procession . Danny Ric honorable mention

  25. Race itself wasn’t awful but it sums up the season. Last year was thrilling, cars were diverging but now with the new rules we once again have a dominant car/combo. It’s just not interesting whether Schumacher, Hamilton, Verstappen. I want my boy Norris to be a champ but again it was due to total domination it would be boring. Disappointing season for me

  26. This may sound hyperbole, but one of the dullest F1 races I’ve seen. I ended up going to bed instead of watching it fully live, and as I watched the last half of it while drinking my coffee the next morning, I was glad I made the right choice and did not stay up to watch this snoozefest.

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