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Ricciardo’s failed pass attempt was “shocking” – Tsunoda

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In the round-up: Yuki Tsunoda was unimpressed with Daniel Ricciardo’s overtaking attempt which put him out of the race.

In brief

Tsunoda frustrated by race-ending collision

Ricciardo was given a 10-second time penalty for colliding with Tsunoda in today’s race. The AlphaTauri driver said his afternoon was going well until they made contact.

“Until then it was [looking] super-good,” he said. “I managed well, especially the first stint on soft tyre.

“It’s just so shocking how he overtake, like, [it was] almost impossible. He just send it in there. I don’t know if he had damage but it’s pretty shocking what I had. It’s so frustrating.”

Magnussen cleared, Latifi warned

Kevin Magnussen and Nicholas Latifi were investigated by the stewards for driving too slowly on their reconnaissance laps. No action was taken against the Haas driver, while Williams’ man received a warning.

The stewards accepted Magnussen was forced to slow by a technical problem. Latifi, who briefly followed the Haas driver before overtaking and proceeding, was given a formal warning for exceeding the maximum time allowed for the lap.

Latifi’s suspicion of damage proves correct

Latifi was unhappy with the handling of his Williams during the race and asked his team whether he had damaged. It turned out he did.

“We had some car damage from early on in the race which was confirmed by the team,” Latifi said afterwards. “At the beginning it didn’t seem too bad but as the race went on our pace seemed to deteriorate.

“We need to see what the damage specifically was but unfortunately, we had no pace today.” He finished 18th and last, two laps down.

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Comment of the day

PeterG isn’t convinced F1’s 2022 cars have reduced the slipstream effect on straights:

We keep hearing that the slipstream is worse with the new cars yet when we have seen quite a bit of slipstreaming and some good racing/overtaking resulting from it on the first laps of races before DRS is switched on.

The slipstream may not be as powerful as with past cars but it’s still plenty powerful enough.

For instance last weekend at COTA the slipstream seemed plenty effective enough to be drawing Alonso closer to Stroll before they touched and had they not made contact the slipstream would have given us a nice side-by-side fight into the braking zone.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Gqsm, Jon Finn, Pejte and Alokin!

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21 comments on “Ricciardo’s failed pass attempt was “shocking” – Tsunoda”

  1. Shocking that Tsunoda didn’t see it coming. Epic race from Dan at the end of a very difficult year, the guy must have amazing mental fortitude.

    1. Failed attempt?

    2. It’s a double hairpin, DR was reckless, like he has been several times this year and last

      1. A double hairpin… would be a very small track

        1. Gavin Campbell
          31st October 2022, 10:36

          Like a mini AVUS!

        2. Obviously you know what I mean, a multi-angled hairpin. Numbnuts

    3. It was one of clumsiest dumbest moves I’ve even seen Ricardo do.

      And I have to say the fact the then ends up gaining from it, tempered my enjoyment of his subsequent drive.

      I do find it quite amazing, how many cut him so much slack. He makes a dumb move. Ends someone race. But what the hell, who cares, he did some nice overtakes.

      1. @banbrorace
        I agree, for whatever value it has, he was even voted driver of the day.
        I mean, that’s just impossible…

  2. This Lewis-Max “feud” might be good for the casual racing fan and for “Drive to Survive”, but I hate it. Two of the most exceptional drivers of all time in my opinion. Max needs to shut up about it in these interviews even though there is no doubt that there is some truth to it. Lewis probably only uses his name in front of the media to make Max look like the bad guy after saying stupid things like this in interviews. Rather brilliant on Lewis’ part. But I just wish these guys had some mutual respect for each other. At least a little.

    1. Given the source, it’s entirely possible he’s quoted out of context, misquoted entirely, or was fed a quote with a leading question. Daily Mail isn’t exactly the pinnacle of journalistic integrity and I’m surprised to see Keith post that article and tweet about it.

      As for the tweet itself, are we really going to pretend this one time negates the multitudes of times Lewis refers to Max as “that guy” to the point where people have taken notice? Think of it what you will or whatever reason Lewis has for doing that, but that’s hardly make-believe.

      1. Funnily enough, the first time I noticed someone consistently using “that guy” was while watching any Jos interview in which he’d have to talk about Lewis. Look up the lengthy interview Coulthard had with him and Max the day after Abu Dhabi 2021 for instance. Glass house + stones.

      2. Lewis has always referred to competition as that guy or them

    2. What “feud”? You’re just buying into the spin.

      It reminds me, when back in 2008 we were told that Hamilton and Alonso hated each other and never spoke. Never looked that way when Fernando raced down to the McLaren Interlagos pit to congratulate Lewis on his Championship win.

      I’m not certain why anyone takes any notice of comments taken out of context or worse, people’s interpretation of him.

      The Daily Mail is a right wing paper, who are not at all known for been supportive of Hamilton apart from when he’s winning races. They like a lot on these boards, love to make him out to be a spoilt brat. It’d be a good idea to understand the agenda’s of each within the media.

  3. RBR won’t talk to Sky but they comment on heresay to the Daily Mail?

    1. Well @dmw what do you expect with honest Horner at the helm. ;)

  4. Danny Ric had a great strategy starting on M tires, going fairly long and switching on the S. Mercedes should have gone for this with at least one car (probably Russel).

  5. Did Latifi get the penalty because of Magnussen or did he drove even slower than Kevin

    1. Ha, exactly what I was wondering about too @qeki

  6. Indeed.

    Logical explanation for Goatifi’s slowness & ending up two full laps behind the eventual winner.

    Haas simply lacked race pace, so not nothing either driver could’ve done differently or better.

    COTD makes good observations.

    1. I hadn’t previously heard much talk that slipstreaming was worse this year, just that DRS is less powerful in and of itself which is pretty much the opposite.

  7. Nice that Latifi signed it for the kid. There are some who I suspect would take themselves too seriously and tell the kid to get lost. Yes it’s a joke at his expense, but is just a joke. Good on him.

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