RB Leipzig CEO appointed to oversee Red Bull’s F1 and sports teams

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In the round-up: Oliver Mintzlaff, the CEO of German Bundesliga team RB Leipzig, has reportedly been appointed as the new overseer of Red Bull’s sports endeavours, including Formula 1

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RB Leipzig CEO Mintzlaff appointed to oversee Red Bull’s F1 and field sports teams

Oliver Mintzlaff, the CEO of German football team RB Leipzig, has reportedly been appointed as the new overseer of Red Bull’s sports endeavours, including Formula 1, following the death of founder Dietrich Mateschitz.

The energy drinks and media empire has appointed three CEOs for various wings of the business, including its sports teams. Red Bull owns or has stakes in a variety of sports teams, including football and ice hockey, as well as many motorsports ventures across two and four-wheeled competition, including Formula 1 world championship

As reported by The Athletic, Mintzlaff will leave his current role as chief executive of the Leipzig football team on November 15th and become Red Bull’s CEO of corporate projects and new investments.

Red Bull currently own two of the ten Formula teams, Red Bull Racing and junior team AlphaTauri. Red Bull have claimed both world championship this season, with Max Verstappen successfully defending his drivers’ championship won in 2021.

Verstappen, Redline finish second in Spa simrace after Eau Rouge clash

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen finished second with Team Redline team mates Jeffrey Rietveld and Maximilian Benecke in the Le Mans Virtual Six Hours of Spa yesterday after a costly collision through Eau Rouge.

Verstappen joined his Team Redline team mates for the endurance simrace held on the rFactor 2 platform that comprised a round of the Le Mans Virtual Series. Redline used an alternate strategy to teams ahead, but Verstappen was delayed by a collision with the GTE entry of Romain Grosjean’s R8G Esports team through Eau Rouge.

The race was won by the #63 AMG Esports LMP entry, seven seconds ahead of Redline, with the #71 BMW Team Redline car winning in the GTE class.

Central & Eastern European F4 series accredited by FIA

A new Formula 4 championship operating across central and Eastern Europe will begin next year after it was officially accredited by the FIA.

The ACCR F4 championship will commence in 2023, including races across Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The championship will feature an overall champion, a junior champion for drivers up to 21-years-old, a women’s trophy and a team’s championship.

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Comment of the day

With Alpine not wanting to be too hasty in naming junior driver Jack Doohan as reserve driver for 2023, @sjaakfoo is beginning to get deja vu…

Smart. Wouldn’t want to make a decision to soon and risk the driver looking elsewhere for a team that isn’t so wishy-washy.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to A.S. Mahesh, Claudio Sampaio, Flowerdew and Hawksfan!

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    1. Pricing Vegas as a once in a lifetime event ensures there won’t be repeat fans. Especially at the start of a recession. That’s a fantastic way to kill off the race.

      1. Nah. The gamble is there are enough once in a lifetime people to pay over the odds for a decade, against a larger number of people who could pay less each year.
        given the very restricted space for spectators, they’ve gone for the whales.

        1. The reason COTA has been a success is they have priced things reasonably enough that the average fan can attend. The first year, GA tickets were $150 for three days. Compare that with Vegas. They may get some whales the first year, but unless the excitement on track is compelling, they won’t be able to attract whales in the future. Given the plethora of other entertainment options in Vegas at their disposal why go to a F1 race unless it is exciting. And given the track layout, it is doubtful the on track action will be compelling enough for people to pay those prices in future years. COTA had more reasonable prices and better on track action.

          1. I am constantly astounded by how markets like these can sustain themselves.

            Also, you say over-priced. if demand drops, prices will drop. As long as the demand is stronger than the supply then the prices will reflect that.

    2. Not really an issue. There are tens of thousands of much cheaper hotel rooms all over the place. The news story was just hyping those particular places. Last time we were in Vegas we stayed in a very nice hotel with a suite bedroom just two minutes off the strip for the same price we pay going elsewhere. It’s the resorts that are jacking up the prices.

    3. SF tweet: Sensitive how?
      Nevertheless, Kobayashi’s double pass is similar to both Häkkinen’s & Ocon’s into Les Combes.

      Somewhat incomparable because Doohan doesn’t have anywhere else to go anyway.

    4. I love how Grosjean is ruining people’s races even in virtual racing.

      1. @ucat33 It was Grosjean’s team, although he wasn’t driving when the incident occurred.

    5. Great appointment by the way that coincide with RBR’s budget cap saga. The CEO of the most hated football club, or corporate gimmick, in Germany after years of boycotts and protests by opposing teams and fans is now overseeing RBR F1 activities. Looking forward for new creative and innovative ways of abusing the rules !

      1. He’s a natural choice!

        1. You are so cringy.

          1. That’s insightful. Thanks!

        2. Perfect fit with regard to the Red Bull corporate culture.

      2. randomnumber (@)
        6th November 2022, 20:47

        If you think that’s bad, Mercedes’ partner (who Hamilton endorses) appears to have supported war crimes. What hypocrisy!

    6. @randomnumber
      According to you, I should go through the entire list of partners, sponsors, personnel, corporate structure, accounting… of 10 F1 teams before commenting on a well known subject concerning Red Bull Racing ? I got a life to live…
      Besides, the article you have attached seems to throw accusations that could be wrong or right but without presenting a single argument to back its claim.

      Another thing the writer and in order to make himself look connected or knowledgeable with regard to the Sudanese conflict is parroting some historic facts copied and put out of their context from another article to make Petronas look like they were behind the Sudanese conflict.

      Why you have made the assumption that I’m a Mercedes fan that have knowledge about presumed criminal activities of one of their sponsors and be quiet about it is beyond me. I would have loved to debate with you with regard to Sudanese conflict as I have grown up been connected to everything surrounding the arabo-african conflicts in the last 30 years though I highly doubt that you have the maturity to engage in a civilized debate.

      1. randomnumber (@)
        7th November 2022, 2:12

        Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

      2. randomnumber (@)
        7th November 2022, 9:02

        I dont know what got into me Im going to delete my account, hope you have a good day and apologies for my tirade

      3. Well said.

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