Mercedes, 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix launch, 2022

Pictures: Formula 1 launches 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Sergio Perez were among the drivers who joined Formula 1’s launch event for its new Las Vegas Grand Prix last weekend.

The new race on a street circuit in the Nevadan city will be the penultimate round on the 2023 F1 calendar.

F1 held demonstration runs for F1 cars and the F1 Safety Car on the famed strip which will form part of the new Las Vegas Street Circuit. Mercedes added underfloor lighting to their car for the event to promote the new night race.

“I’m so excited to be here in Vegas,” Hamilton told the crowd after he and team mate Russell joined in the demonstration. “Just driving down that strip, watching movies like so many of you have seen Vegas and the lights, this race is going to be for sure the best race of all time.”

Hamilton said he expects it will be difficult to shut out the many distractions of the world-famous entertainment destination during next year’s November event.

Hamilton said it will be “the best race of all time”
“We have races like Singapore and Monaco, for example, is pretty hectic,” he said, “but it’s definitely not going to be easy.”

“We’ll be here to try and win the race, of course. But hopefully we’ll get to enjoy a bit of what this city has to offer.”

The seven-times world champion said he was pleased to see so many American fans had turned up for the event which marked the beginning of ticket sales for the race.

“It’s a surprise always to see so many people here, the whole way around the circuit, the support from all of you, people that have come out to Austin, Miami, it’s been phenomenal this year,” he said. “So thank you so much for the support.”

Sergio Perez, who enjoys considerable support at American rounds which tend to attract a large contingent of Mexican fans, said he is “so much looking forward” to the race.

“I love this place,” said the Red Bull driver. “I’ve come here so many times in my life, so I just cannot imagine an event together with Formula 1. It’s going to be, I think, the biggest event in the world next year.

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10 comments on “Pictures: Formula 1 launches 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix”

  1. It seems the Las Vegas Talking Points were received and everyone is now in total and genuine agreement.

    Of course, it won’t even be the biggest race event in that one country, never mind the world. And it doesn’t have to be either, so long as it’s a good race it’ll be fine.

  2. “It’s going to be, I think, the biggest event in the world next year.” Uh huh. Yeah. Sure, kid, sure. SRO @ $500 a pop.

  3. Nah , i think it might even be the worst ever
    .. seriously

  4. I didn’t expect him to say anything else. He was brought in to hype the event and he is hyping it. But I believe it just as much as I believe when he tells the crowds at every circuit that they are the best crowds he has experienced.

    1. I fear there will be even more distastefull all american hype-sauce then there was at COTA over this particular one. No need to watch the preshow thats for sure

  5. Maybe if it is wet and one of the drivers gets involved in multiple incidents early in the race including one which takes his teammate out, then there is a red flag stoppage that lasts two hours, and immediately after that driver takes out one of his rivals, gets a puncture, and finds himself dead last with just over half the race gone having been slightly more to blame for each incident but not by enough to penalise him, before putting in a sublime display of skill on a drying track, passing numerous drivers on slick tyres on the wet part of the track to make his way up to second, and eventually forces an error out of the driver who has dominated the season and the race up to that point on the final lap to slip through to victory after two major incidents and six pitstops including a drive-through, then maybe the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix might be the greatest race of all time.

    1. someone or something
      7th November 2022, 21:31

      Hot take: Jenson Button was not a deserving winner on that day. His performance from start to finish stunk, he was lucky not to get penalised for taking Hamilton out, and for getting away without significant lasting damage. Last on the track, a lap down, is where he belonged. But that nonsensical Safety Car rule gave him back that lap he so deservedly lost, and the rest is history. Entertaining history, but at the end of the day, it was arguably the worst driver of the day who won.

  6. “…enjoy a bit of what this city has to offer.”

    Picking up a rental car and getting the heck out of there.

  7. The best race of all time, perhaps in atmosphere, glitz, & glamour, but the racing quality is another matter.
    So Domenicali, Maffei, Sisolak, & co., painted the timing line with everything else under construction.
    I like the scale model, though.

  8. So you deleted my comment calling Lewis Hamilton a corporate shill and a royalist?

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