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Magnussen praises Haas tactics after taking shock sprint race pole

2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen said he was “not even close” to imagining he might take pole position for the Brazilian Grand Prix sprint race.

The Haas driver scored the surprise result in a rain-hit qualifying session for tomorrow’s opening race at Interlagos. He was one of just a handful of drivers to set a time at the beginning of Q3 before George Russell spun off, triggering a red flag.

While the session was suspended, rain fell on the track which prevented drivers from beating Magnussen’s time after the session restarted. When Q3 finished the Haas team erupted in celebration after taking its first pole position of any kind in F1.

It was a stunning turnaround for Magnussen, who was left without an F1 drive last season after being dropped by Haas at the end of 2020. He regained his place at the team after Nikita Mazepin was ousted during the off-season.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Magnussen. He complimented his team for ensuring they were well placed to take advantage of the changing conditions.

“The team put me out on-track at exactly the right moment,” said Magnussen. “I mean, we were first out in the pit lane and did a decent lap and we’re on pole. It’s incredible.

“Thank you to Gene Haas and Guenther [Steiner, team principal] and the whole team for this opportunity. I got back this year after a year out and it’s just been an amazing journey. So thank you.”

He vowed to go on “maximum attack” during tomorrow’s sprint race, which will decide the grid for Sunday’s grand prix. “Let’s go for something funny.”

Magnussen Q3 team radio exchange excerpt

SladeOkay Kev.
MagnussenWhat position are we?
SladeYou’re P1, mate.
MagnussenYou’re kidding.
SladeI am not kidding. I’ve got to buy everybody dinner if we finish there tonight.
MagnussenYou’re kidding! You’re fucking kidding me. I’ve never, ever felt like this in my life.
SladeIt’s not over yet…
MagnussenDon’t celebrate yet. Don’t celebrate yet.
SladeIt’s not over yet, Kev.

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2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    5 comments on “Magnussen praises Haas tactics after taking shock sprint race pole”

    1. Yeah, I don’t think there are many people out there who did expect this, if anyone would bet on that one they just won a bit chunk of money, I would think!

    2. And now it’s the right time to dislike the sprint format even more. It would have been great to see Magnussen and Haas try all they can to stay at least on the podium ok Sunday. Instead, tomorrow he will fall down the order and even more on Sunday.

    3. shame it’s not actually pole position.

      he won qualifying and that was a great result for him and the team but pole position will be the driver who starts the grand prix on pole position on sunday.

      i mean if kmag scored the pole then what do we call the pole position sitter on sunday?

      its the details such as this that highlight how absurd this sprint format is because all it has done is create these extra complexities. on a normal weekend nobody would dispure kmag as the pole sitter but on a sprint weekend he really isn’t and the fact the sprint format creates these messes just highlights how bad, awful and unnecessary the silly format is.

    4. Amazing. And on a sprint race weekend where having a surprise pole sitter could actually mean something thanks to the shorter race. Starting P1 on Sunday would mean he’ll end up finishing the race where the car normally would.

    5. Excellent performance by Magnusson and Haas. Very enjoyable to watch!

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