“Don’t fight Max”: How Red Bull’s team radio row in Brazil unfolded

2022 Brazilian GP team radio transcript

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The Brazilian Grand Prix was disappointing enough for Red Bull to begin with – then their two drivers fell out over a team orders dispute.

Sergio Perez was deeply unimpressed at his team mate’s refusal to let him by into sixth place at the end of the race. Perez is seeking to claim second in the championship and secure the first one-two in the points standings for the team in its history.

His cause wasn’t helped when Max Verstappen ignored a series of calls to let Perez by over the final laps. Verstappen had been waved past his team mate in an effort to overtake Fernando Alonso, but was unable to pass the Alpine before the end of the race.

Verstappen was no happier with the situation than his team mate, telling his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase he had previously explained why he was unwilling to make way for his team mate on-track. However as the team’s radio messages showed, Perez had been given assurances Verstappen would relinquish the position.

Transcript: Verstappen and Perez’s radio fall-out in Brazil

The situation would not have arisen had it not been for a late Safety Car triggered by Lando Norris’ retirement. Prior to that, on lap 51, Perez was sitting in fourth place, over 40 seconds ahead of ninth-placed Verstappen, who had been delayed by a collision with Lewis Hamilton earlier in the race.

Norris’ retirement initially triggered a Virtual Safety Car period. Perez gained a position from this, as second-placed Carlos Sainz Jnr took the opportunity to pit, and rejoined the track behind the Red Bull on fresh tyres.

Lap: 52/71
Verstappen’s radio messagesPerez’s radio messages
LambiaseOkay Max so Norris has stopped between turn 10 and 11. He’s still on-track. He’s on the right-hand side. He’s getting out of the car whilst you were passing him. Virtual Safety Car deployed. VSC deployed. Dash positive.BirdYellow exit turn 10, yellows on the exit of turn 10. Norris has stopped on the right-hand side of the track.
Lap: 53/71
LambiaseSo Alonso, think he’s going to come out ahead of you, free to push at this point, you need to follow it your delta. Yeah, Alonso ahead, dash positive. Alonso on new soft.BirdVirtual Safety deployed. Recharge on. Cancel handbrake, cancel handbrake.
VerstappenSo what position are we in?BirdOkay so Sainz will be pitting. Expect Sainz will come out just behind us.
LambiaseP10.BirdSo stay on your delta. Sainz has pitted. You’re staying out.
PerezCopy. Who is behind?

The marshals encountered difficulty removing the stricken McLaren and race control decided a full Safety Car period was required. This closed up the field.

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Lap: 54/71
LambiaseOkay. Safety Car deployed, Max, Safety Car deployed.BirdCar behind is Alonso, 35 seconds back.
BirdActually he has pitted so it’s Bottas the car behind, a long way back. So Sainz is going to emerge behind you, he’s just in turn two now. Sainz on the scrubbed soft.
BirdStrat 10, strat 10. Safety Car deployed. Safety Car. Safety Car’s at turn two.
Lap: 55/71
LambiaseSo keep on your delta, Max.BirdSo Safety Car’s on the run to four. Safety Car’s at turn six.
LambiaseStrat two please, Max.BirdSelect mode three, mode three. And B-bal six. B-bal six.
LambiaseSo keep on your delta. Once you pass the line then we’ll be able to push up to the Safety Car. Dash positive.

Perez now lay in third but was running on the unfavoured medium tyre compound and knew he was unlikely to have the pace to challenge the two Mercedes ahead. The soft-shod Ferraris behind were a concern: Not just Sainz, but Leclerc too, who like Verstappen had regained a huge amount of time thanks to the Safety Car and had only Valtteri Bottas between him and his team mate.

Behind Leclerc came Sebastian Vettel, the two Alpines and Verstappen.

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Lap: 56/71
VerstappenHow many laps are there remaining?PerezWho has pitted behind?
Lambiase16 after this one. Correction, including this one.BirdSo you’ve got Sainz on a used soft behind then Bottas on 10-lap-old new softs, Leclerc on 10-lap-old used softs. And strat 11, strat 11. Sainz’s new softs aren’t that new.
Lap: 57/71
VerstappenHow was my relative pace to, like, you know, the cars ahead of me. Catching?Bird56 laps complete, 15 remaining.
LambiaseSo Leclerc on his soft at the time had stabilised at around a 16.6, 16.7. So you were four-tenths quicker at the time.BirdPositive on the brakes when you can, positive on the brakes when you can.
VerstappenAnd like the cars in the middle of us?
LambiaseSo Alonso was relatively quick on his medium. It was a 15.7, he’s now on a new soft. Ocon didn’t quite have that same pace and then it’s Vettel ahead on a scrubbed medium.
VerstappenWhy is the Safety Car not coming in? The car is there already for two laps.
LambiaseWe are still yet to allow lapped cars past.

The restart of the race was delayed as race control attempted to wave the lapped cars through and onto the lead lap. However due to an oversight only the two Williams drivers were let through. Yuki Tsunoda, who was also a lap down, was left where he was, causing some confusion.

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Lap: 58/71
LambiaseOkay so the lapped cars are now being allowed to overtake. There is nobody behind you.BirdOkay lapped cars may now overtake. Got Tsunoda and Latifi to come past, just stay on the racing line.
LambiaseSo Max it’ll be mode three, mode three for the restart. You can do that now. Then either mode nine or mode six so up to you on the second lap.BirdLatifi behind should come past and then Tsunoda.
BirdTsunoda will not be coming past.
Lap: 59/71
LambiaseOkay. So the Safety Car is in this lap. So that’s 58 laps complete, it’ll be 59 once we get going, so 12 racing laps.BirdSo Tsunoda is a lap down but will not be coming past you. So Safety Car in at the end of this lap. B-bal three, b-bal three, strat 10 and bias offset for the restart.
LambiaseOkay so just watch your bias offset, Max. Currently zero. Tyres on the cool side. Safety Car still at turn 12.PerezSainz overtook Tsunoda under the Safety Car.
LambiaseSafety Car approaching pit lane.BirdYeah copy, Checo.
BirdRecharge off now, recharge off. Safety Car still leading the pack. Safety Car turn 12. 13. 14. Pit lane.

When the race finally restarted the chatter on the radios died down for several laps. While Verstappen passed the likes of Vettel and Esteban Ocon ahead, Perez was unable to repel the Ferraris and even Fernando Alonso, who had taken the opportunity to fit a set of soft tyres during the Safety Car period.

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Lap: 60/71
BirdMode six, mode six, battery is good.
Lap: 61/71
LambiaseMake the tyres last, Max.BirdBattery is still good.
Lap: 62/71
LambiaseYou have DRS. Mode five.BirdDRS enabled, gap 0.6.
BirdPerez is passed by Sainz
Gap 0.5.
Lap: 63/71
LambiaseRear-right peak.BirdMode seven, mode seven, Leclerc at 0.5.
Lap: 64/71
LambiaseSo eight laps remaining.BirdPerez is passed by Leclerc
Eight laps to go.

After Alonso moved into fifth ahead of Perez, Red Bull decided to see if Verstappen was quick enough to chase down the Alpine.

Perez was told to let Verstappen past on the understanding that if his team mate could not get past Alonso, he would be given the position back. This detail was not stated on Verstappen’s radio: He was told only to try to attack Alonso.

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Lap: 65/71
LambiaseMode nine, mode nine.BirdPerez is passed by Alonso
Don’t fight Max.
Lap: 66/71
LambiaseOkay Max go and take some points off Alonso and Leclerc please.BirdSo don’t fight Max. If on the last lap you’re together we’ll swap back.
BirdWe’ll let Max go and hunt down Leclerc.

Verstappen closed on Alonso but was unable to pass him before the final lap.

Lap: 67/71
LambiaseFive laps to go.BirdCaution debris apex turn one. Four laps to go, including this one.
LambiaseCould be some debris at turn one, Max. Leclerc last lap 14.5.
Lap: 69/71
LambiaseThree more laps.BirdThree laps to go. Mode six, mode six.
BirdOkay think about B-bal five and reset bias offset for that snap at turn one. Two laps to go.
Lap: 70/71
LambiaseMode four, mode four.

On the last lap Verstappen was told that if he wasn’t able to pass Alonso by the final corner he should let Perez past again. He didn’t do so, and was told repeatedly as he headed towards the finishing line to back off.

Verstappen took the chequered flag four seconds ahead of Perez, who was bemused as to why he hadn’t been given his place back.

Lap: 71/71
VerstappenHow many laps?BirdLast lap.
LambiaseThis is the final lap, Max. Max, if we don’t pass Fernando on the exit of 12 can we let Checo through, please, let Checo back through.BirdOkay if Max does not pass Fernando, he’ll you through at the exit of turn 12.
LambiaseDon’t worry about the DRS, Max. Let Checo through. Max, let’s Checo through, please.BirdOkay so Max will let you through.
LambiaseMax, what happened?PerezOkay. Thank you for that, guys. Thank you.
VerstappenI told you already last time you guys, don’t ask that again to me. Okay? Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it.HornerI’m sorry about that, Checo.
LambiaseInto the pit lane, please.BirdRecharge on, Checo. Fail 84. We’ll debrief everything afterwards.
PerezYeah. It shows who he really is.
BirdDon’t know what to say, Checo. Safety Car ruined it.
PerezYeah, what a race. We were nowhere in the end with these mediums.
BirdWe go again next week.
BirdInto the pit lane and leave it in P1.
BirdLeave it in P1, jump out.

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    62 comments on ““Don’t fight Max”: How Red Bull’s team radio row in Brazil unfolded”

    1. Verstappen is a spoiled kid driving the best cars all his career. In a perfect world, Red Bull ditch him for some other talent there is plenty out there, and he goes to drive an Aston Martin for a change to understand what he is without a team that gives him a competitive car.

      1. What I dont understand is what could he possibly be upset about with Perez? Considering everything that he’s done for him. Surely Abu Dhabi 2021 alone would compensate for any mishaps last year.

        This has shades of Multi 21 all over it. Christian losing control over Seb, and Seb making it clear its his team. Though in that case, at least Seb had a legitimate issue with Webber (pinching him into turn 1 at Brazil 2012 and almost costing him the title). This is just being childish.

        1. A lot of people are suggesting Max is still mad about Perez crashing in Monoco and denying Max a chance at pole.

          1. Why didn’t he say anything before? It looked to me like there was no problem till now, I find it strange this comes out all of a sudden.

            1. Well, Jos went on a rant after Monoco so it didn’t just come out of nowhere. Max also said they knew his reason and not to ask him to swap again. I’m not really sure what’s worse, Max holding a grudge over nothing from Monoco or Max telling the team beforehand that he’s never going to swap position with his teammate no matter the circumstance.

          2. There are many from “reputed” press as well pushing that narrative of Neanderthal being angry at Perez for Monaco.

            1. I’m yet to see any confirmation, anywhere, that this actually has anything to do with Monaco. So far, everything is simply speculation. Only RBR know what discussions were had behind closed doors.

      2. @amian: “spoiled kid”? Yes. “driving the best cars all his career”? No, that would be more true of Lewis.
        Now I am no longer a fan of either Max or Lewis, different characters, but both arrogant and up themselves.

    2. As posted below another article on the same matter: I think we’ve seen Verstappen grow a lot as a driver over the years. As a person however, he still has a few things to learn. If a weekend or a race doesn’t go his way he seems to be more on edge. All this is wasted energy during and after and that doesn’t help him.
      Even if the monaco-thing is true (Max usually is a straight talker and doesn’t mince his words) I don’t know why he needs to make a point about it half a year later in a race between 6th and 7th place. No matter how much I can see why he’s offended by Ted Kravitz pushing his AD2021 thoughts and opinions, you can’t boycot them ‘because it creates keyboard warriors’ and the next race do something silly which will only have the same effect (but still: spare a thought for all the poor souls who go online just to dump on Christian Horner and Max Verstappen).

      1. I don’t see it as a matter of maturity. It is a matter of principles, integrity and one can argue purity. Like everyone has said, the position did not matter to Max but the points might matter to Perez’s championship and his bonuses and matter for the team. The gesture would have cost nothing to max and he would not need to deal with the aftermath. I don’t think it is worth to fight idealism for the sake of it. As a fan I never like race fixing but I certainly don’t care about these situations when you have bigger problems no racing is allowed, bad calls on penalties and safety, rules are not inplemented in the way they are writren, rules that were made in the moment etc.
        I don’t think Max refused to give back because Perez did not heed his call either, Perez certainly did not wave Max through, I think Perez might have known Max was not going to let him through, apparently Max had made it clear to the team.
        In my view Max should learn to let somethings go, because in the end it is not about media, his team mate or integrity, he’d be giving away for his team, sacrificing an ideal for the team would show commitment to the team and trust.

        1. You make a good point about the points mattering to the team. The whole of Perez’s side of the garage will be celebrating if Perez makes it to second in the WDC. Max actions have risked not just his relationship with his team mate, but also with many of the pit crew who he will depend on in future seasons.

        2. In my view Max should learn to let somethings go

          That learning, in my opinion, is part of maturing. The same you say about principles and integrity: people have different principles at a younger age than they have later, or at a better perspective on what hills are worth dying on. This one definitely isn’t one of them I think, but so far he seems to be willing to die on pretty much each hill he comes across.

        3. Mark in Florida
          14th November 2022, 16:26

          (@peartree) well said! I’m not a Max fan but, he needs to mature some as a person. Some battles need to be fought to make a point but other things you need to let go of because #1 it’s really not that important and #2 what you do will be detrimental to you at some point or is immediately detrimental to the team. So yeah Max needs to stop being pouty about some things in racing and just grind on. In the end no one is bigger than the team. Even Ferrari got rid of Michael….

        4. I mean if he is thinking from the pure essence of racing then he shouldn’t expect to be allowed to be let past his team mate. One sided relationships don’t work too well, you must learn to give a little back.

      2. Max and CH are both such easy targets as they are both two peas in a pod of Narcists!

    3. BLS (@brightlampshade)
      14th November 2022, 12:57

      Utter stupidity from Max yesterday, refusing to give up a minor position to keep your team mate (and excellent wing man) happy.

      Will only end up making his own life harder, poor decision there.

    4. All I can say is, you can see why Red Bull insist on Horner providing 24/7 PR for Verstappen, he needs it.

    5. OK to be fair to MV, Red Bull did not make it clear that this was a temporary pass. They should have told him that he is being let by on that condition, like they did to Perez.

      1. To be fair is a big word for a man like Max.

      2. Max is a spoiled brat.

      3. Verstappen didn’t even need a team order to pass perez, he was a lot faster, I don’t get this reasoning.

      4. Firstly, MV wasn’t “let by”. He overtook, and admittedly Perez didn’t “fight Max”, but the same is true of most team mate battles (Ocon and Stroll being notable exceptions).

        Secondly, MV never agreed (on radio at least) to passing on the condition of letting SP back through. SP was promised by his engineer, and MV’s engineer asked him to let SP by, but I don’t see any agreement by MV of this arrangement.

        Whether or not MV should have let SP by can be argued until the cows come home. But despite the widespread whinging, he didn’t actually break an agreement, unless something had been arranged behind closed doors of which none of us would know.

    6. In all the Max drama over the last couple of years there has never been a stronger consensus in condemning his actions as there has been in this case. Usually Max fans loyally defend him but in this case they are few and far between.

      1. Very true, only the ones who are very biased towards verstappen, to the point of saying ferrari is the fastest car of 2022 defend verstappen here.

    7. Back in ’02, Schumacher followed Barrichello home in 2nd place 3 times and gifted him back a win after he clinched the title in july.
      Had he not done that, he would have won 15 races out of 17. An almost unreacheable record.

      Yet here we are being told how great Max is for breaking his 2004 record. While refusing to give back a mere 6th place to his team mate.

      1. The record is bs anyway as Michael accomplished it in a time when seasons didn’t contain this many races. Verstappen can and never will reach Michael’s level. No matter how many records he breaks.

        1. less races yes, but also unlimited testing


          1. @anunaki

            Not to mention one of the least talented grids in the history of the sport. Other than Montoya and Raikonnen, who had inferior machinery that season, there was no half decent driver on the grid that even had the tools to challenge them.

      2. @objective_fan
        15th November 2022, 0:33

        Max passed Checo on merit. There was no place to “give back”. He wasn’t even told to let him pass until the very end of the last lap and it was not framed in the context of helping Checo gain points in the WDC. The team got the same amount of points. Max is still just 25, about the same age as Vettel during the “Multi 21” fiasco.

    8. Max seems to have a long memory for wrongs committed against him while also being unable to see when he has done wrong.

      He is great at hustling a car, doesn’t seem so good at being a teammate. Perez has helped him a lot in races by becoming super wide and keeping people behind that are hunting Max. The ask at the end of the race was a very small ask by the team.

      1. SP has certainly helped MV a lot. But, he has also helped his own career (and pay check) in doing so – don’t lose sight of the fact that SP is there as a support to MV, irrespective of what SP’s supporters would like to believe.
        And make no mistake, I really do like SP, but he really is just another Bottas/Webber/Barrichello/Irvine/Herbert character, and as such, behaves and gets paid accordingly.

    9. Why did PER only have 1 set of softs for the race? Did the team force him to run softs during the practices to get data for the “team”?

      1. Perez used a set of softs in the Sprint when Verstappen used the mediums

    10. So Verstappen’s order was to ‘go and take some points off Alonso and Leclerc please.’ That only changed on the last lap, when he was suddenly told to give up the place despite being within DRS range of Alonso at the finish line. When Hamilton and Bottas swapped in Hungary (2017?), there was a clear, prior, agreement that if Hamilton could not pass the car ahead he would swap back with Bottas. That was, based on the radio messages, not the case yesterday.

      Still, it’s not a complex request. So could Verstappen have given up the place? Yes. Does Verstappen have to worry about being asked to play second fiddle to Pérez more often? No. Does Verstappen owe his team some cooperation? Unquestionably. Would it then make sense to give these crumbs to Pérez who values them more than Verstappen? Undoubtedly.

      Not a smart move.

      1. Indeed, and a good point about the hungary 2017 comparison: hamilton could NOT pass bottas there, a team order was necessary; if red bull hadn’t said anything, verstappen would’ve still flown past perez, as unnecessary team order as it gets.

        1. So the real problem is not with the drivers but with the team.

    11. Max owes us an explanation. If he is convinced about the righteousness of “his reasons“, then we would like to know what these reasons exactly are. Because what we have seen on Sunday, is very questionable behaviour to say the least. Of course, as a racing driver he is entitled to race as he pleases, but to overwrite the (repeated) pleas from his team and team boss (!), and to betray Checko (his team mate)…?

      What is going on at Red Bull that we are not aware of? Did we miss a fallout that happened this year? I hope the journalists will shed some light on the issue because I am truly bewildered of what I have witnessed at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix. To us, watching the Grand Prix, his behaviour was draconian. Checko and the Red Bull team did not deserve this.

      1. Agree with that. Max seems to think that he can say he had “his reasons” and that’s the end of the story – it doesnt work like that. Leaving things unresolved like that will just perpetuate people’s interest in what the reasons were. Equally, if his reasons are so rock solid, then why isnt he saying what they are.

        Surely the first question any journalist will ask at the next race will be “What was the reason why you refused to let your teammate through when he had alot to gain and you had little to lose?”

        1. Indeed, he deserves to be tormented by this question till he answers, I would do that if I were a journalist.

        2. And I hope the bad PR this generates for him forces him to give more info eventually.

        3. The reason was Monaco where Perz crashed his car deliberately in order to deny Max the pole position (and the race win). Instead Perez won Monaco. Max can never say this in public, since this would lead to a retroactive disqualification of Perez from the Monaco race.

          1. And since it hasn’t been said – how do you know this as a fact?

      2. The only person Max owes an explanation to is Sergio and the team. He doesnt owe the public an effin thing. And then what gets discussed behind closed is none of our business too. We as fans are here to watch the racing, and thats it. Whatever his reasons are, are just that, his reasons. And by all accounts the matter has already been settled behind closed doors anyway. All the people that still have their nose bent out of shape after Abu Dhabi 21 are going to try and find anything to latch onto to try and whip up public hatred for Max (despite the fact that he had nothing to do with AD 21).
        I have got news for everyone, he isnt the first driver to ignore team orders, and he most certainly wont be the last. Everyone just needs to get over themselves. Talk about mob mentality.

        1. Well said. I still await anyone to demonstrate a case of a top level driver who didn’t defy team orders, or who had a contractual status which precluded them in the first place (e.g. Mansell).

    12. mark from Toronto
      14th November 2022, 20:09

      Regardless of Checo what he has done to the ENTIRED Red Bull team is a complete betrayal. If Checo fails to finish in second and its on him. Red Bull may never get a chance to do this again for decades. He just won his second WDC, has a record number of race wins and STILL his ego can’t accommodate his team? Sad.

    13. Classless, shameful, unsportsmanlike. Statistically he’s a champion. But based on this behavior, seems more like a loser.

    14. In the audio recording from Max, my ears still hear a reference last summer, not ‘last time you guys’.

      Is there anything that happened last summer?.

      1. It’s likely, as others have mentioned, a reference to Monaco where supposedly Sergio crashed on purpose in Q3 and prevented Max an attempt at setting a faster qualifying lap. Sergio went on to win that race and Max placed third.

    15. At Facebook, there was a picture highlighting Perez’s contribution to the championship last year for Verstappen. To my surprise, I actually did not remember all of them, and was really shocked when I saw them. I am guessing Verstappen was already frustrated during the race yesterday to be able to think properly. Perez deserves more respect from his teammate really. I understand the criticisms we give to him, but that is a big insult to Perez yesterday. Surely, it can’t be because of Monaco? It makes no sense since Perez was not pole during that time and Ferrari were still quite ahead in qualifying. Also I don’t think we can make connections between Bottas and Hamilton in Hungary 2017 because Brazil is an open track unlike Hungary.

      Most critical contributions from Perez last year: Baku, Turkey and Abu Dhabi.

      Note: At Baku, Perez was extremely important. I’d imagine if Hamilton was racing another driver besides him and Verstappen at the restart, the error of leaving the brake magic on would not occur. Hamilton lost at maximum 25 points from that race. Simply said, Hamilton could have been satisfied with 2nd in that race…

      1. “the error of leaving the brake magic on would not occur.”

        Just an FYI, it wasn’t left on, it was knocked on as his hand moved from his clutch paddle to the downshift paddle as he was approaching T1. Merc since changed the design.

      2. You cant compare to Hungary for multiple reasons :

        Hamilton was let past by Bottas because he was faster and Vettel was having issues with his steering. If he could get past Kimi, Vettel would be a stiing duck ahead.
        Hamilton slowed down about 10 seconds on the last lap to allow Bottas back in P3
        Hamilton was trailing Vettel by 14 points after that race but let Bottas through anyway

        1. Yes, the team order there to let hamilton try made a lot more sense because hamilton needed bottas to cooperate to pass him, unlike verstappen here, and then there was a lot more at stake, true that eventually hamilton had a lot of margin but he couldn’t know back then.

        2. Hamilton came out of that FAR better than verstappen now.

    16. I seem to be in the minority of people who don’t see this as a big deal. Multiple champions don’t tend to move over for their teammates. I don’t think his response was that surprising really. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been nice for Sergio and beneficial for maintaining harmony but I don’t think Max is built like that. It may well all be moot in a week anyway.

      1. Multiple champions don’t tend to move over for their teammates


        Schumacher and Hamilton have both won it and they’re joint WDC record-holders

        1. *done it

          @keithcollantine can we have an edit button, please?

    17. Just makes for a good Drive to Survive episode

    18. I think a lot of people are missing the point here, mainly because some ‘media’ have jumped to inventing unsubstantiated rumours, whereas psychology is easier to define. Verstappen refusing the call to let Perez through is much more likely to be that he has witnessed what happens to drivers once they start letting their teammates pass them, they become disillusioned and weakened mentally. The downhill slides starts and never ceases, then they start giving orders to move over, move aside, give up your position, _______ is faster than you. You slip from cutthroat win at all costs to I’m happy for the team’ rhetoric.

      Webber was a race winner and championship contender, then he was Multi21’d and was laughed and snickered at for the rest of his career and now he’s referred to as a hack journeyman. Why would Max not learn from Webber’s mistake, his father’s mistakes as well as Bottas, Barrichello, Massa, Irvine, Herbert, the list goes on and on of team order followers that once they have that reputation are rarely able to compete on even footing again.

      Max’s psychology is on display whenever Hamilton is close, it’s win at all costs, never let the other guy have an inch, make him pay / stop attacking you and be ultra cautious every single time (although this isn’t working with Hamilton because he has the same mentality.)

      It’s not a charity drive, the winners in this game don’t give an inch, they can’t comprehend willingly giving up position, not at least until they are in the twilight of their careers and just thankful for having a drive (Kimi)

      I highly doubt Monaco has anything to do with it, I’m pretty sure what Verstappen is saying is they discussed never to give him team orders as he won’t follow them.

      1. @jasonj I too believe this is more likely a reason than Monaco. Except for Brundle suggesting Monaco, I’ve not seen any other source for this theory. Besides, Max himself says comments like we’re not kids, things are done and dusted, etc, he doesn’t seem like he’d be childishly harbouring a grudge at Checo over Monaco quietly for so long.

        It makes a lot more sense that he wants to keep his mindset 100% focused on securing maximum points every time and does not want to entertain or ponder over exceptions or situations which require voluntarily giving away points. Much more efficient and effective to just go all out all the time. As you said, his psychology whenever battling with Lewis demonstrates this. And makes more sense he is unwilling to publicly disclose this personal aspect of his psyche.

        I think Senna was similar too. In a Prost documentary, Prost narrated an incident where they both had to unavoidably spend some time together off track and Senna just slept to not talk and didn’t really engage in friendly or casual chatter with his arch rival. But as soon as Prost retired, Prost was shocked at the 180 turn from Senna and his new friendliness and increasing friendship with Prost.

        I don’t agree that it’s a downhill slide if you do let up a bit now and then, esp after WDC chances are less at risk. Lewis has played the team game occasionally yet was 100% on it last year and every year at Merc. Schumacher did it as well once when not in a close battle for WDC.

        But Max making himself bigger than the team, which he effectively did, he’s going to lose support as a person in the paddock. Already lost the respect of his teammate and a bunch of his fans. Was a horrible human gesture.

    19. Well done, Max. The remaininging season seemed so boring but now there is drama and excitement again! The world champion shows being the bad guy, it couldn’t be better scripting like for a TV series, great entertainment.

    20. And just like this… pufff…. MV went from “asterisk champion” to “shameful champion”. And very well deserved.
      When this kind of childish, bratty, shameful stuff happens (it is not very often), I found myself thinking how do those companies that put piles of cash on a team like RB to associate the brand must be feeling now. Not that I care, really, but the combo Horner/RB consolidated a very, very solid reputation of a highly toxic work environment. It as been the general impression since the public spat between Marko and Alguersuari, and thing seems like they went downhill from there.

    21. I hope that Checo is so mad he will only be 3 tenths off the pace next year

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